The New “Normal!”

August 27, 2011

Hi Everyone!

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in Tucson, the sun is shining a radiant energy – and this is a good time to just go out on the back patio and lie on the Earth for grounding and connection to Mother Earth – and receive all she has to give!

Hard to believe it’s been a week since Jeanne’s appearance last Saturday evening!

It has given me a chance to integrate this beautiful experience somewhat, and to receive more energies and information from this connection with her, as well as to understand the significance of events such as this FOR ALL HUMANITY.

Portia and the Beings of Light are making the point that, when things like this happen, it is a realization for all Humanity, that the Beings of Light truly walk among us now – just a breath away!  Because the energies are rising so quickly on Earth, and this, of course, is reflected in our physical bodies and our experiences.  They are saying that, soon, events such as this will be “commonplace” for us, as we become more aware of the finer energies which are all around us!  They truly walk among us at all times, it seems, to assist us, to guide us, to bless and strengthen us – especially when we are going through challenging times in our lives.

We are the ones who perceive the separation, they are saying – and THIS IS FAST DISAPPEARING!

As the Earth and all her life forms move into fifth dimensional frequencies, the experience of separation from these Spiritual Beings is NOW disappearing – if we will ALLOW IT!

“There is no need to continue this,” Portia is saying.  “You are all too far along the path now to return to the world of duality!”  So we are inexorably being swept along, in this huge, beautiful, tide of fifth dimensional energy – as if we are being swept into an ocean of change – “where NOTHING will ever be the same again,” they are saying.

As humans, we expect to wake up in the morning, and everything will simply be the way it has always been.  But this no longer holds true!  We have already moved far enough into the Heaven frequencies of the fifth dimension – Peace, Joy, Love, Abundance, and Perfect Health, that there is no going back!

“So, rest assured,” Portia is saying, “that Humanity does not ‘devolve,” – the opposite of evolution.  “Once you have reached a certain point in your progress, you can always return to it!”

This is truly what is coming for all Humanity, to walk with the Beings of Light, consciously hearing and seeing them!  “As you accept it, it is upon you,” she is saying.  “So don’t make it difficult, for, truly, it is not!  It is your birthright to be One with US, and to have full, conscious recognition of this Truth!”

Star’s Note:  I wonder if this is how it was in ancient Greece, when people seemed to feel that the “Gods of Greek mythology” walked among them?!!  From their stories, it seems so!

Humanity has not always endured this sense of separation.  There have been times on the Earth when the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings HAVE walked, consciously, among us!

This time is now returning to Earth!

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