Published in the September 2011 electronic issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
Under the Title “As Freedom’s Flame Blazes”


Ascended Master, Saint Germain.
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2011.


All of you, who are open to this, will be receiving direct instruction from me on an ongoing basis, as I will be working with EACH of YOU INDIVIDUALLY in the coming months to further you in your progress toward the individual goal of your CONSCIOUS Mastery.

You are ALL capable of this, as you have ALL accomplished this MANY TIMES BEFORE in other lifetimes, where you have all been Servants of the Most High Living God, and have, thusly, been lifted up into Mastery yourselves, through your tireless and selfless service to the Light!  I AM, myself, honored to have the privilege of working with EACH of You!

We shall accomplish much together, as I will be coming to EACH of you, individually.  This will be Divinely Inspired teachings of the Highest Order, because you are ready for this now.  Many of you doubt yourselves, and say, “How could I possibly receive this?”  But this is just the voice of limitation, which must be forever banished from your vocabulary and your conscious minds now, as you step into the Knowledge of Who You Truly Are!

All of Heaven is, indeed, waiting to assist you now.  There is no door which is closed to you!  As long as you have FAITH in yourselves and your abilities, these will be exponentially increased, and you will emerge TRIUMPHANT, into the New Day which is dawning on Earth, and into the realization of who you truly ARE, freed from that which binds you into the error of limited thinking.  As you decree that you ARE, so SHALL YOU BE!  And it is time for all of you to rise up and throw off the bonds of fear and limitation, in whatever ways these have been affecting you in your lives.

Know that I, and many others in Spirit, stand beside each of you now, ready to escort you through the Open Door of FREEDOM, and to place you on the Throne of Your Own Divinity, that exists, held within the Sacred Knowledge of Who You Really Are!

Come with me through this doorway!  Have the courage to accept your own Divinity and to actively express the level of Mastery which exists within ALL of you, just below the surface, waiting to be accepted, waiting for you to CLAIM IT, to BE the Light that you ARE, and to fully express this in the outer world, and have the Truth of this Divine Decree BLAZE through your Lives!

I AM, from my Heart, Germain, and I speak these words to each of you NOW!

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