The Pleiadians
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2013

Many of you are Emissaries from the Star Nations – who long ago sent Emissaries to Earth — knowing that the huge events of The Ascension, The Shift of the Ages, were coming on the Winter Solstice of December 21st – 22nd, 2012.  Here on Earth you are experiencing the energies of all of this now — and many of you are Awakening to the mission at hand!

Our message to you is this:  know that you hold the Star Codings which are being awakened now within your DNA and activated within each of you for your benefit — and for the benefit of all humanity.  You radiate this informational frequency of Light constantly wherever you go – to assist humanity to awaken – to contribute to the mass awakening that is occurring NOW on Earth!

It is no accident that you are here!  We know many of you have felt as though you were “strangers in a strange land” ever since your arrival on planet Earth!  We know the pain of separation that you have each experienced since coming to Earth — but know that this is fast receding into the distant memories of the past — as you perceive the immensity of what is occurring NOW!  The Light!  The POWER OF CHANGE for the coming of a NEW DAY upon Earth – at the initial anchoring of the New Golden Age for this planet.  An Age of Peace and Beauty — as you of Earth have never known!

This is the moment you have come here for – TO BE IN HUMAN FORM – embodied in this moment, in order to have the experience of changing all life on Earth!

Forget the pain!  Forget the past!  The energies of healing are coming to each of you now – to lift you up – above this level of the suffering that you have known.  Even as you BELIEVE, you shall be lifted up above the levels of pain and suffering – and be fully activated as energy workers and healers yourselves – to minister to the multitudes of Earth as only YOU can!

You hold the energies from the Stars!  The Starlight which brings the remembrance of all that has gone before is within you now – so you “remember” what is to come!  The Divine program which is encoded within each of you holds all of this information – and more!  You are encoded with the patterns for this New Age – to bring the return of the Light to Earth – to anchor the New Age of Peace when all men will move beyond pain and suffering and learn to activate and materialize the patterns of perfection which exist within the fifth dimensional frequencies of Light which are now bathing Earth.

Your newly-activated Crystalline Grid within the body of Mother Earth now is the framework of energy which will support you — and all you are doing.  These energies are the ones which are even now activating your minds with the memories of all that has gone before – and all you have come here to do – with your newly awakening abilities, which are supported and encoded within the Star Patterning which you hold.  This Patterning is the template for the new, awakened human which will soon be existing on Earth.  You are being prepared to hold the activation frequencies for this Light – which shall slowly awaken all humanity, as they become able to hold this patterning.

This will be a gradual process, for no one is forced to awaken before they are prepared and feel fully ready to do so.  So be patient in the process, dear ones!  This will come in waves of awakening – as waves of energy sweep over your planet, gradually bringing awareness of the new ways, the new template, to all humanity.

You all have a part to play in this – and no one’s part is any more important or necessary than any other.  As you all do your part, in humility and grace – the plan for the perfection of planet Earth shall slowly work out, as waves from the Center of Creation continue to bathe you in their Light, Love, and Power.

We expect that this will be a long process, and will last for the remainder of your present lifetimes and beyond – as the new patterns of perfection of the Golden Age of Peace are anchored, firmly and relentlessly, into Earth – until all material form is lifted into the patterns of perfection held, even now, within fifth dimensional frequencies of the etheric realms.  These are the frequencies and patterns of the New Earth – a place of beauty and peace – where suffering and death and all the maladies you know at the present time will happily be a thing of the past – receding into the mists of time and memory – even as the beautiful New Age of Enlightenment dawns upon your planet, the Earth!

We are The Pleiadians — and we bring this happy message with much love – to you – The Star Travelers of Legend!

Blessings to each of you,

Know that you are NEVER FORGOTTEN!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Star’s Note:

What the Beings of Light are showing us now, is a visual picture of us transmitting these newly awakened frequencies of Light — through touch — to friends, neighbors, and associates.  They are telling us that those who are most “in tune” with these Star Coding energies will easily be able to transmit an energy frequency to others which will activate and awaken this program, if it exists already within a person’s DNA, and to simply “install the program” and activate it — if it is not already existing in a “latent state.”

Everyone already has varying levels of this programming – simply by being on Earth at the present moment and receiving the cosmic radiation that is now coming to the planet — and there is no “better than another” hierarchy in existence with this.  Everyone is exactly where they need to be in regard to this informational energy.  The present moment is an OPPORTUNITY, a COSMIC MOMENT when the informational frequencies of Light are being beamed from deep within the Cosmos, and are becoming available to Earth, for our benefit, for our use – and so that we can learn how to begin to use the new abilities which these energies and informational programs will bring to awakening humanity.

It is as though – through the activation of the Crystalline Grid system and the other activities of Light which recently occurred during the Winter Solstice – the Earth has been completely updated in her hardware and software capabilities so that we now have the operational systems to support these higher levels of energy and information which can come to us now in order to transform the commonly accepted prototype of the human being which is existing on Earth at the present time.

This is something which will grow and expand with time — so do not expect that, even if you begin slowly, and at what you consider as a “beginner’s level” with this, that your development is going to stay at this level.  Even as you practice with your emerging new abilities, you will find this growing and expanding exponentially within you.  “No one knows the outcome of this at the present time,” The Pleiadians are saying to us now.  “This experiment has never been attempted before — so we await YOU!  To see what you will do with this new informational frequency that is being provided to humanity.”   This is obviously a great opportunity for those who wisely choose to avail themselves of these transformational energies in order to metamorphose into more complete versions of themselves which are capable of utilizing the higher energetic frequencies now of Earth.

Not all of this program needs to be activated through physical touch.  Much of this can be supported by Light frequency activation, when we are simply in the presence of another person who is carrying this frequency, but there are certain situations when it is “most beneficial to have physical touch for the transmission of this frequency from human being to human being,” the Beings of Light are saying.  For example, this might be predicated upon the levels of energy already in existence within the person and the amount of openness to receive this material on the part of the person who is receiving the energy.

Apparently there are various levels of this program, and to “jumpstart” certain levels of this, it is “beneficial to have physical touch transmission, where this is appropriate and available – and you will intuitively know when this is necessary,” the Beings of Light are saying.  So, for those who are already “energy workers” or in the healing arts professions — you are uniquely positioned to begin the transmission of this.  However, do not be concerned if you do not have “formal training” in these matters, and be dissuaded from experiencing this transmission procedure.  Simply trust your intuitive guidance with this, and be willing to experience the process, knowing that you will be guided.  It is actually very simple, and a simple “laying on of hands” procedure, of relatively short duration of ten or fifteen minutes, or less, is usually all that is required, in a state of TRUST that all is being accomplished, as needed, by the Divinity which is within the two persons who are experiencing this procedure, and a conscious intention to be in alignment with your Higher Selves.  Then all will be directed from this level.

When we ask the Pleiadians to give us some idea of what the development of these abilities will look like for the human beings who choose to consciously work with these energies, they are saying that the purpose of this is many-fold, but this deals with the “activation of the ‘ascended state’ prototype of the levels of human evolution which will be available, and able to manifest onto Earth, as supported by the new and higher levels of energies of Earth that have been brought about through the ascension process, which you know of as ‘The Shift of the Ages’ of the Winter Solstice of December 21st – 22nd, 2012, whereby the Earth was lifted into a higher level of energy frequency and operation, making all of this possible, quite simply because it is now supported by the new basis of the operational system of energy existing on the planet.”

It is possible that all of this will cause the heightening and development of many levels of our intuitive informational receiving and processing systems which largely reside in the areas of right hemispheric brain function – possibly causing an enhancement of our abilities to be aware of many levels of perception and information beyond the limits of time and space, which we have traditionally considered to be our “normal operating limits.”

And the Pleiadians are saying that “connected to this may be the enhancement of more telepathically based communication, as it becomes possible for you to begin to experience here on Earth what you have often experienced in other star systems — which is direct voice communication, or the communication of thoughts and feelings without the spoken word being needed.”

“Of course, as well there will be the enhanced abilities in the areas of healing, where you will find it much easier to program healing protocols into the normal brain function capabilities which you are experiencing now on Earth, so that conditions which have previously been regarded as ‘incurable’ will now not only be deemed curable, but this will become commonplace and well accepted in the normal healing protocols.   All of these newly emerging abilities will, of course, stimulate the beginning of a ‘New Age of Renaissance Thought’ – as regarding the new perception of what are truly unlimited capabilities within the human being!  You will find that all prior conceptions of human limitations are disappearing!”

As we step into the unknown through our experience of all of these new levels of knowledge and abilities, we need to accept this as the “new normal” for human beings on the Earth now — and not be shocked or upset in the human levels of who we are when we find the unfoldment of new and unexpected levels of abilities within ourselves.  We will need to stay grounded with all of this and maintain a firm connection to the humanity within us – going slowly with this when this is needed, never rushing this process, and recognizing that this is a divinely inspired unfoldment of normal human ability from the highest levels within us – even though these abilities may never have been seen on Earth before.  The more we can maintain common sense and a level of humor and wonderment as we experience this process — this will greatly enhance our transformational abilities and allow this unfoldment to proceed smoothly – and at a very quick pace.

There is so much to learn!  So much that is NEW is being revealed for us to experience!  It is the journey of a lifetime – beginning NOW!

Bon voyage!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *