EarthStar & the Beings of Light
Star Hinman, Spiritual Channel
The Clearinghouse

In this time of such challenge upon Earth, the Beings of Light are recommending to us that we approach life in a prayerful manner, to assist us in aligning with the higher energies of the Heavenly Realms, and to avoid the discord and strife which often seems to be so pervasive in the consciousness of humanity.  You may address this prayer to whichever aspect of Divinity you recognize, whether this be Jeshua, Buddha, the Goddess energies, Mother-Father God, or the Creator of All Things.

Dear Lord, let us live in the radiance of your Light!
Hold us within the healing silence – and the embrace of Angels
as we remember the Divine way of peace, harmony, and love for all life upon the Earth

Help us to align with your Divine wisdom
and to be the carriers of this Light to all mankind
Inspire our hearts to live by the Divine Plan which you exemplified while on Earth
simply to “Love One Another!”
and help us to allow forgiveness to erase the pain and sorrows that we have known in our hearts

Show us the way to our higher purpose upon Earth
and help us to BE the conscious creation of the Divine Plan for the new human blueprint
 in the new millennium

Hold us in the Radiance of your Light, as we walk the path of our Earthly lessons
lest we “dash our foot against a stone”

Show us the way, Lord, to the fulfillment of your promise for the New Earth
where all may live in Harmony and Oneness
as the consciousness of war is erased from our minds
and we once again dwell in the “many mansions” of the Heavenly Realms
with the Angels!

Release us from the consciousness and experience of all pain and suffering
even as we release others from the bondage of our thoughts and expectations for them
 and the memory of all wrongs done to us
Hold us in your perfect wisdom of giving loving care for our physical bodies
even as we release the ignorance of our ways
when we ignore their needs

And help us to realign once again with the magnificent wisdom of Mother Earth
and to respect her resources — even as we receive the freely given bounty
which her love constantly provides for us!


Star’s Note: The Beings of Light are also recommending to us that we have the humility to allow ourselves to be instructed in the “new ways of consciousness” which will lead us on the path to the Higher Realms of peace, abundance, joy, love, and perfect health.