Published in the April 2013 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!


The Pleiadians Addressing Class 84
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2013

We have waited long to have these words with you, to be able to speak with you in the peace of this moment.  We are those who have traveled far to be with you.  You do not know our names — yet we come with blessings to each of you — to enlighten you with our presence, bringing the memory of suns beyond suns and galaxies beyond galaxies.  We are the Pleiadians and we have come with much love to bless you, to love you, in this moment of such challenge for each of you upon this Earth.

Jeshua and the others have brought you much love and much healing this night.  We wish to bring you another gift which may, we hope, open your eyes further to all that is now coming upon you and standing between you and the full realization of everything that is now happening upon this Earth, and everything that is possible for the unfoldment of all of these budding abilities which are within each of you.  We come to stimulate the memory of all that has gone before and all that is yet to be.

You all stand at the beginning of a path upon Earth that you are not familiar with, because, indeed, you have never done this before.  You have never experienced such a great change, such a great shift, for any planet in this galaxy, or any other, because indeed it has never occurred exactly like this before!  And that is why we have come.  That is why we have been allowed by Lady Portia to come to you, to bring you enlightenment on this point — that you may know your purpose as the code carriers now upon Earth – from the stars, yes, and points beyond.

You are all from different places in the galaxies — and so you all bring different programming and different gifts – different memories, different abilities.  And we are here to stimulate the beginning memories of all of this by our presence, yes, and by the ship that we bring which radiates the frequencies which bring remembrance to the cells of your bodies, to unlock the codes of memory through the corridors of time, and to have you know once again from whence you have come, and for what purpose – because you all have different purposes now upon the Earth — and it is time for the memories to return.

And that is the purpose of all of this work that is being done with you this evening!  It is to stimulate the memories which have lain dormant within each of you — because there was no need of it before.  Now is the time when all of this must be born, and come forth within each of you, so that you know who you are and what you have come here to accomplish.  And this is all done by the firings of the codes, as are held within the DNA structures which are within you.

We are accomplishing this now with your very kind permission, if you will allow this – for nothing is ever done without your permission.  And we can work for beings from many galaxies — you do not need to be from the Pleiades for us to have ability to assist you this night.  We wish to bring the Light to all — and we do not discriminate on the basis of what galaxy you may be from, you see.  The point is that you are here, now, to do this work and to have the return of the memories which will allow this to happen.

It will be a slow process for some of you, others may be very quick.  It depends on your neural propensities and what you will allow of the energies flowing through your bodies, what you will accept of the energies which we bring to you now.  It is a gift of Light and awareness which stimulates much within you — beneath the layers of knowing, of what you think of as thoughts or minds.  It is more on the instinctual levels of who you are.  We are speaking directly with your bodies and your body consciousness, because this is where all of this information is stored – and this is the seat of power where it must be unlocked, in order for you to be taught to feel this, to feel the new experiences which this will bring to each one of you – that you may know the things which you never thought that you would know, and suddenly these things will be in your minds.

This is what is possible for you now upon this planet.  This is the opportunity that we bring to each one of you now – to unlock the codes that you have brought from the stars – for exactly this moment upon this shining orb which you call Earth, although we have referred to this by other names, yet we will use the one with which you are familiar.

Yes, this is Earth, and she is in great need of what you, each of you, have brought — within you — beneath the layers of your minds, of your consciousness!  This all lies in deeper levels of you than you have ever known.  You have never had awareness of this before.  For some of you, it may be frightening to think that something can emerge from this depth within you.  Yet, I tell you that there is no danger – for it is the key that is hidden within you that will unlock this.  We have no power to go within you and bring this forth.  All we can do is to stimulate your memory by speaking with you, by telling you who you are, reminding you that you come from far distant places, and that Earth is not your planet of origin!

We come from afar as well, and yet we come to Earth, as you have, to assist those who now need your assistance.  Look about you on the Earth and what do you see:  wars, pestilence, plagues, droughts, floods.  Someone must restore order in this place – and that would be you, with the knowledge that you have brought!  And that is why, precisely, you have come – and that is why, precisely, you are now being invited to awaken to the greater portions of who you are and the memories that are contained within all of this.

It is not dangerous — you do not need to have fear of this!  These are beautiful gifts which you have developed over many lifetimes in the places from which you have come – until you are quite good at what you do.  You have done all of this many times before.  You know what you are doing when you are here, and you must have confidence!  You must realize that you are not beginners with this – even though you feel as though you are – because you are just now learning how to do things which you have no conscious memory of doing.

So this will be a process, this will be a road that each of you can travel in your consciousness  — back, tracing the DNA memories as they emerge into your consciousness, for each one will come in its own time and broadcast its own frequency to all the cells of your body – to awaken you in new and unknown ways.  You knew that this time was going to happen on the Earth.  You knew all of this before you came.  You were schooled in this, and then the veil of forgetfulness was applied.

Now it is our job to lift that veil and let you have a peek at what lies beyond – what memories may emerge for each of you, what knowledge may come that you did not study in school.  But you know how to heal, you know many things – many abilities can now be awakened.  It can be a time of miracles upon your Earth because you are coded with the answers to all these problems that so plague the Earth.

You, and others like you, carry the knowledge of how to restore the Earth to her place of balance – healed and beautiful – so that she can take her rightful place in the universe as a star of peace, beauty, and healing – carrying much information for many solar systems to access and learn, once the codes are unlocked, once you allow the barriers to be broken, once freedom is restored upon this shining star!  And then you will know the freedom of who you are – before, I hope, you return from whence you have come.

We shall speak with you again!  It has been our pleasure to be with you — and our highest regards to Lady Portia and the others who have assisted us in coming forward to speak with you this night.

Blessings to each of you!

*          *          *          *          *          *          *

Star’s Note:

This message from The Pleiadians is coded with certain phrases which are designed to “fire the codings” of memory and energy within you, within the DNA storage circuitry.  We were coded with these things in the higher dimensions, before our entrance into the Earth plane reality, in order to make it possible for us to be “awakened” by the Beings of Light once we were immersed in the density of this dimension.  Lady Portia, in her messages, also uses the same phrases, such as “It is time,” and “Now is the time” in order to accomplish this goal.