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Lady Portia, Goddess of Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity
with an Introduction by Star Hinman
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
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Star’s Note:

Here the word “keynote” is referring to the first tone in a huge symphony of energies which are now coming onto the Earth, beginning with the Wesak Festival of May 5th and continuing with the spectacular Ring of Fire Full Solar Eclipse on the New Moon of May 20th, 2012, when the sun and new moon will be precisely conjunct with the Central Star of the Pleiades.

These transcendent energies will immediately spark a level of transformation within all physical form which has been previously unknown on Earth.  We will be not only the observers, but the conscious creators of the tremendous changes which will now be able to come forth on Planet Earth.  We will do this and accomplish these magnificent changes from the “platform of our own physicality,” our physical bodies!

The entire material plane of Earth is standing on the threshold of the most momentous change ever to come forth on this planet! The Beings of Light are telling us now that the change must first be made within ourselves – as we transform our physical bodies, which act in the material world as the Chalice for the Soul, into the higher versions of who we are.

Commonsense will tell us that this is now the time to pull out all the stops and to use every measure at hand in order to assist our physical bodies to cleanse and purify themselves of toxins and chemical impurities that we may have unwittingly taken into ourselves, to maintain a diet of the highest vibratory frequency foods that we can find, and to make sure that we get plenty of rest and sleep.  We all need to take exceptional care of ourselves in every possible way, in order to assist our bodies the maximum amount in this process of Divine Transformation.

Individually, our needs will all be quite different, so it is important that we learn to listen to the wisdom of the body, as it reveals its needs to us.

It is also important that we allow ourselves to transform on the very human levels of who we are, and this includes the importance of learning the art of “surrendering to being human!”  As Lady Portia is pointing out to us, we often focus so much on our spiritual perfection that we refuse to be fully human.   It is a real art form to allow the transformation of the emotional parts of who we are by learning to fully accept ALL our emotions, and not only those that are socially acceptable.  It is only when we stop judging our emotions, allow them to flow naturally, and learn to listen to the great wisdom they contain, that we have the opportunity to observe as the transformation we have sought then takes place within ourselves.

This process is especially challenging now due to the fact that, as these beautiful new energies are being released to Earth, they are pushing to the surface all that is not in harmony with the Divine Perfection of who we are.  This means that we have to look at many layers of repressed materials that have been stored, many times since early childhood, in our subconscious minds.  This factor alone is placing great stress on our physical bodies and can cause problems or symptoms to surface in our bodies as they signal to us of this inner turmoil!

As these emotions and memories come forward to our conscious minds, it is very important that we do not react in fear or immediately judge these emotions as “bad” or “wrong” and use our will and strength to push them back down to the subconscious, where they continue to operate within our systems, and to affect us in many ways, often causing deep fears or depression until they are recognized.

Lady Portia has suggested that when these fears or painful memories emerge, that we immediately “look them fully in the face, ask them to step outside of you and be transferred into the hands of the Angels,” where they are immediately transmuted into full spectrum Light through the use of the beautiful Violet Flame of Transmutation.

Please note that the first step in this process is to be honest with ourselves about the emotions that these memories contain and to have the courage “to look them fully in the face,” for only then can they be released from our system!

For more information on this huge transformation which is taking place within us, please see the article by The Pleiadian Council of Light entitled “The Opening of The Stargate of Your Hearts” which appears on the Articles Page of our website at

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Lady Portia, Goddess of Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity

In these challenging times, when it seems everything is being shifted and rearranged, it is so important for you to have the higher perspective of exactly what is actually occurring on your planet.

Many are focused on the prophecies of devastation and ruin – but I tell you that nothing could be further from the truth of what is actually happening on your Earth! And it pleases us very much to be able to tell you that you are actually well into the grand process of transformation for your planet as well as yourselves!

You have labored long to finally come to this point where this is now possible for you – but it is important that you realize not only what is happening, but what your role must be, through all of this, in order to successfully carry it out – and have it come to fruition in physical form. We are not talkingabout some “pie in the sky “reality where everything will one day simply materialize, in full-blown perfection upon your planet. No – this is going to require some dedicated focus, and some work on your part – and I will not lie to you about this, to sugarcoat it and make it appear more palatable. No! But it IS possible for you to ENJOY the changes – if you are fully participating in them – body, mind, heart and soul! And this is what we want for you – this is our purpose in working with you – to bring you NOW to this point where you can see what lies before you, what the goal is, and to have you realize that this IS fully within your reach NOW!

All of the higher thought forms and images of perfection that have been resonating in the spiritual realms are now ready – poised – to make their entrance into the physical realm – but you must realize this and participate in this process in order to bring it about. It will not happen by magic! You must use your consciousness and your willpower as well as your powers of creation in order to bring this about. You will need to get more “physical” in order to successfully complete this project. Many of you have a very ethereal focus and usually have most of your energies focused towards the spiritual realms – learning of spiritual truths and all of that. But I tell you now, you are going to need to change your focus a little bit to include the material realm within the arena of your focus and consideration. For many this is going to mean paying more attention to the well-being of your physical bodies – remember, you do not do this work solely as a spiritual being!


The physical body is a necessary part of the equation here – in this dance between the spiritual and physical realms – and you need to remember this point and to learn to work WITH the physical body and to establish more rapport between the physical and spiritual parts of who you are. Only then will you be able to carry out what you came here to do – to transform Earth and all her life into physical forms holding the patterns of perfection existing now in the etheric realms of spiritual perfection. Only then will you be successful in downloading these patterns of perfection into your human consciousness so that you can set about physically creating on Earth the patterns which are in harmony with Divine Law – the patterns of spiritual perfection which, of course, include perfection in the physical form of your bodies – outpicturing youthfulness and health, as well as the emotional attributes of joy, love, and peace!


Now is the time for each of you to remember and accept your role in all of this – and begin to successfully carry this out! You did not come here for nothing! You came here to be Warriors for the Light and to create, on Earth, according to the patterns of perfection in the mind of the true Creator of All on Earth – and beyond!


I am Portia and this is my message to you. It is our intention, those of us in Spirit – to support you in this mission in every way that is possible for us to do!


We constantly look for new ways to inspire and encourage each of you! You are precious to us beyond your knowing.


You are beloved of all of us in Spirit!




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