Published in the August 2013 Issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!


Lady Portia, Goddess of Freedom, Justice, & Opportunity
Addressing Teleseminar Energy Event 91
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2013


Greetings Dear Ones,

I wish to bring you some perspective on all of these events and changes which are coming upon the Earth and causing such disruption many times for the outer parts of who you are:  your habits, your routines, all of these things which human beings become so attached to in the outer world.  And you will be having to release much of this if you wish to have the movement forward, which you can do, to the ultimate aspects of this, because all prior limits have been released from all of you, as you know instinctively — by these huge energies which are propelling the Earth into much higher dimensional realities than you have ever known before.  And this is what is causing the disruption in your physical bodies – because the body does need to have time to adapt to all of this.  So, yes, it would be wisdom to take a moment from your schedules and your daily routines, in order to absorb these highest frequencies than have ever before come upon the planet, if you see my point.  This does not happen every day and it will not continue without end — because when we see that the objectives have been achieved with this, then it will be withdrawn for a time.

Of course, this is something that will come and go – you will feel it, and then it will be gone – because this is not something which is going to be permanently affecting you.  And I know that many of you are very happy to hear this, because this has been a great inconvenience for many people – feeling as though you could happily sleep through the entire day.  Sometimes this is not a pleasant sensation for those of you who intend to work 24/7, and those of you who have this pattern in your lives certainly know who you are!

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for humanity which is, in my view, so much more important than a few errands or a few lists of what must be done!   So those of you who are very fond of these errands and lists had better rethink this if you do not wish to miss one of the most glorious opportunities yet to come upon this planet.  This is my view of the situation, and I can only tell you that this is going to increase in intensity – I know you’re very happy to hear that!  You are not ready for this increase now, but after a slight rest, then you will be.  And the next round of this is going to be at a higher energetic frequency than what you have previously known – so you see where we’re going with this!  There is not going to be respite from this pattern until the fall, I feel, because there is so much to be done upon this planet – and this is the time when it needs to be accomplished.  This is the moment in your development as a race, as a species, as a totality of human consciousness, when all of this can now be brought forth for your benefit – when previously you would have been disintegrated by these frequencies of energy.  So you see how far you have come, for those of you who feel as though you never accomplish anything!

But you take much of this much too seriously, and a little more humor would really help you adapt to these feelings that come over you when these extremely high frequencies of energy are happening.  The best thing to do is simply to surrender to what you feel would be best to do in the moment and not to fight this and to try to keep going – but to do only what you believe is absolutely necessary.  Many of you are putting yourselves in somewhat of a “torture chamber” with this pattern, I will say, because some people are really suffering with the manner in which they are adapting to these unforeseen and never-before-experienced events.

Your bodies have no way of knowing how to handle this, because this has never happened before – so you will have to cue them when to simply stop and accept the energies in graciousness and appreciation of this cosmic gift which is being given from civilizations beyond your present knowing.  This is a situation which has never existed on the Earth before.  As I have said, it would have disintegrated the framework of your reality to bring forth these extremely high energetic frequencies for you.  And that is why we had to wait and to choose the moment very carefully — when to orchestrate this succession of higher and higher waves of this cosmic energy coming upon the Earth — because you were not ready for this previously, and it would have caused great disruption in your lives.

However, everything has now evolved to a high enough state that we are able to use frequencies which are now high enough to cause this cleansing of many of the layers of the astral reality which does still linger in the etheric realms around your planet.  So this will be a huge benefit to humanity when much of this is removed, because this has been a great barrier to your planet receiving the gifts of aid and enlightenment which many have tried to send to you in the past.  There have been many civilizations which have wished to assist the Earth – but because of this level of psychic interference, that was not possible.

So you see how far you have come with this!  There has been tremendous progress which you, many of you, have been unaware of — up to this point in time when you have this huge breaking forth of this level of Light energy which can no longer be questioned or denied because it is now strong enough so that you are able to feel the definite physical effects of this upon your bodies.  And so you see how far you have come.  Humanity has made huge steps forward with all of this, and I expect that not only will this continue, but the pace of change is going to become even more rapid than it is now.  And I know that is not good news for some of you who are struggling with the pace of things now — but what I’m telling you is that, because of the changes which are going to be made deep within the functioning of your physical forms, that your bodies are being prepared to function in these many rarefied states of being which are now coming to you – and there is no way to avoid this now at the present time on Earth.

One of your choices would be to stop this process and to remain where you are.  But this, I will tell you, is what causes extreme pain and suffering in the physical body – so you see it is not as though you really have a choice with this if you wish to enjoy life the way I know that most if you wish to do.  And so that is why I am giving you this little hint and perspective; I know this is uncomfortable for your physical bodies, and that what is happening now is a challenge – and that you wonder why you feel as though you cannot accomplish anything in the day because you feel that you must have so much rest.  But to endure this for a short space of time and then to have what is going to be a much higher level of operation within your physical bodies is what is coming for those of you who are willing to cooperate with this process.  And I know this is somewhat of a challenge because we have so many of those, I believe it is called “A-type personalities,” in the world who are so concerned with what they will be doing during the day.

This will not last for much longer, this phase of these extremely high frequency energies, and then you will have a short respite where you will feel that everything has returned to normal – but then you will find that things are not operating as they did before, and many will learn to their great shock that there have been immense changes made – both in the levels of functioning within your physical bodies and in the levels of functioning of humanity within your society as a whole, because nothing is going to be operating as it did.  And I know that is a huge relief to some of you who have become quite frustrated with the current status quo of gridlock and seeming stagnation on the political front for your country.

So all of this is coming to an end — exactly when, I cannot say — but that is the purpose of these energies.   It is to stimulate such extensive change within the deepest levels of humanity that these things gradually rise to the surface to make the necessary changes in your society — even as the changes are being made at the deepest levels within you.  It is like the microcosm and the macrocosm – and you can see it on this level.  That is a very good way to look at this, because then you will have the higher understanding of what is going on — because many of you do tend to look at this just from your own personal perspective, and whether or not this inconveniences you as a human being.

You must think of the broader ranging effects of all of this, and perceive this on the higher levels – because then you will come to a new understanding when you see this process as we see it – from the higher perspective of the needed changes being accomplished, both by and for humanity.  Because you will not be allowed to continue as things have been, with all of these stalemate situations and such seeming aggravation as has come upon your society in many of these areas such as your economy, not to mention the political situation.

There is much change coming upon the Earth, but this will come in waves.  It will not be one huge tsunami of change – because we do not wish to operate this way with humanity.  We prefer to make these huge shifts, as we are aiming at, in small steps which can be easily incorporated into the human mind and understanding – because that is the way to achieve the greatest benefit for humanity – it is to work with human beings at the rate at which they are able to integrate change, and not to force you artificially before you are ready to do so.  So we are having to be very careful with this, to tailor this to the way humanity is able to change and the rates at which change can be made for human beings.

So this is a very big project; and many are involved in this, as you know, from many different levels of being.  There are many upon the Earth who are assisting with this, but much of your assistance, as many of you know, is drawn from off-planet sources.  And this is a great benefit to the Earth – greater than what you have ever known or realized!  And this is something else that I hope is shortly going to be more recognized by broader segments of the population – because you are ready for this, you are becoming more open to being ready to welcome assistance from those who may not have grown up upon the Earth as you have, shall we say.

It is a remembrance; it is a remembrance of a broader reality than what you have ever known up until this point.   But, at the same time, it is very familiar within the unconscious realms of human consciousness — because there are many times in your past history upon Earth when this has been done, and it has not been seen to be anything out of the ordinary, shall we say.  It was very well accepted –and in some cases tolerated, and in some cases appreciated by the societies who were contacted by these off-planet intelligences.  And this is what you are now working up to as a species – and you are coming to the place where you will once again be able to, I feel, accept this type of off-planet assistance for the Earth — because there have been many who could have brought you many of the cures to quite a few of the maladies which you are now experiencing as a people and as a nation.  But this has not been allowed by your government, or many of the governments of Earth – hence we have needed to wait with this until they were ready to acknowledge that this type of thing has been going on for a very long time, unbeknownst to many of the population of Earth — because you have been so successfully duped, many of you, into believing that there are no extraterrestrial sources of intelligence.

Many are going to find out that the truth of the matter is that you are not alone.  And the good news is that many of these beings who wish to contact you are very much like yourselves.  So I expect that you would not feel as though they were much different from the human beings who live next door to you in their appearance – and this is by design – to present the ones that would cause the least level of fear for humanity, because you really are in need of assistance, as a planet verging on environmental destruction, and humanity facing many challenges too innumerable to mention.

But this will be your decision — plain and simple.  You are the ones who will be needing to decide if you will accept beings from another star system who are your brothers and sisters.  It is all perspective.  Many are in quite a bit of fear over this type of thing because there has been so much misinformation and disinformation given out about the nature of many of these contacts that have been made.  But what I am telling you is that the ones we are sending, you do not need to have fear of them – and so I believe that the outcome of this little experiment for the benefit of humanity will be good in the long run.  Yes, it may be challenging in the short run, but things like this are always a great challenge for human beings — to realize that there is something that they did not know.

There are mysteries in the universe, and this has been a source of great mystery to a great many people, but it does not need to be frightening – and that would be my purpose.  It is to smooth the way for this entrance into the physical realm and consciousness of humanity, that, yes, they are beings who do not live upon the Earth which look very much like you and will soon be coming to assist you.  And that would be my message to you – it is that much of this process is being orchestrated as we speak because humanity is in such dire need of change and inspiration, knowledge, and levels of technical assistance in order to solve the problems that humanity is having upon this planet – environmental, and all such.  And you have no concept that these solutions, which are so simple, even exist.  That is why the timetable has been so speeded up with this process.  We are really pushing it a little bit, but in our estimation this is the best course of action.  And it is what is needed at this point in time.  So I hope you will be tolerant of these events and that you will approach these beings with the love that is in your heart for, yes, your brothers and sisters from another place, and perhaps another time.

And it will be good!  It will be a level of assistance which is going to break the Earth out of this current level of such warfare and the setting of man against man and country against country.  Something has to change!  And we are doing the best that we can see in order to stimulate a very quick occurrence of change.  I hope this information has not been too shocking to anyone, but these things now must be said because the time is fast approaching for these events, and you need to have this knowledge.

My blessings to each of you, and I hope that this information will be held in a positive nature by all who receive it,



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