Jeshua ben Joseph (Lord Jesus) Addressing Class 84
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.  www.starbird1.net
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Beloved Ones,

I come to you each of you in present time, in the present moment, with such love in my heart for each of you, and I hope you feel this through every fiber of your being – to take this in deeply, this blessing that we bring, the three of us now to you (The Triad energies), to take this Gift of Light, in Love, deeply into every fiber of your being!

You are beloved of all of us here — the Angels who stand round about you and hold you in this highest frequency of anointing, blessing, and transfiguration.  You are beloved of the Most High — you are constantly attended by the Heavenly Host of all orders of Angels, who are constantly with you.  Do you realize their presence?  Do you feel their hands of healing as they reach out to bless, to touch you, and to transmit all of these frequencies from the higher realms of perfection to assist your physical bodies, yes, which are being so challenged right now – but know that this will not continue without end.  Yes, you are in this time of the great change upon Earth – if you could but see the beauties that we can see, that are being released now with this Light within each of you!

This could not have come upon the Earth months ago – it is the gift of the Almighty to have the Shift (The Shift of the Ages of December 21-22, 2012), this change which, yes, is bringing you such challenges in the physical parts of who you are.  We bring the antidote for all of this – and it is love!  It is the illumined presence of the Divine Love which is within each of you.  We ignite the spark of this within the Heart Flame of each one of you (the Three-Fold Flame of Divinity).  Feel our Hands of Light upon your shoulders now — to transmit this energy for blessing, for healing, for the ignition of all that will bring you peace, all that will lift you, yes, into the higher realms where then the struggling will stop for your physical forms and you will know peace.  For in these fifth dimensional frequencies, as you are learning to use all of this now, and you will continue with this learning, and I will be here to teach you, we will together traverse the way toward you accomplishing your mastery with the use of all of this, my Beloveds.

You are beloved of all of us here, and I hope you feel this in your hearts, in your minds, as this blesses and lifts every part of you — past the beliefs in the limitations of pain and sickness.  Let this go, and avail yourselves of this moment when you are encompassed in our love, in her healing presence, in the gifts that we most humbly bring to you now, as our gift of Light and life returning freely to all of you through the heart center, through the head, through the hands, as you are consecrated to service in the Light — for you are the Wayshowers for many as you are lifted, and learn the ways which we shall be teaching you.  You can share this with many — you can be a source of Light and healing on the planet.  Many of you will be as “The Lady with the Lamp” in a dark room, in a dark place, who illumines the consciousness of all who hear your words.  Many of you will be doing this, it is your life’s work, even if you do not realize this now – yet you will be taught.  You will be shown the Accomplished Divinity which is within you, that knows whereof I speak.

You do not need to be taught all of this –for you already know it!  I only come to remind you, to show you the Light that shines through all the limitations that you have allowed to accumulate in your minds, in your beliefs, in your emotions.  And you shall be freed of all of this!   Before we are finished with this process you will see great relief from the oppression of what has come into your minds, and it shall be lifted from you, it shall be taken from you, that you do not suffer with this and feel it any longer – but yet you know peace, you know freedom and healing, you know the Divine Perfection which is patterned within the intelligence, the Divine intelligence, radiant at the core of every cell within you.

Do you see the Light shining at the core of every cell of your bodies!  Awaken now, Oh Messengers of Light, and come forth onto this planet fully conscious of the Divinity that you are!  Angels bear you up in their hands and lift you past the pale of tears, past the consciousness of suffering — that you may know peace and wholeness, which is your Divine birthright.  Feel this now, as the Light returns to the core of every cell within your bodies – to illumine, to transcend all prior limitations, to hold you in that blanket of love where you are safe, you are cherished, you are loved by all of us in Spirit — who bear you such love within our hearts!

It is our great pleasure to be with you this evening — and to bring what gifts as we may, to anchor this through the hearts of everyone who is hearing my words.   Know that my blessings are with you now to lift you up — that you may know peace.  This is what you deserve!  This is what you have worked so long to find!  And it is here now in the Divinity of this moment, when your hearts know the radiance of Creator’s presence!

My blessings to each of you, The Magdalene stands on my left, and Mary stance on my right.  We form the Triad of these healing energies which have come to you this night for the blessing and healing of all upon the Earth.  You are the Chalices of Light — you are the Wayshowers for many!  Shine your Light in fulfillment of the Divine Plan!

And it is done, our blessings and our love to each of you, that you may maintain the consciousness of freedom!

It is done,

Adieu, Beloveds

*          *          *


Star’s Note:  We all have the Three-Fold Flame of Divinity within our Heart Center.  This is comprised of the pink ray of the female aspect of Divinity, the gold ray of wisdom, and the blue ray of the male aspect of Divinity.