Published in the September 2013 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
Titled “Transformation by Sacred Fire”


Star Hinman, Channel for Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
With Messages from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2013


The Phoenix Bird, symbol of transformation and life everlasting, was revered in ancient Egypt– and its legend endures to this day.  This symbol has never been more relevant than in our present Age of Aquarius, which carries so much promise for the transcendence of all that has ever limited the consciousness of humanity during the re-birth of the Earth into this new Golden Age of awareness.

As many of us struggle to reclaim our sense of the higher purpose in our lives, to achieve a view of who we really are in the higher aspects of ourselves, and to reclaim a sense of freedom, joy, and unfettered creativity in our everyday lives, we instinctively feel a sense of longing – emerging from deep within the psyche of humanity – for something, and often we do not consciously identify what this could be.  It is the longing for reunion with parts of ourselves that we may have forgotten – or perhaps we have not yet had the conscious experience of these deeper parts of ourselves – as we go about our daily lives, so focused on the outer world circumstances.  Perhaps what we long for is the re-birth of all that is real and true within us, our authentic self.

According to Egyptian legends, the Phoenix Bird is as large as an eagle with beautiful scarlet and gold plumage and is said to live for 500 years or longer.  As the end of its life approaches, it builds a nest of the branches which it gathers from trees as well as aromatic herbs and spices.  When this is complete, the Phoenix causes itself as well as its nest to be engulfed in the flames of sacred fire – and all is reduced to ashes.  Then, arising from the ashes appears the new Phoenix Bird, who will again live to the age of at least 500 years before once again completing the cycle of death and rebirth, which symbolizes the eternal nature of the soul.  For this reason the Phoenix Bird was a symbol of everlasting life in early Christianity, perhaps bringing to mind the death and resurrection of Jesus.

In ancient Egypt, the Phoenix Bird (always of the male gender) was associated with reverence for the sun, which was seen as the giver of life.  It was said that the new Phoenix would embalm its father’s ashes in an egg filled with myrrh and fly to the city of Heliopolis, the “City of the Sun,” and there place the egg on the altar of the temple dedicated to the Sun God, Ra.

The fact that the Phoenix is seen as being of the male gender has nothing whatsoever to do with male chauvinism – it is the representation of the Phoenix as being the symbol of the energies of the sun, which is also perceived to be of the male polarity of the energy spectrum so often depicted in Eastern spiritual thought by the symbol of the yin and yang, which represents the divine balance of the positive and the negative polarities of the energy comprising the universe – the outgoing, active male polarity and the still, quiet, nurturing and receptive female polarity.


“You are all, those of you upon the Earth now, in a huge cycle of cosmic Sacred Fire coming upon the planet to burn the dross from the lower consciousness of humanity.  The energies of this Sacred Fire are first received by your higher soul presence which then downloads this into the lower energetic frequencies of the human levels of who you are.  This stepping down process is necessary in order to deliver exactly the correct energetic frequencies to all the levels of yourself – from the highest spiritual presence to the most human portions of self – thus creating wholeness in the divine process of regeneration and rebirth.

“As the dross of lower patterning is released from each level within you, you begin to rise, unencumbered by the debris of karmic cycles – into the realms of higher mind consciousness – hence the image of the Phoenix Bird, arising and taking flight from the ashes of its former self.  This is the process which is taking place within humanity at this very moment upon Earth, as huge cosmic energies are now being released for the transformation of Earth!”


As Lady Portia is saying, this Sacred Fire burns the dross or “lower energies” from the psyche and lower levels of our consciousness.  It consumes old, limiting patterns of belief which structure our thought patterns and thereby control our emotional responses to life’s experiences – allowing us to move to new, higher concepts of reality which are the foundation for the emergence of new belief systems and the experience of the freedom which is our Divine birthright.  As we complete karmic cycles of experience, there is the need for burning away all of the energetic debris of the painful emotions and memories which have often accompanied the experiences which were necessary for us to complete this process of learning.

As a result of this clearing and purification process, we are now having rebirth into the levels of the “innocence of the child” – which is being reborn in consciousness within us now as the old patterning is being burned away.  The purpose of all of this is so that we will feel closer to the Divinity within us as we release the outer and it is removed.  This assists us in our efforts to open to cosmic consciousness and to have the ability to perceive the highest spiritual truths.

We make ourselves ready for this experience of clearing and healing by holding steady in our intention to express from the highest spiritual levels within ourselves, and also by our constant focus on the Light of the Creator Presence within us.  The flame which consumes the Phoenix Bird is symbolic of Divine Light or Sacred Fire which is capable of transmuting the old, outmoded files and information within our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious levels of mind – which are often created as we are learning the necessary lessons, during our karmic cycles of experience.  There are no accidents in Divine Mind, and only those who are truly ready for this experience will be so initiated into the higher levels of their being.

There are many revelations of Divine Truth which may accompany this initiation experience for a person.  It is as though we break through to a higher level of Divine consciousness as well as human understanding in our day-to-day reality.  The outer world begins to look different to us as our inner presence is freed from the effects of “the chains of karma” on our abilities to perceive both inner and outer reality.  Therefore, some people may experience what can only be described as a complete spiritual and human rebirth and renewal.  This is, truly, the highest goal which we can achieve in this earthly experience – it is to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears” – and to be freed from the inner chains of karmic cycles and experiences so that we can then soar into the heavenly fifth dimensional realms of consciousness – in order to experience in our personal lives the peace, joy, fulfillment, and love which has always existed for us within the heavenly realms.

We can experience the joys of Heaven on Earth, right here and right now!  We carry the potential of invoking this Sacred Fire experience of the Phoenix Bird within us at all times!  It is a part of our Divine birthright as human beings on Earth!

Including a Message from The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Many people today are beginning to experience the effects of transformation by Sacred Fire in their lives.  We connect with Sacred Fire when we contact the Divinity within us, and begin to download these extremely high frequency energies into ourselves from the higher cosmic realms.  Our origins, spiritually, are from the Great Great Central Sun, and its energies are stepped down to the Great Central Sun, then to the Central Sun of our universe, and to the Sun of our solar system, which radiates this Spiritual Light to the Earth and all her life – hence, we are able to continually absorb this spiritual cosmic radiation directly into our four lower bodies, the physical, etheric or spiritual, the mental, and the emotional levels of who we are.  This Light is actually the source, or Prime Creator of our life, on all these levels of ourselves, and we could not live, as a planet or a species without this Light.  Of course, it is physical light as well as, in the higher dimensional octaves of the spectrum of light, there are the higher Divine frequencies from the Godhead of the Cosmos.

This is our Divine connection to the source of all within our universe and omniverse, and we are continually receiving these frequencies to maintain the integrity of who we are.  It is an eternal connection, and the soul forever receives these frequencies – no matter in what dimensional realm we are experiencing ourselves as taking form and the outer manifestations of this Light.  To the outer perception of our physical eyes and vision, there is separation between ourselves and the “outer world” – however, in the spiritual perception of reality, there is no separation, as we perceive it to be, based on the seeming disconnection of the many physical manifestations of life.  It is all one spectrum of the manifestation of Light and Divine Being.  This is the “oneness” which the masters describe to us as their perception of being – and it is a sublime reality indeed!  We can also learn to perceive on these higher levels of being while we are yet here in this physical reality!  We do not need to have our spiritual ability to perceive the cosmos dimmed by physical eyesight – instead we can learn to discern the multitude of the levels of manifestation and the continuum of the highest spiritual source levels continually stepped down, level by level, until they reach what we describe as the “physical dimension” of this world.  It is the continuum of life, and life’s experience of being which we are having now, on the many levels of ourselves – only a few of these may be contained within our conscious awareness in the present physical embodiment.  However, in the continuum of our own energies which transcend from the dense physical realm to the stars and beyond, we are simultaneously experiencing ourselves in many, many dimensional realities in what has often been referred to as “the Eternal Moment of Now.”

The Pleiadians’ Message:
“Hence the term, so often used by humanity, ‘All Is One,’ for truly it is so, and you are all coming closer and closer to the final complete perception of this Truth, as your consciousness, and the consciousness of all humanity continues to be honed and sharpened for the task at hand – which is the higher perception of ‘alternate realities,’ existing right alongside the ones with which you are so familiar.  You are being stretched in your dimensional perceptive abilities.  And we believe that it will not be too long on Earth until this ability is an accepted ‘fact of life’ among the population.  This is what is coming for humanity, it is multidimensional sensing and perception – so that you will no longer experience being limited to only the present, physical sensing of your ‘reality,’ but will expand your reality to include the stars and the solar system in which you reside.

“This will be a huge leap forward for humanity, and we do not believe that this is too far distant in future time for you, as you are presently moving very quickly, due to these intense solar frequencies which are continually bathing your planet in this age of such transcendence and altered reality.  This is where you are going — as individuals, as a people, as a race of humanity, and as Galactic Citizens of the Cosmos.

“It has been our pleasure to speak with you,

“We are the ones you know as The Pleiadians”

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

“In many earlier periods of Earth evolution, this esoteric knowledge of initiation by rites of Sacred Fire was experienced only by those who were the initiates, the acolytes, or the members of the mystery schools or secret societies which existed in ancient Egypt and Greece, to name only two of these — for they existed across the face of the planet, in many, many earlier civilizations and ages for the enlightenment of mankind.

“These secret societies had the dual purposes of enlightening mankind by administering the rites of passage through the use of Sacred Fire, and of preserving the knowledge of man’s innate connection to all of the cosmos.  This sacred knowledge is being reborn within mankind in this present age where you are now upon the Earth, through the willingness of many people to consider that you may be intimately related to many other sentient beings throughout the cosmos, who – like you – are the conscious creations of the Creator Gods of the universe, who were instrumental in the creation and development of your genetic lineage.  These Creator Gods have shaped mankind, to enhance your knowledge and abilities since ancient times, and have often used these ‘rites of passage of sacred fire’ to enhance the abilities of mankind.

“This fact has not gone unnoticed through many civilizations on Earth, both ancient and modern, for you are now beginning to once again reawaken to this fact — so that, as before, this can be used for your benefit.  This has always been the cause of sudden advancement, characterized by ‘awakening’ or ‘re-birth,’ within many of your civilizations upon Earth, such as in the case of the Renaissance of Truth and Knowledge upon the Earth prior to the present day, which occurred in the 14th through the 17th centuries.  The word ‘renaissance,’ (from the French ‘rinascere’ – ‘to be reborn’) literally means  ‘re-birth.’  What is not included in the translation is that the cause of this process is always the Sacred Fire.

“It is never our intention to interfere in the development or advancement of the human species, but to simply enhance your genetic functioning in order to make this advancement possible, and to therefore stimulate it through the use of Sacred Fire.  You are, all of you upon the Earth now, being the recipients of this Sacred Fire, whether you are aware of this or not – and, indeed, it truly does not matter whether or not you are ‘consciously’ aware of this process, or not, because it is being given to mankind, as the sun shines upon the Earth, automatically, as a process of nature at this point.  Thus we have now the ‘broadcasting’ of this information and the effect of this Sacred Fire throughout the consciousness of mankind – and it is fortunately not being reserved only for the few who are members of the mystery schools.

“This is a good thing, because you all desperately need this information at this time!  The Sacred Fire is an automatic ‘brightener’ of the soul, as it brings such an upliftment of spirit, through the many layers of esoteric knowledge which is also encoded within this Light.  It is multi-layered and multi-dimensional in its effect on mankind, because of this ability which it has, to carry, to bring, and to deliver untold realms of knowledge directly within the human species.  So the effect of this is immense!  And you are just now learning how to consciously work with this Light, as manifested through Sacred Fire.  Hence the symbol and image of the Phoenix Bird now being re-introduced into the consciousness of your species, in many places and in many cultures across the face of Earth, so that many can now begin to consciously have the benefit of what, for a very long time, was reserved for the few within the mystery schools, and other halls of esoteric knowledge.

“This is a huge movement forward for mankind in your evolutionary progress, and we are delighted to once again be a conscious part of this process with mankind!  You are all making great progress with this, and we expect that this will continue!

“It has, once again, been our joy to be with you!”

“We are The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light”


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