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Narrated by Cayelin Castell, with music by John Dumas, this CD takes you on a multi-dimensional journey through the twelve tribes or archetypes of the signs and their relationship to the annual seasonal cycle and the monthly Moon cycle. John Dumas has brilliantly created earth based music including four chambered heart flute, didge, and drums, reflecting the essence of these archetypal energies through sound, adding yet another dimension to this experience.

Listen to a sample “Capricorn” by clicking on the Audio Player below:

[audio: Capricorn.mp3]

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Testimonials:Okay I just have to say this is brilliant. I feel like I truly have experienced the archetypes in my body and my being in ways that go way beyond words or any concepts I previously had. Cayelin’s wonderful cosmic voice and John’s mastery of music and sound inspires me to listen again and again ! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift. ~Melanie G. — Colorado

Upon using the Twelve Tribes CD in a variety of settings they have become an integral aspect of my Path and Service. I have been blessed in experiencing an even more expanded comprehension and understanding with the archetypal energies of each sign. As a result of incorporating this resonating CD with my meditations I am able to go much deeper withIN as well as their having impacted in the deepest manner upon my personal works with harmonics. Thank both of you for this enlightening tool that I am able to utilize over and over discovering deeper enlightenment, expansion of Consciousness, and shamanic growth each time I listen. I shall continue to highly recommend The Twelve Tribes to all. ~Namaste, Shay

Thank you again for creating a tool that I can use over and over and relate to/respond to differently each time. It is truly an in-the-body experience and the story of the archetypes comes alive in the narration and music. This illustrates the depth of both Cayelin and John’s abilities and instincts. Thank you so much! ~Mary Boyvey, Iowa

Outstanding! I got the Twelve Tribes yesterday and have listened to it three times so far. Each time I ‘see’ more, ‘hear’ more, learn more. It’s as if, upon each listening, the music and your musings take me to a different level and opens doors to new understanding. Cayelin and John thank you for such good work. Bravo. Love, Joan. ~Joan Bramsch, The Empowered Parent

I just wanted to let you know about my experience with the 12 Tribes CD. OK here it is: “WOW” very cool! The narration and music sets the stage just right. I am so grateful I thought to order it. It will be given out by me to those I feel will benefit from the experience. Thank you for being creative, I really felt this expand my self-awareness. ~Be Well, Stacey.