Butterfly Scouting

Published in the July 2014 Electronic Edition of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain
Star Hinman, Spiritual Channel
for Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters

Dearest Ones, we would see you
Cherish and celebrate the uniqueness of who you are
Because there will NEVER be another You!

Though your soul may incarnate
Through other forms, in other timeframes, other worlds
Yet there will never be created ANOTHER, just like you!

Do you realize what this means?
The preciousness of this moment!
When you are on the Earth – HERE and NOW
With the opportunity to BE – All that you can be!

It is beautiful!  What a promise!
Here you Are
To do what ONLY YOU can DO
And to BE, as ONLY YOU CAN!

Hold the preciousness of this knowledge
And the full import of it
Within your hearts – forever!
As you traverse fully on this Earth
The length and breadth of your Destiny

Eons may come and go
The Earth may spin a million times around the sun
You may incarnate many times upon the Earth

Yet, in all of this
And throughout all these ages
And the billions of souls coming and going
Through countless incarnations
Yet, there will never be another YOU!

Your uniqueness is forever stamped
Within the memory of your soul
So the record of it will never be lost
But what we are wishing to say to you is this

Seize the moment!
For the passage of time waits for no man
The hours are fleeting
As the flowers on a summer’s day!

Your soul is etched in Eternity
Yet you are like the flowers
Born to bloom on a summer’s breeze
And be gone with the cold winds of winter
When the snows come and blanket the lands

Time is short, my Beloveds!
To do all that you can do
To create all that you wish to create
For the beauty of Earth!

We send you much love
For the blossoming of your soul
Into the full realization
Of the richness within you

You know not who you truly are
A child of the Heavens come to Earth for a day
In the Eternity of Time

Blessed Ones, hold your soul within your hands
Tend it, and love it as only You can do
Nurture and nourish All that is within you!

Bring your destiny to fruition!
We await the moment
Of your full realization
Of Who You Are!

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