Published in the January 2012 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

“The New Age of Enlightenment”

Lady Portia & Saint Germain.
Star Hinman, Channel.
Copyright 2012.

Greetings, dear ones,

It is indeed our distinct pleasure to have this opportunity to address many of you now.  Both Portia and I treasure these moments of communication with each of you!

We are being asked to speak to you on whatever topic is of the utmost importance, in our estimation, to enable successful navigation of these challenging times, in which you now find yourselves.

Nothing, at present, is of more importance than your learning how VITAL it is that EACH PERSON is able to arrive at the inner destination where you have the ability to know the course that will then lead you to the fulfillment of your destiny upon Earth.  Each one of you is needed, at this moment in time, to contribute the maximum amount of which you are capable toward the vast changes which will transform Earth into her Golden Age of Enlightenment!


Humankind has traditionally waited for some great leader to arrive on the scene – so that it is able to receive all knowledge and direction from this person.  But this paradigm will not be repeated in the New Age of Enlightenment – because it is time for each of you to fulfill your own destiny by awakening the Leader within!  Stop waiting for someone outside yourselves to stand up and show you the way!

It is time for each of you to realize that YOU are the Leader, not necessarily of other people, but, more importantly, in your own destiny – in your own life!

Stop expecting that someone is going to arrive on the scene who “knows more than you do” – so that you will be somehow protected from making missteps, or “mistakes” as you see them.  These mistakes are a necessary and helpful part of your process of learning.  This includes learning WHO you are, by experiencing yourself and your abilities, as well as gathering the necessary information to accurately perceive what the next step is for you, as you carry forth your work in the outer world.

The leader that you are looking for is within you, dear ones!  So do not waste precious time in waiting for the outer version of this – for it will not appear!  This is no longer necessary for humanity, though many of you do not recognize the huge step forward that humanity as a whole has taken in order to arrive at this point in your Destiny!

You are the Leaders!  Each of you!  And as you learn how to work in a spirit of cooperation and love, then you will come into the fullness of your power, and YOU shall be the Ones to transform Earth – from the present dog-eat-dog, greed-based, competition-filled reality — into a society where inspiration leads the way toward viable and practical solutions to the many maladies which presently exist in your society and in your world!  Time is short, and your opportunity is NOW!

People are gradually waking up to see that the answers are not coming forth from the level of your government  – and this is inspiring many to ACT – to BE the CHANGE that is now necessary in every level of your society, from the economy to the highest levels of the operation of your government!  Integrity, personal integrity, is being restored, gradually, within the innermost workings of each individual, and this phenomenon shall spread, gradually, across the face of Earth, transforming all that it encounters!

All will gradually be transformed, from a grassroots level, from the level of what is often referred to as “the common man!”  But we tell you that each of you is unique!  The “common man” does not exist!  For you each carry your unique stamp of individuality, imparted from Creator’s hand, upon your brow — upon your soul – and meant to inspire each of you to your own individual greatness!  The highest you can reach in this lifetime!  And this is what will carry the impetus of the great changes which are, even now, sweeping across the face of Earth – and throughout the consciousness of humanity!

Do not wait for another to DO what is yours to accomplish at this VITAL and important time of CHANGE for Earth!

Trust that you are each led – through your connection to Spirit, to the highest path which you will then be able to travel, hand-in-hand with all of us in the spiritual realms, who offer you our constant support in all that you do now – and all that you WILL be doing – to carry Earth forward into her rightful place in the universe – as a planet where Light reigns – and each individual lives with the conscious knowledge of his or her own Divinity!

We support you, in Love,

Portia and Germain


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