And Your Manifestation into Physical Reality

Published in the September 2014 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger
for Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2014


From Star:
Many people are experiencing much confusion at this point in time about “who they are” and how they have come to be here. They are searching for a new identity – because the old ideas just aren’t working anymore! These “ideas of who we are” have become too small and constricting to hold the new versions of ourselves which are being born daily – born into life by the extremely high frequencies of energy being released within the planet by internal events and also onto this planet through many solar and celestial events such as X-class solar flares which broadcast to Earth the divine energies and wisdom from the sun of our solar system – our “local star” — as well as many beneficial astrological alignments, and other sources of Divine Light within the cosmic realms which are now bathing the Earth with their radiance.

From the Beings of Light:


Within the Secret Place of the Most High, within the Heart of the Divine Creator of All – exists, beyond human comprehension, the sacred moment during which your I AM presence is breathed forth from the Heart of Creation – from the Divine source of the All-That-Is.

You are a part of this divine creation – a sacred part of the divine essence permeating all reality – and, as such, you are totally unique – unlike any other. Cherish and celebrate who you are! A child of the universe, come to Earth for a day in the eternity of time to dance your “dance of life” while you experience the oneness of all creation. There is no other like you, with your divine gifts – given by the divine source. Learn to cherish yourself, and to nurture and love who you are – for there is no other like you throughout the vastness of all that exists.

Trust the wisdom of the divinity which has placed within your being the gifts which you embody. These are your earthly treasures – yours to explore and learn to use – for the benefit and enrichment of ALL life! No one else can do the things that you can do upon the Earth – with the inspiration which you bring from the highest realms of spiritual truth. Embody your truth while on Earth, and do not seek to be “like another” during your earthly sojourn – lest you miss this divinely-given opportunity to incarnate as a distinct individual – unique in all creation!

The Creator of All is your inspiration and your guide, throughout all eternity – not only in this earthly life. Your soul never ends – though it does take many forms for the expression of your inner divine presence. Seek to become ONE with this SOURCE — your divine Creator presence within – in order to learn who you are, and so to uncover the mysteries of your soul — which lie, now, waiting to be explored – within you!

No human being can tell you who you are – or what you have come to Earth to learn, to explore, and to create! It is for you – in the sacred mission of this moment – to turn within — and there to connect with the divine wisdom of your heart in order to learn WHO and WHAT you truly are! The Path to inward knowledge is open before you NOW – so that you may learn to read the sacred texts of wisdom within you — and thus to unlock the magic which you seek.

A wanderer on the Earth is who you are now – seeking for knowledge – but the knowledge that you seek, which will deliver you from the frustration of this process, is written in the sacred texts encoded deep within the Light filaments which you hold – within the core of every particle of life within you! Learn to read these sacred texts within yourself and look to no other for this knowledge!


Seek and you shall find the Divine Truth for which you hunger and thirst – for there is no other in all creation who is able to read the sacred texts within YOU! You alone have the KEY to unlock the Doorway to the Knowledge which lies within you – within the Secret Place of the Most High – within your heart! It is written within the most intimate places inside you, within your soul’s knowledge of who you are!


From Star:


This process of the origin of the soul is, in its entirety, surely beyond the comprehension of the human parts of who we are – but it is, nevertheless, a vital fact for us to know and hold in our awareness the knowledge of our source — the origin of our being. We ARE Divine – we are created as divine beings by the source and intelligence which has created all that is in existence. It is imperative that we have this knowledge NOW in order that we may claim the birthright of our divine heritage which is Dominion over all material conditions in order to manifest from the highest levels of this Divine Truth within us.

The Threefold Flame within the heart center of humanity holds the key to our knowledge of who we are – within the radiance of the blue flame of Divine Will, the gold flame of Divine Wisdom, and the pink flame of Divine Love. As we unlock the mysteries contained within these sacred flames, we have the opportunity to learn of the mysteries of the creation of Heaven and Earth.

Our individual Divine Blueprint is also encoded there, and within each filament of Light within us – an indelible gift of life from the Divine Source of all that has ever been created. Through meditation on this sacred center within us – the heart chakra – we may journey through time and space to the very Heart of Creation, and there learn of our divine birthright – given to each soul at the moment we were breathed forth from the heart of the All-That-Is. This is the place where we may learn of our divine source, our divine identity, and our divine purpose in this lifetime.

Through our prayerful intention, we may enter the stillness of the sacred space and align with the higher spiritual realms where our guides, teachers, and many Beings of Light in the Ascended Realms wait to assist humanity with much love, wisdom, and understanding of “the human conditions” which we may be experiencing.

Entering the stillness of the Secret Place of the Most High, we receive the unfoldment of the Promise of Heaven – that all seekers who enter here with “purity of intention” will be met with assistance, information, and guidance regarding the many questions we may have arising from our earthly challenges and endeavors.


Many teachers have brought forth much wisdom which we may use to “prepare the ground” for our spiritual quest – because it is a vital part of this process that we take the necessary care of all aspects of ourselves, including our physical, etheric or spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies. This information has been given through many “open doors of knowledge” such as Edgar Cayce, whose information is held in sacred trust and disseminated by the Association for Research and Enlightenment. Fortunately, in the present day, there are many others who bring forth knowledge from their own human experiences and, often, information from the higher realms of Truth as well. This teaching, learning, and sharing of information and perspectives is a vitally necessary part of the process of our education and enlightenment, leading to greater development for all of us who are living upon the Earth now!

There is so much new information being presented at this point in time that a focused attention is required of us in order to keep up with this flow of valuable information – in order to find the time in our busy schedules to study and integrate the new ways of doing things and living on the Earth. We all benefit from connecting with these important sources of the necessary information which is required in order for us to make the transition into higher versions of ourselves – capable of holding the fifth dimensional frequencies of coded Light and energy which will transform, not only ourselves, but the entire world as we know it, into the New Earth being created now on the patterns of perfection of love, peace, abundance, and perfect health — which are so radiantly present within fifth dimensional reality. This is the birthright of humankind: to know this Truth and use it to lay the foundation for the creation of the New Earth.


Recently, on a radiantly beautiful Sunday morning, I was awakened out of a sound sleep by ethereal music coming from my sound system. Apparently, there had been a power outage which had somehow activated the equipment, and it began to play the first track on the Sarah Brightman “Dreamchaser” CD, entitled “Angel.” As I opened my eyes, feeling really “between the worlds,” having just been asleep and now seeing the beautiful sunlight streaming in the windows and hearing this angelic music, the Beings of Light gave the message, “Welcome to the New World! Prepare for everything to change!”

We have to take them at their word – everything is changing, including everything within us. This may feel very strange while this process continues! We may not recognize “who we are” immediately, as new versions of ourselves are born within us. This can be extremely disconcerting for people, because human beings are well-known “resisters of change.” We do not like it! We do resist it! And this is causing much distress in many people now. Often we do not recognize the divinely-originated process which is occurring within us, and we are frightened! Then, without thinking, we may resist it.

We fight this potentially beneficial process – trying to maintain the familiar “status quo” that we have known — because it feels safe. We must move beyond this point! We must dare to move beyond everything we have ever known if we are to know who we truly ARE – and to have the full experience of the excitement of finally expressing what we really feel to be true about ourselves!

At this point in time, the Beings of Light have said that, in the beginning phases of the great changes coming upon Earth which have been stimulated by The Shift of the Ages and our access to the fifth dimensional frequencies of the heaven realms, the changes that we are looking for and expecting are occurring first, not in the outer world, but within us! We are the Divine Change-Makers for Earth! And when we have realized who we are, updated our programs, and begun to outpicture from the Truth of who we are — then we will make the changes in the outer world, which will be based on the higher energies of the fifth dimension.


“Maybe I really don’t know who I am!” Sometimes, taking this stance can be tremendously freeing – accepting the idea that maybe we really don’t know and experience our true identity – the one who exists behind “who we have believed we are.” We all have many old programs and beliefs which exist within us – and they often contain much invalid information about our identity and abilities. Many times, these things have originated from our childhood and adolescent experiences — when many perhaps well-meaning people gave us their version of who they believed we were.

It is wisdom to consider the source of all information that we have received about ourselves and considered to be “truth.” Did this come from a person, with their own ideas and personal issues, or did the information come from deep within us – the place where we know and experience our own truth – the heart center? Consider the source!

We can experience intense frustration when we feel trapped within these old ideas, habits, and patterns of thinking and behavior. Rather than fighting with these old programs and TRYING so hard to change them, perhaps the quick and easy path through this quagmire could be to simply take the stance that we are holding much invalid information about ourselves, and to simply start afresh by taking the stance that, “Yes, these things happened, and I have believed this about myself for a very long time — but that doesn’t make it true! Now I choose to question the validity of this, and I want to find out who I am by having direct experience of myself and what I am capable of doing. So I now take the stance that maybe I really don’t know who I am!”

This whole process is like a breath of fresh air to the spirit! It gives us some breathing room to stop fighting to change the things we don’t like or understand about ourselves – a process which often involves obsessing about it, endlessly analyzing ourselves in an attempt to figure a way out of the morass, trying to determine where it has come from, and deciding whether or not it is actually “true” about us.


Often personal growth can be a confusing process — especially for many of the highly sensitive, spiritually-oriented people who are now on the Earth! As we work with our Guides and Spiritual Teachers, sometimes we receive information and energy directly from them as part of an education process which they are initiating with us, for our benefit. And sometimes this can be extremely confusing for people who have not yet had much experience with this type of thing, because we can feel that we have “become another person” or identity as a result of receiving energies and information which are meant to expand our sense of self. Some of the energies which these Beings of Light are capable of generating and projecting towards and onto us can be very strong, and, although they are never designed to be overwhelming, sometimes this may be the temporary effect which is experienced by some extremely sensitive people.

Personally, I have known people who have become confused about their own identity as a result of working with the very high-frequency energies of the Ascended Masters and other heavenly beings. According to the Beings of Light, it is important for seekers on the path to retain at all times their sovereignty and sense of self and personal identity, no matter what Ascended Being they may be working with during their process of learning. We must never relinquish our sovereignty in our personal space or our sense of our core identity to any person or spiritual being — no matter how high the spiritual status of the Light Being who is instructing us! And no true spiritual master will ever ask you to do this.

As we journey further on the path of spiritual experience and knowledge, it is very important for all of us to be aware of these basic tenets of spiritual work, in order to avoid unnecessary mishaps and wasted time and effort. At this point, with the swift evolution and ascension of ourselves and our planet which is now occurring, none of us have any time to waste!

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