The Pleiadian Council of Light
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.  www.starbird1.net
Copyright 2012

We expect that you have all heard of the legends of the “Fall of Man” – but what you have not heard of are the “Legends of the Resurrection” – because this has not yet occurred within your concept of linear time!  Yet, it is coming — and swiftly! — toward you, never doubt this!  For as you are NOW learning to create the healing frequencies of love through the use of the Heart Center – you are consciously choosing to begin the process of the Resurrection of all Mankind, from your fallen state back into your full stature as awakened human beings!

There will be the healing of much – throughout your bodies, your emotions, your minds – as ALL is restored into the Oneness of your Divine Perfection upon this innate pattern within you which expresses itself through every atom, electron, and molecule of your DNA.  This fleeting moment of your time – when all of this occurs – is even now being spoken of throughout the universes, and that is why so many travelers from other systems of worlds with stardust on their heels even now are sifting through the sands of time to find this exact moment on your Earth when all may witness the moment when humanity — as a wholeness, as a Oneness – remembers the use of the Heart Center in order to produce the “elixir of healing” – the frequency of Divine Love which shall, in an instant, as has been said, “in the twinkling of an eye,” for it will be that fast – move you from third and fourth dimensional frequencies fully into the perfection of fifth dimensional form, to move you from oppression and tyranny into the octaves of freedom.  Those who have sought to keep from you the Truth of your own Divine origins are even now finding that the reins of power are slipping from their grasp.

You have the pattern of this already within the mass consciousness of humanity, the “blueprint for resurrection” as it may be said, since this was created for you long ago in your world by that One whom you have called Jesus or Jeshua – when he showed, by His example, that nothing whatsoever can be inflicted upon the material human form which can destroy the inner pattern of Divine Perfection!  You are learning this!  He has given you the image necessary for replicating this event by raising his body from the dead!  And you shall do the same, as a race, as a people, coming together in love to heal ALL the world – yes, in the twinkling of an eye!

And this is that moment when the magic begins!  When the legends that have been told about you come true!  This is why we seek you – and many, as well, throughout the great cosmos seek you now – to find you, to assist as we may, and to observe this moment – when all that has been said about you and recorded within our legends now takes place upon Earth – in this – the greatest Experiment ever to be made in any system of worlds!

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