Published in the September 2011 electronic issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
Under the Title “As Freedom’s Flame Blazes”


Lady Portia, Goddess of Freedom, Justice & Opportunity.
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2011.

Dear Ones,

We are wishing to address all of you this morning, just to make you aware of the huge opportunity that is coming before you now, as all of these forces and energies are sweeping your planet with such changes for good, for freedom, for the opportunity of having the clarity of who you really are!  Because you cannot express yourself in freedom until you have, accurately, the picture and information about who you really are, I have already given you the perspective of my previous message to you, “Claim the Hard-Won Truth of Who You Are.”  I hope that you will continue to read this message and to constantly be inspired to search for the truth of who you really are, below all the layers which you have allowed to accumulate over, and, in many cases, to obscure this truth.  It IS yours, it IS hard-won!

And now I want to speak with you about another matter.  It is the matter of your learning to express who you are in freedom, without the restraint of fear.  Fear can take many forms.  Often it is the fear of what others may think of you.  It may be the fear of reprisals for standing up for what you believe, or the obvious fear of judgment by those who do not agree with your stand on some matter.  None of this is important in the broader scheme of things!  What will it matter a year or ten years from now, if someone does not agree with you today?  Many of these fears are baseless projections of the subconscious’ fears about reality, most of which never come to fruition.  So why waste your time and opportunities worrying about things which may never happen?  It is wisdom to BE who you are TODAY, and let tomorrow take care of itself!

The time of hiding your Light, your Truth, and your talents, is OVER as this new Flame of Freedom is being anchored on Earth!  You will no longer be allowed to deny yourself!  Many will rise up and throw off the chains of tyranny and dictatorship, as you see beginning to happen all over the Earth, particularly in the Middle East where there has been such a history of violence and persecution of those who attempt to express their Divine Heritage of Freedom!

This is not only a symbol, Freedom’s Flame, in the hand of your Statue of Liberty – this is a real outpicturing of the Goddess of Liberty, who is the caretaker of this Flame!  Claim it now, as both your Divine Heritage, and your right as a human being, now incarnate in and serving the Earthly realm, by the victorious three-fold flame of who you are, which burns within your hearts – anchoring Freedom’s Flame securely within each of you – as an “outpost of the Divine,” the Living Creator of All, who originally imbued you with the Light as you were breathed forth from the Heart flame of the One Presence in all of Creation!

KNOW that you ARE this Light radiating throughout the world!  It is powerful, it is palpable, and it is anchoring a new ERA of FREEDOM on the planet that is very exciting for all of us to see, as we watch this Light being successfully absorbed by each of you!  It is being synthesized into the very fabric of your daily lives!  You must be CONSCIOUS of this – to bring it forth – to USE IT in your daily lives, and then this will spread as a consciousness of Freedom from one to the next, as you are acting as an outpicturing of this Light.  You are always teaching your fellowman, even when you are not aware of this.

Those of us in Spirit have worked very intensely to begin the impetus and momentum of this Light on Earth, and now it is taking hold – it is spreading – it is being outpictured successfully by many in their lives, and also in a very personal way – as WHO THEY ARE – who they now believe themselves to be!  Don’t be afraid to change your minds about who you are, to update your beliefs, to change your habits and patterns!

It is a big job!  We know this!  For humans tend to get very attached to their beliefs about who they think they are, as well as their patterns in the way they live their lives.  But all of this NEEDS TO CHANGE to support the outpicturing of this NEW TRUTH which is even now BLAZING through your Souls!  Know that you DO have much spiritual assistance with this!  Saint Germain and myself are but two of MANY who support this work, and come to many, for we can be with thousands in an instant of your time – because we work in a quantum state – outside of the limitations of your “time and space” reality.

It is a HUGE PICTURE!  It is a HUGE opportunity for Humanity – to catch the surge of this energy as it sweeps across the face of Earth, carrying much in its wake of the old, unneeded thought forms and restrictions on Humanity.  You can ride this wave of energy and the new consciousness of Freedom which is, even now, sweeping across Earth!  Do not be left behind, wondering what has occurred, when you see everything beginning to change!

Be a PART of this change!

BE THE CHANGE which is inexorably sweeping across and changing the face of Earth and the consciousness of ALL Humanity!

My Blessings to All of You,

I am Portia, and I have given you this Truth.  Namaste.

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