Emissaries from the Pleiadian Council of Light
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Star’s Note:

The Pleiadians are speaking of many things here.  In 325 AD the Roman Emperor Constantine, at the Council of Nicaea, removed much information from the material that was later used to create the Bible.  Some of these writings taught that Jesus was a Son of God and that all men and women are Sons and Daughters of God, and therefore Divine, and able to know Truth by contacting their own Divinity.  Being secure in this knowledge, people would not have felt that they needed to go to another human being — such as a priest — in order to access the Divine.  They would have known that, through their own heart center connection to God, it is possible for mankind to access universal levels of Divine Intelligence.

This material would have challenged the authority of the priesthood and the Church, and was, therefore, removed from what was allowed to be in the Bible.  The material which was allowed to be included stated that only Jesus was a Son of God and that every other person is less than Jesus in God’s eyes.  This was an attempt to present an image of a “distant God” who needed an intermediary (a priest or the Church) in order to be fully accessed by mankind.  Every reference to reincarnation was also removed at this time.

Constantine then removed the information that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were man and wife and had a child, in order to obscure the Divinity of women and their place in holding the Goddess energies on Earth.  In 590 AD Pope Gregory declared that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and that she had seven evil spirits within her.  The truth about Mary Magdalene’s mission to anchor the Goddess energies on Earth was protected by the Cathars, the Knights Templar, and the sacred Essene community.  During the Crusades and the Inquisition, the Church carried out unbelievable persecution and atrocities against those who were attempting to protect Mary Magdalene’s legacy.

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Channeling begins:

You have spoken about us, and now we are here to meet with you in person and to bring what benefit we may to those of you in this room — because it is so important that you have this knowledge that has been given this evening (see Star’s Note) – because this will be the basis for what you will be doing going forward, with all of this, to carry out your plan, your individual plan.  And it is so important that each one of you realizes the history of the Earth, and everything that has happened to bring you to this point, and all of humanity, and the entire situation in which you are finding yourselves now.

This is the outgrowth of all of these changes which have happened within the genetics of humanity and all of the repression of information, and this is a very long story — and we do not wish to bore you with the details of all of this — but we have told you enough of this so that you have some idea where you stand now, and what you will be needing to do going forward – because this is a very big job, and we do not leave it to beginners with this – and that is why you have been chosen, with the assistance of Lady Portia and the Karmic Board, to BE the ones who have been allowed to come forth.

Many of you are, as you know, representatives from the Pleiades, this huge star system which sits in your skies – and you will be having more knowledge of us as this work progresses between the two of us, and among all of you, because we want to bring you more knowledge which is going to assist you to do what you came here to do — which is to be the legendary humans that break through the barriers that have been erected in front of you by those who, through their own ignorance, believed that it was possible to control human beings.  And we chuckle at this thought that anyone could actually believe this, because it is so far-fetched in our knowledge base of who you are and what you are capable of doing.

And Lady Portia has spoken to you very much of all of this – of what you will be needing to do in the coming days and weeks and months – to ready yourselves for this huge task which is now at hand – because you are the ones, and we wish there were more of you, who will be charged with much of this activity that we have been speaking of here.  You will be the ones who will awaken many others – because someone has to wake up first – and then, when you do, as we see it, it is your job to bring forth this message to as many others as it is possible for you to do.

Now we know some of you are not public speakers — and you shudder at the thought of having to speak in public — so let me set your mind at ease that this is not what we have in mind for all of you, although we do take volunteers on this point as well!  It is enough if you learn the mastery of the heart center, dear ones, and this is what we would like very much to see you begin to focus strongly on — this point, because this is what is going to break the rest of the bonds which do still, even at this point, hold much of humanity in the areas of bondage which, yes, have been created by those who, through their own ignorance, thought this was a good idea.  It was an experiment on their part, they were experimenting with humanity, and they were experimenting with you – to see if human beings could be controlled.

It has been a very long struggle on their part to try to keep you in this position of subservience, and you have rebelled very nicely at each step of the way, I am proud to say, on this.  You have done very well!  And the battle is now at hand, but the weapon that we would have you use does not actually resemble a weapon, because it is, my dears, your heart center – and to learn that you are “gods in the making,” yes, you are Divine, all of you.  There is no longer anything that can hold you back from this knowledge — and then having the use of it – and that is when things are really going to start changing for those who are now in power still on your Earth — because you will not be controlled for much longer, we are feeling, and I am getting a lot of agreement in the room here — because we all have much faith in your abilities.

You have all been chosen as I have said, many from the Pleiades and other surrounding star systems for this work specifically on the Earth now, in this timeframe, and we want you to know this.  We want you to be secure in your origins and in your knowledge base, and to know the abilities that you possess – because we want you to now bring all of this forward.  And much of this will need to be done through the use of your intuitive abilities, because this is not written in books, this is not encoded in your mind, in your brain — this is soul memory information that we are speaking of here, and that is why you are going to need to develop not only your intuitive abilities but also have great development of the spiritual parts of who you are.

Because we want to assist you with this, we would like very much if you could consider increasing your telepathic abilities as well, because this will be a great assistance — you will find — to all that you will be doing here.  And it is so important that you know what you are to do, and that you feel you have support from all of us who will support you every step of the way with this.  That is our intention — that is our purpose, as we come before you this evening to introduce ourselves to you – to make you aware that we are but a breath away.  You may call us toward you at any time to begin a conversation.  And we know that many of you think that this is not possible for you at this time, but if you will open the door and stop believing that you do not have this telepathic ability, you will be surprised what unfolds for each of you – because, yes, now I’m going to talk about pre-programming, that is exactly what is lying dormant within your energy system!

Did you think we would send you here ill-prepared?  You all have this circuitry of, of course, the highest levels of telepathic ability within you – and you can use this for anything you would like.  You may use this to speak with Lady Portia and Germain, as well as us.  We are not saying that you only need to speak with us, although we are the source of this pre-programming which, happily, is instilled within your physical bodies — because this is where you are needing it.  This is the time that you are needing it, and that is why we have been allowed to come forward to you — to explain all of this to you, and to assure you that you are lacking in nothing as far as being able to communicate with all of us in Spirit.  And that is our purpose, that is our desire — it is to open the doors now of communication for each of you, because this is what you will find — very shortly — is what you will be needing to carry forward your plans of what you are wishing to do upon the Earth.  And so, to take full advantage of all of this talent that we have in this room, both human and the Spiritual presences which we have, we need to be able to communicate with you, you see.  And that is what we are wishing, as well.

It is time, dear ones, and I will speak very plainly to you about this.  If you delay with this, you will wish that you had started much earlier with this project – because lady Portia has already spoken to you about the challenges that you will be facing very soon – and so you see that it is quite important that we are able to give you what benefit we may of our information, our expertise in any of these areas where we may assist you and come to your aid when you find yourselves quite out of your depth with some of these things, because some of you do have the propensity to just charge right ahead in an area – and this is very good – but often you do out-run your guidance with this!

But we are always right behind you, to give you backup, to lend you our strength and knowledge, and our love, to protect you as best we can, and to bring you all the benefit from an entire civilization of very advanced beings which exists “far away” in your terms – but, you see, when you are dealing with telepathy, all of this is eliminated.  They are all with you in an instant, so the point that I am making here is the tremendous backup system that you need to know that you have – because we are asking you to do a very big project here: to be the ones who begin this project to open the heart center for humanity, to break the bonds of tyranny and oppression for all humanity.  And we know that this is what you want, this is what you came here to do, and this is what your hearts are focused upon as well as your minds and your spirits.  And we know that many of you will not rest until you see that this work is done – and that is very good because we have made the promise to you that as long as you are here in human form you will be protected, you will be guided, you will be assisted by ourselves and every bit of assistance that we are able to bring from the entire civilization from whence we have come.

We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that these are the resources that you have to draw upon as you set about doing what you said you would do when you came here.  You are of us, you are of our hearts.  We love you dearly.  We give you full support without any reservation whatsoever for as long as each of you is on this planet.  And we hope for each of you that this will be a very long time, because you are going to do some great work while you are here, we are feeling.  We all know your records!  We all know what you have done when you have been with us in the other dimensions.  You have courage beyond your knowing!  You have wisdom and knowledge beyond what you have reached yet!

This is all opening for you – if you will allow our humble assistance to come to you, to open your memory banks, perhaps then you can remember the greatness that each of you has achieved in some of these far-flung star systems where you have gone on your forays and carried out your missions, many times in concert with Lady Portia.  She works with us quite often, and that is why we have been allowed to come here, to present this message to you, these beloved ones of Lady Portia and Germain.  They speak very highly of the work that you have done here already.  We are quite proud of your record here, as are they, yet we ask you to do more –because in much of this you are the only ones who can carry forth your particular part of this plan.  You have each come prepared to do what you will be doing.  The knowledge is now being opened to you; your telepathic abilities are being heightened as we speak, so that we may speak with you even when we are not in this room.  That is the goal for each of you who wish to participate with our little project here for humanity!  For many of you, this is your project as well, and you know who you are!

You have our hearts – this is how much we love you!  We would do anything necessary to protect you and nurture you and bring you into the fullness of accomplishing your missions upon the Earth.  Know that you are guided and loved, and mentored at all times.

We are the Pleiadians, and it has been our great honor to be with such ones as you are.  You have our hearts and our love, be at peace!

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