Published in the September 2012 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!


Lady Portia Addressing the Light Angels Class 65
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2012

 Greetings My Dears,

It is our pleasure and our great joy to attend you this evening with all of these beautiful ones that you know about who are also in attendance with you — and we have all, in the concert of these energies, I feel brought you a great gift to the heart center of each of you– that you will be learning how to use these energies more completely, I feel, as time goes on with this — because you do not yet realize the great change that has come for planet Earth with everything that has recently occurred with these huge shifts of energy which have come upon you (the two eclipses of May 20th and June 4th, 2012, as well as the June 5th Venus Transit of the Sun).

You have felt it, certainly, but you do not have any idea of what this has accomplished for the planet Earth and for all humanity.  And this would be our message to you this night – to be more aware of how you are feeling and how your energies are running within your bodies, and what is possible for you. Because I believe that you are all going to find that your body energies do not perform on the levels where they have been, but in a much higher spectrum of energies.  And this is what we want you to be aware of because it is possible, if you are not aware of how to use the shift in energy, that it would be quite possible for you to, out of habit, out of rote, out of the way that you usually feel your energies and run the energies in your bodies — that what you would find happening is that things would go on as, as what you think of as “normal” within yourselves – but this state of affairs has been replaced by something which I believe you’re going to find much more beneficial for your learning, and for the heightened experience of the higher realms which you are all looking for now.

These events which we hold here with you have brought to your conscious minds the knowledge of what is now possible – these transcendent states of feeling and awareness and consciousness.  And that is what I want to speak to you about this evening — it is how to sustain all of this in the physical form when you are not in this room or listening to the words of this, but feel as though you are on your own with this.  Of course you are never completely “on your own” with any of this because you do have, and all of you have, very accomplished guides and teachers.  And it is the synthesis of all of their information through the mental and the emotional as well as the physical levels of who you are that you are going to be feeling.  You are going to be knowing many, many different things which are going to be coming to you quite out of the blue.  This is the way this usually happens with people.  This is the way my partner reports to me that it is experienced on the human levels of who you are.  And this is what we want for you — it is to look at these higher levels which have been opened for you and to become aware of this, and to play in these areas.

Do not make this too serious, but experience the beauty which is there for all of you – and to each it shall be a different experience.  I cannot tell you exactly what this will be like for each of you, for it will be different for each person, and that is the beauty of the human experience, is it not, that you each get to experience in this outer world the manifestations from the deepest levels within you.  And so you are all going to be finding many of these creative levels unleashed from deep within you.  This is the first thing that is going to happen with this — it is that the creation in physical plane reality that you are experiencing as human beings is becoming so quick and so heightened.  You barely need to even think of that before often you will see that synchronicity is occurring to bring this full-blown into your experience.  And I would like for you to recognize the beauty of this when it occurs because this is the level of what you would call “magic” that is going to be coming to many of you.  And I mean this in a good way — that is a good word for many of you, because it does feel transcendent — it does feel magical when it steps forward into your experience seemingly from nowhere.  Really, it has come from deep within you, and this is what you’re going to be learning, this is going to be the completion of this process of learning how to create from deep within yourselves what you would see in the outer world, learning that everything you see in the outer world is, indeed, a creation of your awareness, your consciousness.  For how you believe it is — this is often what is projected outward on the screen of life, and I say this to you because I see many people struggling at this point on Earth.  You don’t like what you are perceiving outside of yourselves, what you have created in your lives, and you wish to change this very quickly and that is why we are bringing you this experience and this message this evening — that what is needed for all of you – and especially those who are having this frustration with your creative process — it is that you need to see the full spectrum of these energies as they are coming forward from deep within you to form what is outside of yourselves.

Now I don’t mean that there are not some things that happen seemingly by accident and all of this, but I’m speaking of your personal awareness and how you and your energies and your energy creations interface with the outer world — which is done by the mass consciousness of humanity — for it is the interface that comes together – where your energies meet in this sea of energy that is being created by everyone who is on the planet.  And this is what I want each of you to think about so that you can begin to take ownership of what you are sending out and what it is manifesting as, and how you are having the return to yourselves of all that has been sent out.  Many of you need to see this process fully in your awareness in order to take the next step in your power, in claiming your power, but more importantly learning how to use your powers of creation.  And this will be the next step for you, and we will be speaking to you about this and hopefully be able to have input into this process and to lend a guiding hand where this would be of benefit to you — because many of you are quite stuck within this process, this interface between your energies and what you think of as the “outer world.”

In reality there is no difference, there is no separation.  It is all one.  We perceive this as a great sea of energy, yes individual consciousness, but within the wholeness of all things —  and I feel that many of you will be coming to this place during this lifetime so that you have a more complete view of this which will then allow this blossoming that we’re looking for, here within your true creative abilities — because many of you are severely holding yourselves back within this level of what you could be doing upon the Earth, and I am preaching to the choir here, I know that you feel this, you know exactly what I’m talking about, and I do not want to touch on a sore spot with any of you, but my intention is to move you past this point, you see, to bring the energies and the consciousness that is going to speed you in your transit through being stuck, and feeling as though you’re stuck, into recognizing that you have tremendous potential in your experience of the energies which are within you, if you will only release your death grip upon this process and surrender to the natural flow of your own energies.  It is just that simple.  Many times you are trying to control too much, so that things do not flow the way they might.


There is a big difference, and you are going to learn this, between control and the process of using your inherent power of choosing as a human being with free will what you choose to create, how you choose to use the energies which are constantly emanating from your chakras, your energy centers, and this blends as a rainbow of energies.  And you send it forth into the outer world, and then you are quite surprised many times by what returns to you from this exercise in giving and receiving!

We do not wish to criticize your efforts because I know that you are all operating on what you believe is the highest level that you are capable of, but my dears, I am here to tell you that there is another level, which has been released to you recently,  and that you are going to have to learn how to use all of this for your benefit or else you will find these energies running wild throughout your lives and creating “who knows what,” because energy must be directed by conscious thought.  If it is your intention to be creating what you wish to create, what would be of benefit to you, what would be enjoyable, what would be fun to have the manifestation of all of this in your lives, and we know that all of you could use a little more fun in your lives, then I am pointing you in a very good direction here.  I am pointing you in the direction of enjoying life, creating what you wish to see in your outer world, and for the benefit of others as well, because many of you are quite altruistic and once you release this creative energy and begin this process consciously, there’ll be no stopping you — because you will enjoy it!  And you will look forward to the next challenge with this and what could be done as you meet these unforeseen circumstances which will be appearing in your lives.

You will need to be creative!  You will need to be able to move in the moment, to change, to shift, to address all that is coming for you quite unexpectedly, because this is going to be the way things will be experienced by many human beings, I feel, in the coming months and years because the energies are so accelerated now.  And of course this is only going to increase.  And so you need to be fluid in your adaptability to outer circumstance in order to be at the top of your game, taking advantage fully of the opportunities which we bring to you.  It is going to take everything you know how to use to make the highest and best use of the opportunities which shall be coming for each of you, because we are going to put you to work, we are going to put you into situations where you will have the opportunity to use everything which is within you creatively for the benefit of yourself and others.

And this is all going to be new for some of you because we are getting ready to move you into some new areas.  You’re going to see unexpected changes in your lives.  You will be shifted over here when you were over there, in an instant this will happen.  You will not have years to think about this!  So I’m just giving you a little warning of what is coming, because I know you like to know what is coming – and sometimes I can tell you, and sometimes I cannot.  But this is one of the moments when it will benefit you because it will give you the opportunity to adjust now.  While you are in this moment of time you can think about it – because in future time you will not have time to think.  You will need to respond in an instant to unexpected events, and to make the highest and best use of all of your abilities, and this is what we are wishing for you.

You will need to be very quick with this, you will need to be operating on the level of instinct and knowing.  Much of this will be coming from the heart center.  And some of this has been spoken of this evening to connect you deep within this center of energy where you simply know what to do; you feel what is right and appropriate for yourself in any circumstance where you may find yourself unexpectedly, in an instant.  This is how things are going to be for humanity.  Things are trending in this direction now and that is why I am wanting to prepare you for this, to give you some idea of how to use selectively your great abilities in these areas, in order to manifest what would be of benefit to you, and not to have this happen in an uncontrolled and haphazard manner.

You do not know what is coming for you, many of you!  But this will be a good thing because then you will have to react in the moment, and your lives will change in a moment.  Sometimes that is a good thing for humanity because sometimes that is what is needed to break you out of these entrenched habits which have controlled you for so long.  So, you see, there is a higher plan to all of this – we are not inflicting all of this on you as you might be thinking.  You have asked for this and so it is being delivered to you – to the best of our ability.  And we wait to see what you, in your wisdom, would choose to do with each of these circumstances and opportunities which are coming very quickly, very unexpectedly, for each of you.

You will have much assistance with this – we are not going to leave you alone to face all of this!  Quite the opposite!  You each have much assistance now and I would suggest that it would be beneficial if you would like to form a closer connection (with your Guides and Teachers) so that you can receive the guidance on a more conscious level.  And this would be very beneficial to all of you.  Some of you need this more than others, and you know who you are!  We are not going to call any names here, but your guides are some of the best available — and you will learn this as you learn how to more consciously work with them and to hear what they are telling you, what they are suggesting to you – because much can be avoided, let us say, if you are listening to them with the required intensity.  A hint to the wise of how to proceed through this and hit the fewest snags and interruptions — you know what you need to do, you hardly need me to tell you!  But I do enjoy the opportunity to have this interface with human beings, and to have the chance to speak directly to you of the things that I know you need to hear at this time.

Many of you have had twists and turns in your life so that you are in unfamiliar territory now, you did not expect to be in the situations where you are now – and you would like some guidance with this.  And I am always available to speak with each of you.  All you need do is to call me towards you, and we can have a little chat about these things.  I am available to each of you continuously.  This is my work – it is to counsel human beings at times such as this, of great challenge upon the Earth, so that you are able to operate at your highest level and not to be taken down by these challenges and spend a while righting yourselves once again!

You have all come here to accomplish much, and you stand upon the threshold of this now, your greatest hour upon the Earth!  You do not realize this – that is why I am telling you.  Everything is going to become much more exciting for many of you, as you are released from the habits of thought and of your daily lives, through these unexpected changes that, happily, we will see coming for you.  We know you would not choose these things, necessarily, if you were left to have to think of this and create it – and so we are giving you some help with this.  It is meant to spur you forward into areas that will be of great benefit to you once you cross the barriers of fear and cease allowing this to hold you back.  Many of you are going to be quite surprised by what is coming in the next several of your months, within this year.  For some of you, your lives will be unrecognizable to you – who you are now – by the end of this year.  But you need to cooperate with this process in order to attain the goals that we are speaking of – and that is why I’m speaking to your conscious minds.  I have spoken to each of you about this on the inner planes, and now I’m having the opportunity to educate your conscious minds about what you are going to need to do to bring all of this online and to do what you have told us that you were going to do here, in this time, and NOW!

Our blessings to each of you — myself and Germain, as well as many others, shall be attending you through this process and guiding you as best we can – and, hopefully, assisting you to step over whatever hurdles may be placed in your path.  We know that you do not wish to hear about challenges and hurdles, but this is going to be a part of this years’ experience for all of you – unexpected challenges and hurdles, so prepare yourselves now because you will be tested, you will be tried!  And we will see what you are made of!  This IS a test — and there are purposes for this which I cannot tell you at this time.  But I want you to know that this will be, many aspects of this experience, yes, it will be a test.  And so you have this information now, and hopefully this will help you to respond in the appropriate manner when these things arise within your lives – for you can expect it, because it is coming.  I would not lie to you about this!  I have told you the truth tonight, though I know many of you wish you had not heard this!

It is my joy to be with each of you and to accompany you on your path.  Much love, from our hearts, to each of you.  We support you, as best we can, every step of your paths!  Know this and realize the great love that we have for each of you and the high esteem in which each of you is held.


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