Published in the May 2015 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
Lady Portia and Count Saint Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2015


Dearest Ones,

Know that humanity is entering a huge shift in the ways in which you use and process energies within your bodies!   You are now experiencing a very important period of change and enlightenment for humanity which now involves the balancing of many of these important energies within you.

Humanity now has an unprecedented opportunity to move forward – based on the re balancing of these vitally important and significant energies, which form the basis of who you are. These are your love, wisdom, and power. Think for a moment of how the world would be if these three energies were balanced within humanity. We like to be very specific when speaking with you, so we will give you some concrete examples of the changes this realignment and balancing would create within not only yourselves, but also, and perhaps more importantly, within your societies and human culture.

The New Humans

Think for a moment what would occur, and what your world would look like, if your politicians and world leaders had foremost before their minds the benefits that they could create for humanity and the increase in the well-being of the populations they govern as their primary goals and motives. We believe you would agree that this would make quite a change! While these changes may not now be made so obviously on a worldwide scale, it is not too early to perceive the gradual movement in this direction which is occurring, even now, within vast elements of the populations of Earth.

This change may not be obvious to many; however, we perceive this with much gratitude – and see the enormous significance of it! And this is precisely why we choose this opportunity to bring the perspective of it to your conscious attention at the present moment. For this is, indeed, what is occurring within many now on your planet, as the energies of love gradually intersect with and begin to replace the focus which has been solely on power – so that, within many people, the Light is gradually dawning, and perhaps they can now perceive this grand opportunity to begin to govern and act with the creation of the greater good of all humanity as their primary motivation.

This shifts the balance of power from the lower human ego desires towards the goal of acting in a way that creates the greatest good for humanity as a whole. It is the shift from self-centered goals toward and awareness of the higher goals of using creativity in ways that truly benefit all humanity in the realms of law, politics, and economics – as well as medicine, health, and the structure of communities – all the things that are the basis for creating a true quality of life for all people.

While this scenario has not come forth yet in a way that is easily discernible to the mass consciousness of humanity, yet we do see this firmly emerging, though it still remains in what we would describe as being in an embryonic state within many important world leaders and other political figures. You are in the midst of a huge shift involving the opening of the heart center energies within humankind, and this does change the balance of energy within you.

Yes, there are still those who favor using fear and violence as their motivational techniques for the societies in which they operate, but this is on the path of eventual decline – though it will persist for a time. As humanity gradually perceives the vision of the new human being which contains this balance of love, wisdom, and power – they will learn the value of having these three elements balanced within you. It IS possible for human beings to begin to act in this way now, especially those of you who perceive the new vision, the new energies that are emerging to steer all humanity in this new and beneficial direction. While the shift will not occur overnight, the escalation of movement in this direction – accompanied by the elevation of human consciousness – make the final emergence of this “new human being” a certain eventuality – because all the foundations supporting this important shift for humanity have been laid and are in place now.

This is precisely why you are seeing the escalation in violence among many who are fighting with and denying the power of this shift. They wish to retain the lower manifestations of power that they know and have learned to use, only too well, to manipulate and control human consciousness within the larger populations of Earth. But “the ball is now in your court,” dearest ones! You can now learn effective responses to this type of thing and retain your equilibrium – your balance of the love, wisdom, and power within you – by not allowing yourselves to become pawns in this game of power.

The best way to do this, as we see it, is to retain your firm grasp on your own humanity – and stand as fearless representatives of the human race, the NEW humans who are the Lightworkers on this planet and the forerunners of all the good that is coming – as you continue your march toward the creation of the New Earth, a place where governments act for the greatest good of the populations which they serve and use love as the motivation behind their use of power – instead of what are often seen to be the motivating factors now: self-interest, greed, and power over others for the control of consciousness and monetary or political gain.

Truth Is Being Revealed

The shift will gradually be made – never fear! It is happening now as more people have their eyes opened to the true motivations of many political figures and others who hold positions of power in business, healthcare, many so-called “religious” organizations, and all areas of government and power. You see it! But many others are at a loss to know how to respond to this situation – and that is precisely why we bring you this message: in order to strengthen you in your knowledge of the way forward!

The road forward, dearest ones is paved with your love! For you have the ability to nurture yourselves and maintain your strength for the task at hand – which is to express your love for others in ways that help to guide them in the new ways of Earth. And, yes, we even charge you with the task of expressing your love for those who have fallen into the trap of believing that the selfish, egocentric, unfeeling use of their power is the way toward self-fulfillment, personal gain, and well-being.

Do not be deceived by appearances in the outer world – when often these would lead you to believe that the Earth is devolving into a state of chaos and violence. Yes, you all know that this is what is now appearing on the outer “screen of life” at the present time – but know that all things have a purpose – and the purpose of this present state of affairs is to bring forth into the light of day all that has been hidden and held in secret, so that it can be fully seen by all humanity – who will then have the opportunity to fully observe all of this, evaluate it, and then decide how you wish to respond to it. We will be supporting you fully in carefully choosing your responses – which you already know in your hearts to be the healing and resurrecting power of love!

Not only human love pours through your hearts, dearest ones, but also the invincible and unrelenting power of Divine Love which also pours through each one of you who has chosen to BE the ones on Earth now to hold, embody, and bring forth to ALL on Earth the magnificent and healing power and effect of the Divine Love which is, even now, pouring through all of you who have volunteered to be the open door for the return of the Heaven Realms to this blessed planet, the Earth – who so desperately needs the ministrations of your energies in order to counteract and balance all negativity, hatred, and violence appearing on the “screen of life” at the present time.

Integrate Your Spiritual Guidance

We have spoken of love and power – and the importance of having balance between these two. Now we wish to speak of your wisdom, both human and divine, which you possess – and which stands as the all-important balance point between these two energies of love and power. Wisdom is the key element in this equation of love and power – for it is the element often missing in order to balance the equation and keep harmony between the uses of these two forces, as they are expressed and their energies manifested into form and earthly conditions.

Do you realize how important is this focus on wisdom at the present time? You all hold great wisdom in your hearts and minds, and it is the integration of these two elements of wisdom – the heart and mind – which is so vital in your understanding and use of wisdom. You each have amassed a great deal of human wisdom during your experiences – both in this present lifetime and through the benefit of the records you hold in the higher parts of yourselves of many, many other experiences where you have learned a great deal through your experiences in many other places and time frames.

It is this gathered wisdom which you now have the ability to access – in order to guide you forward – as you make your choices and decisions in this present experience. And many of you know exactly how to access the storehouses of knowledge, while others are just becoming aware of how to do this. But even these levels of knowledge are not complete without the addition of one final element – which is your conscious access to the wisdom and guidance of your spiritual guides and teachers, the Ascended Masters, and many other great cosmic beings who are all wishing to assist humanity at this crucial time on Earth. And so, it is our counsel to you to take stock of all these sources of wisdom, and to consult with these sources, and combine all of this within you into an integrated wholeness before making any decisions regarding the balancing and the application of your love and power.  The realization that this ascended state is possible for humanity now is exactly what will lead you forward on the path of harmony and peace, which is precisely the path searched for, and longed for, by so many of the beautiful beings who are now incarnate on your Earth.

*           *          *

Peace to each of you, peace to the Earth! This is the prayer and blessing extended to all of you now, beautiful ones who inhabit the Earth, from all of us in the Ascended Realms.  Our love to each of you, and may your balanced use of love, wisdom, and power guide your steps,

We are Lady Portia and Count Saint Germain

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