The Pleiadian Council of Light.
Star Hinman, Channel.  Copyright 2011.

We bless you, and you bless Earth, as you remember who you are, and your abilities to assist Earth in her magnificent process of healing – as she changes, to become, once again, a Shining Star in the Universe of Light!

We have waited long for this day, to see you awaken from your deep slumber of the ages.  The eons have passed while humanity slumbered in darkness – but, now, all awaken into the Light of a new day!

The genetic re-coding has begun in earnest!  Do you feel the great changes that shake you awake!  That shake you to your very roots!??

Awaken humanity!!  As we assist you to change – to update your codings, so that you will then be able to raise your frequencies into the shining Light of the sun – the stars that you are!  You all shine like stars now – since the recent re-codings which have occurred!  And there will be more of these.  Many more!  And they will be coming closer together.  We tell you this so that you will be able to take whatever measures you know in order to prepare yourselves – particularly your bodies – to receive these great influxes of Light!  You, Awakened Ones, are the Code Carriers to allow and assist humanity to change yet while on Earth!  You do not need to die in order to be transitioned into higher consciousness where you WILL walk with Angels!  It is NO LONGER necessary to die to go into the Heaven Realms!

This is what is coming for humanity!  To be awakened into the consciousness of the Divine – every moment of your lives – so that there will be no more sense of separation, and the old ways of struggle and strife SHALL BE SWEPT FROM THE EARTH!  Permanently!  Never to return!

You are changing– Earth is changing – so rapidly that the ride may be rough at times.  That is why we speak to your conscious minds, to remind you of the larger plan!  There is a PURPOSE to all of this!  And YOU HAVE VOLUNTEERED TO BE HERE NOW – or else you would not be walking through this experience, which we refer to as “The Grand Experiment for Planet Earth,” designed to save her from certain destruction.  But there is no longer any danger of that!  You have ALL come TOO FAR to turn back now!  The ride may be rough at times, but in the end, your Victory is assured!  We can promise you that!

Earth is moving into her Golden Age of Awakening when humanity shall become as gods – able to create beauty and peace, abundance for all, AT WILL – because there will be no more artificial limitations holding you back from using the Divine Gifts which have ALWAYS been within you – simply held in a dormant state – in the sense of their potential!

We support you as you change – and make this huge shift back into God-consciousness – knowing that you ARE co-creators with the Divine!  This once was true upon Earth, and IT SHALL BE again, even as the Light DAWNS once again for Earth, and for all Humanity!  We charge you with this Truth – so that you may REMEMBER!

Remember the Divine Plan for yourselves and for Earth, and once again take your rightful place in the Divine scheme of things — to REMEMBER who you are!  You are of us!  You hold our codings in the light filaments within your DNA Strands!

There is no separation!  Remember Oneness!

Remember who you are!

In Love & In Light,

The Pleiadian Council

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