Published in the June 2014 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!


Lady Portia & Saint Germain

Star Hinman, Channel for Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2014


What is happening now on the Earth is absolutely unprecedented as far as its ability to enhance and accelerate human development!  You are in a time of great support in this endeavor, through many astrological alignments such as the April 2014 Grand Cross alignment and other solar and Earth-based energies which signal great changes for the Earth and all humanity.  In the month of April 2014 you have the Grand Cross alignment preceded by a full moon lunar eclipse and followed by a solar eclipse.  These energies are creating circumstances for the Earth which signal the beginning phase of a time which will create unprecedented change deeply within all of you and within the Earth herself.  It is a doorway which is opening within the consciousness of humanity!

It is vitally important for you to realize that things are not as they were previously!  You are operating in a huge energetic “soup” of NEW energies.  There are many frequencies of these new energies being created deep within your planet which are coming to the surface and radiating throughout your bodies.  Also you are receiving much assistance through new levels of solar radiation — solar flares as well as solar light, encoded with the information which is constantly upgrading your genetic programming.

The significance of all of these new energies is that they supply your mind, emotions, and body with the opportunities you need in order to expand your consciousness of what you are able to experience in physical and non-ordinary reality.  In order to access these new levels of your being which are opening for you now, it is vitally important that you learn to use your imagination in a positive way to move beyond all limits which you have previously accepted as your current “reality.”  Your imagination is the key here to open this doorway and allow you to experience this new reality.  It will lead you to experience, deep within yourself, things which you have never recognized and also many levels of yourself which were previously hidden from your view.  But be aware that when you allow your imagination to be controlled by your fears, this creates artificial limits on what you are able to experience.  You no longer need to feel that you are the victim of the circumstances which have been produced by patterns of fear in your thinking, or old, outmoded thoughts and belief systems.  Recognize when you are experiencing these limits!  Free your imagination, and allow it to experiment with creating new thoughts and ideas!

Reality is not what it has been for you!  Humanity is not what it was previously, and neither are you!  All prior limitations are in the process of being dissolved as new abilities are being created within you!  It is up to each of you to recognize this fact and to actively move beyond all prior limitations that you have set up for yourselves.  What would this look like in your lives?  You might realize that you are able to experience new, very high-frequency energies in your bodies which are capable of healing not only yourselves but also many planetary conditions which you are now experiencing – such as pollution of the lands and waters.  Many people are also moving into the awareness that they can send this healing energy through their hands to benefit conditions which other people are experiencing, in addition to healing the Earth herself.

This is just the beginning of a many-year upgrade for humanity, and you will find yourselves being the creators of a new reality on Earth where you no longer feel that you are the victims of outer circumstances which seem beyond your control.  You will find that you now have the ability to shift many conditions on Earth which have been acting as a “drag” on both your consciousness and what you are able to accomplish in the outer world.  We want you to realize this important fact so that you will now begin to access and use these new abilities which will transform your bodies, your experiences, and the Earth.  There are no longer any limits on what you can do – and we want you to know this, be confident in this fact, and move forward in these abilities.  Much of this has to do with accessing the new fifth dimensional levels of the solar fire energies within you, which will be transformative as they move through your bodies — shifting, healing, and, re-aligning many things.

Where is the source of all of this new information and all these new abilities which will be coming to you?  Many of you will find that you are more than you ever thought you could be!  The door is being opened within each of you now so that you will learn to discover and access the many parts of yourselves, the other aspects of who you are, existing now in multidimensional reality – throughout the universe, throughout the cosmos.  All of this information — and the memories which it contains — are within you now, and you need seek no further than your own consciousness to access all that you require in order to create whatever you wish.  All of this is contained within the levels of information encoded deep within you – within the deeper levels of your consciousness.  This will be brought to the surface by your intention to be aware of it, and by these new energies which are now assisting you, as you cooperate with this process by opening your minds and hearts to receive the new awareness and new perspectives of who you are.  The information has always been within you!  And if you have not yet experienced it, know that this is your moment to open the door to a new reality.

This is all up to you now!  It is for you to recognize and use these new energies and abilities as you reach out in consciousness – learning that you can access all the multidimensional parts of who you are and all the information and abilities which they contain.  Indeed, you are more than you ever thought you were or could be!  As your bodies are re-coded by these new energies, you are no longer the people that you were when the Earth was in third dimensional consciousness.  There is much more freedom!  There is much more love!  The goalposts have been moved and the rules of the game have been changed!  Are you paying attention?  Much of humanity is not consciously aware of these changes, and so they will continue operating under the rules of the old system which no longer apply and are no longer controlling the consciousness or experience of humanity.  It’s up to you to explore these new levels of your personal and planetary reality – those of you who have this information and know the new rules of the game.

This will allow you to have a deeper experience of who you are, as these new aspects of yourselves are revealed to you.  You have the memories of all of these things coded deep within yourselves.  This is being brought to the surface now – stimulated by these new frequencies of Earth reality.  Don’t be afraid to explore these memories of other times and other places where aspects of you now exist in multidimensional reality.  This will complete within you the image of who you are and allow you to access this hidden knowledge and the abilities which these aspects contain.  You are going to change!  The question is this:  how fast will you allow this transition to take place?  That is why we are speaking to you on this subject — to bring a new perspective based on the knowledge of everything which is now supporting you in this process.

Fear of the unknown, fear of change, and the reluctance of people to move into new, uncharted waters is what you must overcome now if you are to manifest the dream of humanity which has always been to create “Heaven on Earth,” and, through doing so, to be free of all prior limitations which have only succeeded in distorting your creations so that they included suffering and the seeming lack of whatever you needed in order to live a full and abundant life.  There is nothing stopping you now!  And this is the happy message that we bring to you – to revolutionize your consciousness in the new way of accepting and using ALL of your abilities, especially those that you have forgotten!

The freedom of your imagination to picture a new reality for yourselves, and for the Earth, is the key which will unlock the door leading to the actual creation of this new reality for all of you — so use your imagination to free your mind so that it may create anew!  Freed from the patterns of the past, you will soar into new, uncharted territories of possibilities!   We, as well as many other spiritual teachers, constantly support you in this process from the higher realms, so we hope that you will recognize this fact and open the door to our assistance, because many of you will benefit from this – as it does substantially accelerate your progress.

Blessings to you on your new path of Freedom for the Earth and all her people,

Lady Portia and Saint Germain

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