Unity Consciousness & The Return of Heaven to Earth
Published in the April 2015 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

By Lady Portia and Saint Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2015


Dearest Ones, we wish to bring you this message at this precise time on Earth to remind you that the Light IS returning to your planet – which has struggled so long in darkness!

You have succeeded VICTORIOUSLY in anchoring the tremendous Light which will ultimately be victorious over all darkness! There is no power on Earth which can stop this process now – or prevent the full anchoring of the energies which are even now restoring the full connection of the Heaven Realm energies to Earth!

Your VICTORY is assured, dearest ones, and this is the happy message that we bring to you now – because we know that many of you do need encouragement at this crucial point in time, following the violent events which you have all witnessed occurring in Paris, France, where people were killed or injured in the name of religion.

Religious Freedom and Unity Consciousness

It is important for you to know at the present time that there are many on Earth who are attempting to exploit what has traditionally been a point of great weakness in the unity consciousness and fabric of oneness among all humanity. And that, of course, is the idea that there should be conflicts among those who hold differing religious faiths. This difficulty is not caused by faith, but by dogma, when people are convinced that there is only “one path to God” – and that all who do not follow their beliefs are either “heathen” or “less than” themselves, not having full stature as children of the Divine Consciousness. These beliefs are, of course, not founded in Truth – and are erroneous at their very base.

At present, the consciousness of humanity is vulnerable to being manipulated by those who would divide according to religious ideologies and belief systems. There is obviously not “one path to God” – as you all know. However, there are at present many upon the Earth who are quite vulnerable to having their minds and emotions manipulated by perceiving a threat against either their religious beliefs or themselves because of the religion to which they have given their devotion.

Those of us in the Ascended Realms would like to strongly bring this message of religious tolerance, freedom, and forbearance at the present time in order to heighten your sense of unity consciousness on Earth and eliminate the possibility of these ideological differences being used against you in order to further fragment your sense of oneness and your ability to trust your fellow human beings.

Never in the history of Earth has this been more important than at the present moment – because all further progress relies on your ability as people to see “your brother as yourself” and also, as the Master Jesus has said, to “Do unto others as you would have it done unto you.” You have it in your hearts to look beyond the lies and inflammatory actions, and the beliefs of a few – on which their violent tendencies are based – and thus not to allow these actions and the violence they contain to contaminate your minds and emotions through the reactions of fear and anger – which these occurrences in Paris were designed to do.

It has been said that “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” – and this is precisely what we would urge at the present time. What is called for is forbearance and the ability to judge for yourselves the motives of those who would rend the fabric of unity in the human consciousness by these barbaric acts of violence which have no place in human society. You will be the judges of these individuals who have fallen in consciousness to the levels of committing these acts of atrocity against humanity – but we would quote the Master once again, for his great wisdom in saying “Let he who is without sin (error in consciousness) cast the first stone” or be tempted to retaliate against violence with more violent acts which would only further rend and tear the precious unity which, by Divine Right, is yours to experience – yet while you still are in existence upon this blessed planet, the Earth.

The Return of Heaven to Earth

Of course, these religious ideologies have always been a point of contention on your planet – and you know that in your history many people have been killed under the auspices of claims of authority or the veracity of various religious causes. This is precisely why those who do not wish you to use the tremendous power and effectiveness which you possess – when you know you are the Lightworkers on Earth – have orchestrated and created these recent events.

They would prefer to divert your attention and have you focus this power on violence, tragedy, and death rather than to see you learn of the immense creative abilities you possess – to transform Earth to her higher state of once again being a planet which is fully connected with the Heaven Realm energies which are even now enveloping and transforming your planet.

In ages past, the Heaven Realms were not separate from Earth! She was a planet where the sentient beings incarnating there had full consciousness of the Heaven Realms and truly walked with the Angels, Divine Masters, Cosmic Beings, and Devas of the nature kingdoms – both seeing and speaking with them! This higher consciousness is NOW returning to Earth, and the former separation of Heaven and Earth is being dissolved as these energies are able to merge.

Do you feel it! Many of you are aware of the shift and are raising your consciousness into the realms of heavenly energies to once again have conscious communication with those who exist in these higher realms of perfection. Due to what was known as “The Fall of Man” there was a disconnection between the energies of Heaven and Earth, and this has existed for a very long time. Happily, this split is even now being healed so that humanity is now on the verge of once again living in “paradise” as you remember it — in the image you carry in the mass consciousness of the “Garden of Eden.”

It is important for you to know that this was a real place! It is the image of life on Earth before The “Fall of Man” — when you had full consciousness and all the abilities of the Masters and were yourselves Ascended Beings – so that you could, by the power of concentrated thought and intention, see your creations instantly be made manifest before you by what is known as “precipitation” – where, through the connection of the human consciousness to the levels of their own Divinity, they were able to draw forth the primal life substance and to see this take actual form on Earth. Thus, human beings acted as Conscious Co-Creators with the Divine.

This is the state to which you are now returning – where death, as you know it, will no longer exist! And there will no longer be the conditions of pain or illness existing in the human form – because the lower concepts of pain and suffering will have been released from human consciousness and replaced by what is Truth about who you ARE – when you know and claim your Divine heritage and identity! You will know, out-picture, and experience the Divine perfection of eternal youth, perfect health, and the beauty of perfection in human form.

The Transformation of Life on the Planet

This is what is coming for Earth! And we tell you this now in order to encourage you to redirect your consciousness to focus on these higher realities which are your birthright – and which you are so close to fully manifesting once again on Earth. As we have said, the foundation for this momentous event of Heaven fully returning and anchoring within the energetic frequencies of Earth has already been completed in the Divine Realms of Causation. And, because of this, nothing can now prevent the full merging and materialization of the Heaven Realms on your blessed planet, the Earth.

You ARE Victorious, because of this fact! All that remains is to see the full out-picturing and creation of physical forms on Earth based and anchored on the Divine Blueprint of these higher energies. Do you realize what this means? Within a few hundred years, life on Earth will be transformed – and people will once again be able to tangibly experience existence within the full embrace of what you have thought of as some separate place – Heaven!

It is the return and full anchoring of the Heaven Realms to Earth that you are consciously participating in now, dearest ones! We know that many of you have labored long and diligently to see these conditions arrive – and so we bring you this message to confirm to you now that you are about to see and experience the fruits of your labors — yet while you are on the Earth, as many of you return in these future generations when there will be dramatic and successive changes in civilization on Earth which will continue the out-picturing of material form on the Divine Blueprint of Perfection for Earth – enveloped within and precipitated through these higher energies.

Then those of you who have chosen to return to Earth will truly see this glorious state arrive – when once again Heaven is restored on Earth, and there is once again ONENESS – in the unity of consciousness and being!

Our blessings to all of you, who have worked so diligently to see the return of Earth to her Divine state,

Lady Portia and Saint Germain

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