Published in the November 2014 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger
Copyright 2014

Dearest Ones,

In this crucial moment upon Earth — when there is so much taking place in the outer world to distract you from your true purpose – we bring you this message:


It has never been more crucial for you to hold your focus on Love and Light – for truly that is what you have come here to do! When the scenes of violence are appearing on the “screen of outer events” and the loud voices of war arise to compete for your attention, it is so important that you refuse to be distracted by the noise and loud clamoring in the outer world – and DO what you have been prepared to do – to hold steadfast in the Light and to focus the powerful love in your hearts to all humanity – so that they may know that their moment of transcendence is at hand!

It is so important that you do not feel helpless before the violence which is being unleashed in your world – for you see this everywhere now – the violence that is erupting from the deepest sub-strata of human consciousness. Why? For clearing, for healing of all that has been stored away for millennia, since the very Dawn of Time upon the Earth!

Now you are destined to be the ones on Earth to FACE ALL OF THIS — for HEALING – to be the Ones who stand tall, and without fear, and declare for the Light, that Love will be the ruling power in your town, in your country, and on Earth! For eons, the negativity has been allowed to accumulate on Earth due to the conscious and unconscious use of human creativity to transform the precious energy of Life into the thought forms of disease, pestilence, malice, and hatred for your fellow man. But now – ALL OF THIS MUST CHANGE — and is changing, in order to create the higher thought forms of Peace, Love, and Abundance, as well as the Dignity of the human spirit as it incarnates on Earth! It is a very important picture that we are looking at, for it involves your participation in all of this, to BE the agents of change on Earth.


YOU are the ones who must step forward with the Courage necessary to break the bonds of the old ways, to break the grip of negativity and hatred on human consciousness. We know that many of you have recognized the need to play this role on Earth now. You know your moment is here and your purpose is being made clear to you. You have waited lifetimes for this moment — for this challenge to appear! And now we ask you to step forward from behind the veil – to allow yourselves to be SEEN for who and what you are – the “WARRIORS OF LOVE” – and to do the work that you came here to do — to hold the frequencies of unconditional love for your brothers and sisters who struggle with the dark energies of war and violence – so that they may complete the process of their learning on these topics and be lifted into the higher energies of Peace and Love.


It is up to you! Your time is NOW to accomplish your purpose on Earth – to BE the “legendary humans” who, in the face of all fear, war, and violence, continue to hold and broadcast the frequencies of love to all humanity – that they may be reminded of the Divinity that is within them. Do not be distracted! Learn to hold steadfast to purpose! Hold the vision of the Earth in her Lightbody of Love – sending love to all the universe – for this is where the Earth is going, into the higher frequencies of the new Golden Age of Peace for Earth.

It has never been more crucial for you to hold the vision of the “Risen Earth” – resplendent in her Light – and radiating love to all her life forms – for indeed, you are legendary throughout the universe as the ones who came to “the Dark Star” as Earth has been called – and, in the face of all obstacles, learned to produce and hold the frequencies of unconditional love for all life on Earth, until she reached her ascension into the fifth dimensional energies of perfection in the New Golden Age of Peace on Earth. You are the ones who are spoken of, in future time, throughout the universe as the “Legendary Humans” who accomplished this seemingly impossible feat of transforming “the Dark Star” into a radiant “Star of Light!”

It is a very big job – we will not lie to you about that! But that is why EXACTLY, each one of you has been chosen to fulfill your pre-ordained Divine Mission on this Earth! And we call forth each of you now – by your Divine Name, encoded deep within your sacred Being, which only you know – to step forward in Sacred Service to the Light and to BE the clear, illumined channel of Divine Love which is so needed on Earth at THIS MOMENT to turn the tide of hatred and violence into what shall be the anchoring of the Divine Golden Age of Peace, Prosperity, and Love for your fellow man – on Earth NOW!

You are the Divine “Warriors of Love!” Come forth into the full, conscious realization of this Truth!

Our Blessings go with each of you as you NOW accomplish your Purpose on Earth!

Go forward, fully conscious, and fearless — in Strength, in Peace, and in Love!

Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters

*         *         *         *         *         *         *

Star’s Note:

The Beings of Light are giving us the perspective that, in order to fully express the qualities of Divine Love, we must include, also, our strength and power. Love is not some “namby-pamby” thing, where we just accept whatever abuse is thrown our way! As Beings of Light ourselves, incarnate in human form, respect is a prerequisite! Respect for ourselves, as well as respect for others. Where respect does not exist, neither may love exist, because they are inseparable — and it is up to us to manifest fully our power and strength in order to bring forth the full spectrum of our energies within the realms of love, wisdom, and power – because the three are required for balance, and where one of these three is not expressed, the other two are out of balance.

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