Published in the July 2014 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

Broadcasting A New Frequency

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger
for Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2014


A Perspective from Star:

“I Have a Dream”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said “I HAVE A DREAM” and his message to us now is:  “I have a dream for Earth and her people – and when YOU can see it, YOU become an active participant in the CREATION of a NEW WAY for humanity!”

Many people are feeling so insignificant that they are overwhelmed by the immensity of the problems that they can see on the Earth now – so that they feel despair, helplessness, and they feel incapable of making a meaningful change.  The Beings of Light are saying, “Our message to you is that CONSCIOUSNESS IS EVERYTHING!  People do not need to travel to foreign lands and try to make changes ‘out in the trenches’ of what is going on.  Now, there will be those who feel called to take this type of action and do these things, and you know who you are!  But the rest of you need to know that you ARE making a huge change – just by the power of your consciousness!”

The Challenging Pace of Change

The rapid pace of events and the constant changes occurring on Earth are affecting all of us in our personal lives by creating the constant challenge of releasing old patterns of thought and behavior and creating new strategies for adapting to these changes.  Lady Portia and Saint Germain brought their message last year that this was going to happen in order to give us the opportunity to break up the old, non-beneficial habits and patterns that we have established within ourselves and our daily routines – and which often become stubborn obstacles to our further growth and evolvement.  Human beings generally resist change, even when it has obviously become necessary – and so this process of self-enforced change has been extremely challenging, distasteful, and sometimes even scary for many people who feel that their lives are “out of control” and that they are being dragged, kicking and screaming, into unwelcome new events and circumstances which will, ultimately, be to their benefit – though they do not see the opportunity for this in the present moment.

What Am I Supposed to Be Doing?

There are also many people who are very frustrated at this point in time because they see the great challenges, but they have not yet discovered what they consider to be “their work” — or their true purpose of what they are “supposed to be doing” during this important incarnation which they are having on Earth.  The truth is that what you do by simply BEING AWARE of the new energies is IMMENSE!  The power of your consciousness IS creating great changes on the Earth through awakening many to the power within them to make a change.  You may not be the ones who travel to foreign lands or work to save the endangered animals and habitats, but by the power of SEEING the new ways of relating to your fellow human beings, to the animals, and to the Earth, you WILL facilitate the changes that are necessary to “start the ball rolling” in the direction of making changes so that all life on Earth is honored, valued, and protected.

Broadcasting A New Frequency in Multidimensional Reality

Lightworkers, be aware!  When you walk down the street, are in the stores where you shop, or when you are with your friends, you are making a change because the Light-encoded energies which you are embodying are instantly transmitting their information and frequencies to everyone in your presence, and this is recorded and becomes operational within their energy field, much to their benefit.

As you know, every higher thought that we think, every mental image of Divine perfection that we hold, is instantly broadcasting this new frequency to everyone on Earth by becoming a part of the mass human consciousness which operates in the quantum state of multidimensional reality – so know that by firmly holding your focus on the fifth dimensional frequencies of abundance, love, peace, joy, and perfect health, you ARE doing the work that you came here to do!  This is important work, and you are making a change!  You are making a difference NOW on planet Earth by broadcasting the NEW FREQUENCIES supporting freedom and change to ALL whom you encounter and everyone on Earth!

A Perspective from the Beings of Light:

The Facilitators of Change

You are the ones who are going to make the great changes on Earth – but perhaps not by going across the seas to foreign lands and making great sacrifices, engaging in specific activities, or living in less than adequate conditions.  For many of you, it would not be to your benefit to do these types of activities for various reasons – but what we wish all of you to know is that you all have a purpose in the HIGHER PLAN of awakening humanity to the great challenge and opportunity at hand now — which is to realize and conceptualize a new way of living on Earth.  The simple realization that there IS a new day dawning on Earth is all that is necessary in order to begin to bring this to fruition where these changes will become made manifest in your reality – and this will not take long, because once things are conceptualized in the human mind these changes are brought forth into the mass consciousness of humanity where they may be viewed and seen by many souls who are now awakening on the Earth.

For this reason we want all of you to realize how important it is for you to hold the higher vision of what you want to create on Earth, and to hold steadfast in what you know can be created on Earth, instead of being disappointed and disillusioned by thinking that “things are just the same as they have always been.”  Yes, much of what you are seeing now in outer events and circumstances on Earth is “the old way,” but it does not need to continue if you all realize the immense power and ability that is within you, that you have now in the present moment to make these huge leaps in human consciousness, huge changes that are going to then change the outer circumstances for Earth and humanity!

Many people are very disillusioned now that the “Shift of the Ages” has occurred and yet things appear to be “exactly the same,” or even worse, on planet Earth.  Nothing could be further from the truth, because “the Shift” has occurred not “without” – in outer physical circumstances, but within human consciousness.  It is up to all of you now to see these things manifested by holding the vision, holding the image of what you know CAN be created on Earth, and what IS coming for the Earth.  We know that many of you are tired and you feel “beaten up” by many of the circumstances that you see happening on the Earth and many of the things that are happening in your personal lives.  Know that this is a temporary thing.  Yes, it will continue for a time, but this is a great transition area in human consciousness where you are moving from the old way to what is coming for humanity, and therefore you must hold the vision of what you know is coming and what you know you are consciously creating now on the Earth.

This is a huge commitment that we are asking of all of you, who are the Lightworkers on Earth now:  to hold the image of the new and the beautiful even as the old images of war and devastation are being seen on the screen of the outer world on your Earth.  We, who exist in the higher realms, are actively working with you to shift these things as quickly as is possible, but as you know these things do take time to manifest on Earth because you do exist in the density of third and fourth dimensional reality now.  That is why it is so important that your consciousness transitions into the fifth dimensional realms of peace and perfection even as these outer circumstances are still in third and fourth dimensional reality, and you are being confronted by these things daily.

We See Many of You Wondering What Is Going on

This outer world turmoil does take a toll on many people’s emotional reality and mental beliefs.  We see many of you faltering and wondering “what is going on?”  This is caused by the sheer pain of what you are having to confront daily, and that is why we are speaking to you about this now – to let you know, and to confirm to your minds, that you ARE in a huge period of change for the Earth which will continue for some time, but even this will not be without end.  You WILL reach the time when you begin to see the manifestation of much more of the new — but this is happening slowly.  It is being implemented as it can be — for sometimes things do take time to change on planet Earth.  And this is what you need to realize:  that the changes are happening as fast as possible — but this is happening within the realms of time and material manifestation on your Earth and in your personal realities.  So have patience, dearest ones, and have the courage of your faith to hold to the truth of what you know is coming and what you can see as possibilities:   the images that you all perceive for the new Earth which are existing in the higher dimensions or realities.  This IS going to manifest on Earth — and much of this within your lifetimes — and be assured of this!  You will all see great changes during the coming years and this is what we want to assure each of you is coming for humanity.  Things will not continue to be as difficult as they are right now during this extreme transition period from the old to the new realities.

You are all contributing far more than you know by holding the vision of the higher reality of peace and freedom — because this is the blueprint, this is the foundation on which the material outpicturing of all of this will be formed and will manifest.  As you know, the mind is the builder for Earth.    What the mind can conceive, the hands can build — especially when this is fired by the emotional strength which you all bring to this project.  It is this combination of what the mind can see and what the emotions desire that brings your images into physical reality.  So keep your emotional fire of creativity strong for these projects which you can each conceive and understand within your mental realms.  Continue to hold and focus upon these images, even when they are so different from many of the conditions of pain and suffering which you see outpictured in Earthly reality now.  This is the OLD way which is now being dissolved and dismantled for Earth and her inhabitants.  You are the forerunners of the NEW – and you know this, you just need a little encouragement now to keep going and hold your faith and knowledge intact — and to continue on the path of creativity which you know about and which you came here to manifest.

The Winds of Change Are Blowing

Even as the wind and water elements are making great changes across the face of your country and  your planet, know that this will continue for a time, as it is making changes and clearing away many of the old energies and thought forms which have long controlled human consciousness – making way for the new and all that you will be creating and all that is coming for humanity and the Earth.  The old dies hard – and, as it is being swept away, sometimes there is the turbulence, the pain and human suffering upon the Earth – and this is what you are seeing now with the great winds, tornadoes, and much water in the form of rains and flooding.  This, too, has its purpose in the grander scheme of things as the old is being destroyed in preparation for the birth of the new.  Do not approach these things with fear if you can help it because fear does not further the grand plan for Earth.  We are recommending to humanity that in these times of such great change through turbulence you use the energies of spiritual sight to see the higher purpose in all things and hold your spiritual center of hope, faith, and trust – that, in the higher view, all is unfolding ultimately in preparation for the manifestation of higher good for humanity.

Many people will approach these things with fear, especially those whose homes and property have been destroyed – however, this is but one level of the total picture of what is now occurring for Earth.  So do not allow your consciousness to be trapped in fear as a reaction to all of this that you now see occurring, but holdfast to the higher knowledge of the grander purpose at work behind all of these events which ultimately will lead to circumstances which are more beneficial for your experience of peace and growth.

You Are the Change-Makers for Earth

You ARE making huge changes in the inner worlds of Earth by all that you are doing and we want to speak to each of you to give you personal encouragement to hold your faith and your hope intact within your hearts and to know without a shadow of a doubt that you ARE the “change-makers for Earth.”  You are making the changes now which lay the foundation for all the beautiful new realities which you desire, and which are coming for the Earth.  It is very important that people receive this message now in order to strengthen each one of you so that you may continue through the difficult times which are yet to come and be able to face the challenges which you will all meet in your lives as the old is disintegrating and the new is just over the horizon.

You all know this!  We are not telling you anything that you do not know – but we know you need to hear this, in the human parts of who you are!  You need to feel our presence and to know that we stand with you from the higher dimensions — to strengthen you, to love you, to give you the energy and faith to keep going when, for some of you, it seems overwhelming and you wonder if “all is lost” — because of the outer circumstances which you see appearing on the Earth such as wars, floods, tornadoes, and other acts of devastation which have occurred for many people.

Don’t let this shake your faith in the higher view that you know is coming for Earth.  You, the Lightworkers, are the change makers for Earth and humanity — you are the ones holding the vision and we cannot tell you how important this is for humanity’s progress!  You are the ones creating the new simply by seeing it, feeling it, knowing that it is coming –for what you see, feel, and know is instantly transmitted through the mass human consciousness to all others on your planet – and do not doubt this!  Every thought you think, every feeling that you have, is imprinted in the spiritual realms and becomes available for all others to “read” in their consciousness.

You are affecting all life on Earth even if you do not leave your home, just by being AWARE – just by broadcasting the frequencies of the new Earth, the new way of life on Earth.  We cannot tell you how important this is and how important is the work that each one of you is doing at this crucial time on Earth for creating the new instead of being influenced by the old which is quickly fading away.  Even as you hold the images of the new you are the divine change makers on Earth –and we in the higher realms constantly support you in your mission.  Individually each of you have this divine assistance now coming forth from the higher realms if you will accept it and believe that it is true.

This is our message, in love, to each one of you who has worked so hard up to the present point to manifest all the changes that you have heretofore inspired upon the Earth — and your work is not done!  It is only just beginning and moving into new levels of what is possible for each one of you and for all of humanity as a whole — for you are each valued members of the group of human beings which is existing now on the Earth and being charged with the responsibility of bringing forth the new.

We are your partners in this project – be conscious of us and of the magnitude of what you do!

Blessings to each one of you,

Lady Portia and the Ascended Masters

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