Published in the October 2013 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!


The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
Addressing Class 92

Star Hinman, Channel. The Clearinghouse.

Copyright 2013

And we are with you once again, to bring you what knowledge as we may.  We are the ones that you know as the Pleiadians — and we come to you with such love and appreciation for all that you are doing on the Earth at the present time.  It is our joy to support you on the deepest levels of who you are — through these current trials which you are experiencing.  You are going through so many doorways and dimensions of time, of energy, and all of this — that you truly do not have recognition of what is going on upon the Earth at this time!  And that is why we have come forward to speak with you, to bring what perspective and information as we may.  This is a time where the Earth is being influenced by many off-planet energies and many cosmic realities – which, at the present time, you have no concept of, or recognition of any of these energies, or the sources from which they emanate.  And this is why we wish to be with you, to straighten some of this confusion out — about what is going on upon the Earth at this time.


The Earth is passing through dimensional doorways, and you have these “time markers” that have been spoken of, which are encoded in your genetics — and so your bodies recognize all too well what is happening at the present time, but your minds have not “gotten the message yet,” we will say, because this situation has created this disparity between your bodies and your minds — so that your minds are intent on continuing your daily routines as you have done, when all within your bodies is now being changed from the genetic levels of who you are.


This is a transformation!  It is a great gift to come upon those who call this planet their home!  And we do not believe that you can totally understand what is happening now without this information:  that all of this is totally out of human control at this point.  And the more you try to keep this level of control of what you will do or what you won’t do, in order to have the familiar repeat itself within your lives, then I expect you’ll be greatly disappointed by the results which this pattern will achieve.  Everything has changed without your knowledge — because you are looking through physical eyes to see what would be the truth of what is occurring “in the moment” for humanity.


The Earth is not what it was!  And neither are you!   But yet you wish to continue your outer, familiar patterns without listening to the voice of your bodies which would tell you otherwise.  Your bodies have the knowledge of what is occurring on the Earth.  Your bodies instinctively know how to make these changes, how to adapt, how to change the energies that are running through your physical forms — and yet many of you refuse to see these things and are quite confused about how to proceed in what would be a constructive fashion for mankind upon the Earth at this cosmic juncture, shall we say.


We have brought great change upon the Earth — so you can blame much of this on us!  And I say that with some humor because many people are looking for where to place the blame for everything that is going on upon the Earth — when what you should be looking for is a way to harmonize your body energies with the constantly shifting and updating energies which are running through your planet at this very moment.  You see, your eyes deceive you!  As you look at the outer world, it appears perhaps nothing has changed.  This would be a big mistake, to believe this and to act upon these beliefs.  You need to be fluid and flowing as the wind now– to have what you would think of as a peaceful transition into “where you are going” — into these higher energies.



What is required of you at this point is, quite simply, a degree of adaptability — which many of you are not willing to produce within yourselves!  And this is what is creating pain for many people as they struggle to reproduce the status-quo daily in their lives — when everything beneath your feet has changed, and is constantly shifting.   It is the “shifting sands of change” that you find supporting you now!  And, if you do not learn to shift and to change, you will be creating quite a bit of stress and unnecessary strain within your bodies.


Your bodies know how to adapt to the Earth! They have been programmed over millions of years in how to survive on this planet.  Do you think they do not know how to survive any change that comes upon this planet?  And that is where we are going with this — it is for you to learn how to accept your own genetic knowledge of this planet and the necessary strategies for adaptation to her changes –because she is free!  She is free from human control at this point — and she is quite clearly communicating this fact to human beings who are listening.  Are you listening?  Are you perceiving what the Earth is saying as she shifts and changes beneath your feet and brings the waters to places where there have not been waters and takes it away from other places — and then the ground shakes beneath your feet!  This is not meant to be frightening.  It is, for the Earth, a level of communication with the human species — but are you listening?  You see, many are not listening!  And so the message must continue for a while — until they do begin to listen.  As many of you listen you are beginning to get the message – and your bodies are beginning to understand the new ways of living on this planet!


It is a frequency correction which is being made through all living matter on this Earth.  It is knowledge being born within the cellular structures of everything which is living upon the Earth.  It is a transcendent moment for Earth, for you, to be alive and in human form upon the Earth!  But it is not without its challenges!   Survival is a challenge for many at this point — and it will continue to be so for a while.  And we are not the ones responsible for this!  You, mankind, must take this upon yourselves because this is all in your hands now — how you respond to these changes that are coming upon the Earth — where she seems so out of control and unpredictable at times.  She definitely has your attention, does she not?  And this is well — because human beings need to pay attention, closer attention to what the Earth is saying.  She has great wisdom, she has great knowledge and great power — and she is using her power to make great changes within herself –and, if I may add, within humanity!   Are you paying attention?  She is changing you daily by the emanations that are coming forth from her heart –for the love of humanity — to give you these updates that are coming up through your feet into your bodies.  Are you listening? Are you changing?


There is no escaping this any longer!  It is all-pervasive upon the Earth at this point.  And it will continue to be so — because humanity is no longer in control of the Earth!  It is the other way around — at least temporarily — until mankind gets the update that you must work in co-operation with the Earth.  And when human beings understand this, then I expect that the extreme events will not happen as often.  And it will gradually cease, as harmony of consciousness is restored upon the Earth.  This is what is causing all of this activity — it is the disharmony in the consciousness level between living beings who are inhabiting the Earth and the consciousness of Earth herself.  And this disparity must be brought together and harmony must be restored.


You know how to do this!  You came into human embodiment knowing how to restore harmony on the Earth — and it is your job to “get going with this!”  You see the need, you see the storms, you see the loss of life and the devastation — but what you do not see is the transcendence of energy that is causing all of this to come upon the Earth.  And so, what we would say to you is to realize who you are!  Many of you have forgotten where you come from and what you agreed to do when you got here — and we are here to give you a gentle reminder of that fact, so that you can “rise to the occasion” so to speak and — with your consciousness — begin to broadcast a different frequency to the Earth:  one of appreciation for her gifts to sustain your life.


Communication with the Earth — with the consciousness of Earth — from human beings, is what is needed now to calm all of these storms and unforeseen events.  This is what will calm the storms – it is when human beings begin to recognize their responsibility to be consciousness communicators with Earth instead of simply living on her surface, as if she were some unconscious or “dead” being.  She is alive!  She has feelings!  She has consciousness!  As do you –as you are alive and have feelings and knowledge.


There must be the melding between all of these levels of consciousness if you are to continue on this planet –and we know that you all wish to continue on this planet!   And that is why we are speaking with you this evening.  It is to bring you this knowledge –because we know that many in humanity are very fearful of the Earth changes — these storms, all of these floods — and even this is not necessary, it is no longer necessary to have this.  It is merely a method of communication that the Earth is using to preserve herself at this time.  Many of you recognize this.  Many who are far beyond this room tonight will get this message before too long a time, we feel.  It is a change in consciousness for humanity that is needed –and that is exactly what is happening on the Earth!  But it does not need to happen through violence and disruption, devastation and fear.


You are in the beginning stages of recognizing that a change must be made by you.  You are the “change makers!”   You are the ones who came to make the changes that will then restore order.  We are relying on you to remember who you are and to begin to broadcast the frequency that will restore order in this place.  You are the only ones who can do this. You came prepared with knowledge — to know how to do this!  You know, deep within the cells of your body how to do exactly what I’m talking about.  And I want you all to remember, remember the time that we talked about before you came here.  This is that moment of “time markers and opportunity gateways.”  This is the time to make the changes, to bring the changes for Earth, as only YOU know how to do — and then others will see the way and they will join in, and soon you will have many accompanying you on this path.  But for now, you are to be the leaders with this and remember who you are — and remember “the mission for Earth,” remember what you came here to do — because now is the time when the changes need to be begun.


That is my message to you this evening.  We hope you hear these words, recognize the truth within them, and take this to heart — but more than anything else, to ACT upon what you know needs to be done now in this pivotal time of such challenge and change for the Earth.


Our blessings and great love go out to each one of you who have endured so much to be here now!  You have received such knowledge — and gifts beyond your knowing!   It is our wish for you that you arise to the occasion by remembering who you are.


Good evening, we are The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light


Star’s Note:   The “time markers” that the Pleiadians are referring to in this message are, of course, the genetic codings within us which “light up” and transmit their informational frequencies, to awaken us to a higher level of being when the Earth passes through certain dimensional doorways, into higher states of consciousness herself.


The “opportunity gateways” are periods of time upon the Earth, when energy portals are opened in the Heavenly Realms in order to assist humanity in making the necessary changes for Earth.  And so it is very important that we all “get the message” that the time is now when the changes that we spoke of when we were with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light in the higher dimensions, need to be made upon the Earth!  This message is coded with the words and phrases from the Pleiadians which have been linked to our genetic knowledge, to awaken us at the appropriate time on Earth, when we hear or read these words, such as “now is the time.”


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