Published in the March 2015 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)


Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2015 by Star Hinman

“JE SUIS LA LIBERTÉ! I AM FREEDOM!” This is the message and affirmation to humanity from all of us in the Ascended Realms – and the battle cry for all humanity – as you come face-to-face with violence and aggression! We will not be stopped! We will not be frightened into submission! We will NEVER surrender our God-given rights to freedom and peace NOW in our lifetimes!

You must ARISE and STAND FOR THE LIGHT! Centered in your power and love – and refuse to be intimidated or frightened into retreat or the acceptance of this way of life – of being restricted in your freedom of self-expression by those who know only the doctrine of the rule of fear.

You have all had many lifetimes on this Earth where you have confronted oppression by the few – even as I stood as the symbol of FREEDOM for the people of France! But now, YOU stand as symbols for the whole world – the Lightworkers of Earth, the Arisen Ones – who have arisen in Christ consciousness at this pivotal time on your Earth.

During the time of the Winter Solstice of December 21st, 2014, through your days of the celebration of Christmas, the Light of the Christ returned to Earth in higher energetic frequencies and ways which have not been experienced on the planet since before the Fall of Man. This spectacular event has brought new, higher levels of the Christ Light energies into the mass human consciousness – and they are daily raising the energetic frequency of all human beings and expanding your consciousness and your abilities to hold these new and higher frequencies of the Christ Light. These recent acts of violence were a misguided effort by a few to disrupt the effects of this immense Light which is even now pouring into the environs of Earth. Divine Truth states that there is no power on Earth which can now stop or disrupt the full download of these frequencies into the consciousness of humanity — or prevent its full actualization into the physical realms of Earth!


Those of us in the Ascended Realms stand with you daily! We, all of us together, NOW form the powerful consciousness of the Freedom of Earth! And this will NEVER be changed by the fear and violence which is surfacing in your world – to be SEEN – to be boldly confronted and thereby transformed into the full-spectrum Light of God!

You have the power – each one of you – to define your own reality, and thereby to form the mass consciousness of Earth into a united whole which is then more powerful than all evil which attempts to surface on your Earth. You are quite simply more powerful than these energies, because you stand with Light – which is now and forever overcoming the forces of darkness – which would, through fear, attempt to rule your world! Stand in LOVE, dearest ones, united in oneness, and REALIZE your strength and solidarity!

You are the 99% who want peace – and by your will it shall be successfully brought forth and made manifest on your planet – which has fought so long and hard for her freedom to BE a planet of Light. The Earth, herself, stands with you in this pivotal battle which will determine the ultimate fate of Earth and all her life. And you will be Victorious! It is only a matter of time until these voices of hatred and violence are taken from the Earth – NEVER TO RETURN!


This is the Promise of Heaven to all of you who now walk through these dark days of fear and violence on your blessed planet – where the fabric of life has been ripped and torn by these acts of senseless violence and the taking of human life in the very heart of France – in Paris – which is known to the world as the City of Light! It is no accident that this horrendous act of the murder of these journalists, and other innocents who were killed, has occurred at this precise moment in this precise place. It is, quite simply, a strike against your solidarity – designed to create fear and thereby to divide humanity according to religious beliefs – because this is, and always has been, a powerful point of contention in human consciousness.

This event is a symbol of the battle now being fought for control of human consciousness by those who wish to determine what you will think and feel! But it is important for you to know that this is for naught – because Love is ever so much more powerful than fear! And this is precisely what YOU are all in the process of revealing on Earth – NOW – at this crucial moment where the pendulum is swinging, and the future and fate of Earth hangs in the balance – between these two forces of love and fear.

We know that your hearts have been wounded by this violence and the pain and death of your fellow human beings! This is what makes you human – this is what makes you so beautiful to us – it is that you have these human feelings for each other which must be acknowledged and not simply overridden by spiritual viewpoints which also have their own validity. Your hearts are so full of love for the people of France that it has touched the hearts of all of us in the Ascended Realms – and so we send you this message, beautiful ones, in order that you may fully realize now the enormity of the significance of the times in which you live, and the opportunity that you have, to BE the Ones who stand for and with the Forces of Light – to BE the Divine Change-Makers of Love on Earth in order to stabilize her and also the mass human consciousness – and to see the final Victory of Light and Love over the forces of fear, hatred, and violence.

Not only shall you be Victorious, you ARE VICTORIOUS – because nothing can stop the emergence of Light and Love as the ruling Power on Earth! Know this, and be at peace, dearest ones – through all these times of trial and challenge by those who, through their mistaken beliefs and allegiance to that which is not Light, create the circumstances of fear and violence on Earth – in their attempts, which are even now doomed to ultimate failure, to control your faith and allegiance to the power of Divine Consciousness to BE the ultimate Ruler of Earth!

I am Jeanne, and in Love I bring you this message – Blessed Ones of Earth! I stand with you NOW!

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