Published in the January 2015 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
By Chief Geronimo
With a Message from The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2014

To those of you on the Earth now, I bring this message:

The Earth is calling to each of you now, to align with her wisdom and energies, to prepare you for the changes that are coming for your planet! She knows the way through these tumultuous times when you may feel lost, confused, or alone in the midst of the confusion, strife, and violence that is even now erupting on your planet. Yes, it is stressing many of you because you think it is not supposed to be this way! “After all,” you are saying, “Didn’t we cross the marker of the Shift of the Ages, and everything was supposed to be different after that point in time?!”

You didn’t expect it to “get worse,” and this is the way outer events appear now to many of you – and it is frightening and unexpected – and this has thrown many of you off your center and interrupted (however temporary this is) your ability to communicate with the higher realms of spiritual truth, where you could learn exactly what is happening on Earth, and have your fears assuaged. However, this is not possible for many of you, and that is why we are choosing to bring this message – to steer you in a beneficial direction in the interim, until you fully re-align with the higher realms once again.

And this is what we would recommend to you, when you feel that the confusion in the world is just too much to bear, or that it is affecting you more than you would like: simply empty your mind of all these thoughts of world events, and your worries about what your response to all of this should be, and simply go out into some quiet place in nature, under a tree, or walk through the plants and look at the stones and mineral kingdom on the ground all around. Listen to them talking to you, because they always do! But you often forget to listen to their messages and to their great wisdom!

They have been on the Earth far longer than you, and they have learned many things and recorded great Earth wisdom which will be your savior in the midst of the discordant energies which are coming upon your Earth at the present time. It is not our intention at this time to give the reasons and causes of why all this is occurring at this particular time – but there are surprising reasons for this which will be revealed to your minds at a later time, when you have had time to digest all of this and come to a higher view, a higher wisdom, and see the perfect plan which is now in the process of unfolding on Earth. But the time for this is not now, my children, so be patient, and bide your time by doing what IS beneficial to you now – and that would be to feed your bodies and your spirits with the energies of the Earth and the natural world which graces her surface in the areas where you live.

Many of you live in cities, so you are saying “where can I find this natural world? My whole world seems to be concrete and buildings, and it is challenging to even find a blade of grass, let alone a field where I can walk and commune with nature!” What I would say to you is to use what you have! The sky is always available to all of you, and the energies that are constantly coming from the sun, moon, and stars are very strong at this point in time, and can be of great assistance to you, if you will only go out of your buildings as much as you can during the day and at night. Drink in these beneficial energies, especially of the night time when the stars can be seen in the sky. It will remind you of many other times and places, the starlight coming into your eyes, passing through the optic nerve, and passing into the brain centers. So try it! And you will see the difference that it makes in the way you feel about your lives and everything that is going on around you! It will give you a new perspective on life, without even trying — or going on a program of study to enhance your awareness. It is natural! It is already a part of the “hardwiring” in your system. It just needs the proper input to be activated and become a conscious part of your system. It needs to be brought forward, and invited to become an integrated part of who you are.

There are many parts of nature that are waiting to talk to you! Mankind is gradually opening to receive these messages, as the plants talk and you listen! They have many things to tell you about how you can be in harmony with the natural world! They have amazing wisdom and knowledge about many things not limited to the natural world. They are master alchemists, many of them, with the ability to shift the energies of disease or imbalance in your bodies, if you will spend time with them. You do not need to pick them, or to eat them. They can affect you simply by being in your presence, when you are quiet and listening to them, and receptive to their energies. So take the time to do this, and you will be surprised to see what happens! Your stress levels will decrease, your bodies will come into new alignment and greater states of health and wellness – because you have trusted the natural wisdom for healing that exists both within you and within the natural world which surrounds you!

You do not have to wait for the perfect moment or circumstances to try this! Just go out and do it today, and you will be surprised what happens, because once you open the door to this new level of wisdom, energy, and experience, it will grow exponentially within you, and new understandings will begin to pour into your consciousness, and you will begin to understand many new things both about yourselves and the natural world which you did not know before. It is, for many people, akin to opening “The Book of Knowledge,” a seemingly hidden area of knowledge which is not really hidden at all. It is “hidden in plain sight!” It is right there in front of you, but many people just rush right by it, on their way to “more important things” in their daily lives, or so they think! When you align with nature, this will bring your entire world into a new and clearer focus, and it will begin to have a coherent form, and new levels of understanding will be revealed to your conscious minds! This will, indeed, be a new experience of the world for many of you, who have been locked in the prisons of your minds, in “how you think the world operates,” when this is not at all what is really happening.

Many people are teaching this new type of awareness now, even if they do not fully realize the knowledge that is hidden within their words, and some of these people have the Native American bloodline. But this knowledge and type of awareness is not limited to just one race or one type of people! It is for everyone now, and it is being shared by everyone who is open to receiving it. Those who look for this new knowledge will find it everywhere, because it is now breaking through into the consciousness of humanity, ALL humanity! You can find it — and it can change your life! All you have to do is to take a few minutes a day to bring the natural world into your lives in some small way, and the magic will gradually take root within you and begin to grow, evolve, and then it will begin to transform your lives.

When you hear the flowers speak, the magic will begin!

My Blessings to Each of You,

I am Geronimo, Chief of My People, and I bring this message to those who have ears to hear it

A View into Future Time
By The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Nature has much to offer you – and often this is not recognized by humanity at the present time. In your future time this will be much more recognized and utilized for the healing and rebalancing of many types of human ailments. The archaic practice of locking away what are referred to as “mentally ill” people in rooms within hospitals and clinics – separated from the natural world – will be recognized as not being a beneficial practice for those whom you wish to help, and these “future time healing centers” will then be located in much more natural settings where people will be encouraged to connect with the world of nature and the many benefits which may be found there. Often what you term “mental illness” has many causes which can be more successfully treated by including this reconnection with animals and nature.

Animals can facilitate much healing within humanity! This concept of the innate healing abilities of your domestic animals is becoming recognized and utilized now – on a relatively small scale. But this will be understood at greater depth and utilized to its full potential as the consciousness of humanity begins to fully recognize that you are, in truth, and indivisible part of nature. Your very essence is of nature! And, in order to be healthy and whole, humanity will gradually recognize this truth and learn to utilize this information – as well as the great innate potentials for healing and restoration of the human spirit, mind, body, and emotions which lie within the natural world.

Nature holds the keys for the full evolution of humanity into all that you can be, and this will be experienced as you reclaim the ascended parts of your being and fully integrate them into who you are today. This will be a huge revelation for humanity, to fully realize that you ARE nature – incarnate in human form – and that your very genetics link you to the world of nature in ways that you do not yet fully understand or utilize. This is currently the growth process which is active in human consciousness – to realize that it is not an “us and them” scenario of “man versus nature” where this often becomes a power struggle of human beings trying to “harness Mother Nature” in order to control the natural world – and often with the motivations of fear and greed at work here.

Humanity is being encouraged at the present time to realize that the true picture is that you are ONE with nature – indivisible and complete – and when this process is complete within you, there will be the full merging of human consciousness with the natural world in such a way that you will no longer be working at cross purposes with nature, and harmony will be restored.


*         *         *         *         *         *         *

Channel’s Note:

There are many ways we can experience the energies of the natural world, which are easy and do not require great outlays of money for purchases, classes, or travel to exotic locations – although this can be lots of fun for those who wish to travel!

Many people are learning the art of “grounding” or consciously connecting our body energies to the energies of the Earth, in order to receive her energies and the wisdom she contains. When we place our bare feet on the Earth, we receive the energies which allow our bodies to re-set to the natural heartbeat of the Earth, and this re-sets the natural rhythm of energy pulses within our bodies. We are meant to be in contact with the Earth in this way!

Also, there is much benefit to be obtained by working with crystals for healing and wearing gemstones set in jewelry on the body. This enhances the body energies and can do much to help us stabilize our body energies and auric field. We are all being stressed to the maximum amount at the present time by all that is occurring on Earth, and so it benefits us to avail ourselves of all these methods of bringing in more beneficial energy and stabilizing our energy fields. All of these things assist us in acknowledging, validating, and working with the body’s natural wisdom for health, healing, and enlightenment.

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