Earth 005

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2015 by Star Hinman


I, Jeanne, come to each one of you now, to strengthen and encourage you for the task at hand – which is bringing forth the archetype for the New Age on Earth!  This is the archetype of the new human being who is fully empowered, and able to embody all your love, wisdom, and power in a balanced way – for the enlightenment and inspiration of  your fellow human beings who now so need this image!  By your example, they may learn what it looks and feels like for one of you to fully own and use ALL your gifts and strengths – everything that is within you!

You all have the opportunity now to claim your sacred, divine power and be inspired by it, and to have this power balanced with your love nature – as you learn to fully express these things, one to another.  This is the process which will heal humanity of the many scars you now bear from the trials and tribulations which you have all endured, as you have come onto this planet in a time of great unrest for all people.  The challenges are daily appearing for each of you!  And to meet these challenges, you must KNOW your strength and your love – and not be afraid to know and experience what is within you.

Many of you are fearful of looking inside yourselves in a way that will reveal to your conscious minds who you truly are, and what you are capable of doing in order to correct the imbalances now existing on Earth.  She has been unbalanced for a very long time – tilted toward the perceived strength of violence.  Yet violence is not strength, as many will learn in time.  True strength is based on LOVE – the love that is within you.  When you can “look yourself in the face,” by looking into the mirror of your own soul, then you will realize that true strength is always founded on the rock of your love nature.  When you recognize and balance the seeming duality of these two parts of yourself, then will you be complete!   And this is what you are all in the process of discovering — men and women alike!

You do not have to be violent to be powerful!  You do not have to be a “doormat” for others in order to give and receive love!  You know these truths deeply within yourselves, but they have often been “forgotten” – hidden from your conscious minds — due to the teachings of many who only wished to have control of humanity, for their own selfish agendas and the creation of a personal power base.  It is time for each one of you to claim your own power to BE WHO YOU ARE!  Only by being who you truly are, and having the experience of this within the sanctity of your divine soul, will you know and fully understand the truth that I am speaking to you now.

I was, by divine grace, inspired by Angels and the Ascended Ones of the heavenly realms – and you may choose to do the same.  The time is right for this now!  The energies of Earth support you daily!  And when you learn to support each other in learning these lessons of balance, then you will learn the new ways for Earth, of peace and beauty – and the horrors and violence which seem to now be overtaking your civilizations will be but a distant memory of the past!  You, each one of you, may now do as I did by claiming the inspiration of your divine source which will then furnish you with the power and presence to be the leaders in this process of healing the Earth and all her magnificent life!  As you heal the beliefs you have all held that you could possibly be powerless, you heal the causes of violence — and its effects upon humanity and the Earth!

You may do this now!  It is not difficult!  You can decide now to learn the NEW WAY OF PEACE – which is based on your strength and love.  Nothing is more powerful than you are!  And this is the personal message that I would bring to each dear soul now in physical form on the Earth.  The belief in your own powerlessness is what now seeds the violence.  This is precisely what needs to be healed in order for you to move into the New Golden Age on Earth.

Those of the ascended realms now await the moment of your return to the full consciousness of who you are and the realization of all that is within you!  You hold the answer for the transformation of Earth deep within your being!  It is encoded within every cell of who you are.  It can never be lost!  However, it may be covered over with fear and obscured from your conscious minds by the erroneous beliefs which you may be holding.  And, indeed, this is what has occurred!  You have been “taught” by fear, the master, to be its obedient servant – and until you reject the premise which is at the base of this mistaken impression, your power will continue to be obscured – lying deep within you, unused, and seemingly outside your reach.

But it is not too late!  The time is NOW!  The stage has been set for each of you to return to the divine consciousness of the Truth which lies within you – for the blessing of all life.  Awaken, dearest ones!  Awaken from the dream!

I am Jeanne — and, in love, I bring you this message


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Channel’s Note:

Jeanne is, of course, very conscious of the role that she is playing in the present day, as an “Archetype for the New Age.”  Her image is shining with a brilliant light in the mass consciousness of humanity — to inspire us and to attract the attention of many people who would like to connect with her to receive guidance, strength, and courage.  And many people are connecting with her now, drawn by the image of a fearless woman on a horse, her sacred sword of power raised high above her head, as she leads her Army of Light forward in this sacred battle to vanquish the darkness and finally destroy all evidence of its so-called “power” on Earth.

Humanity is coming to the realization that all true power comes from the Divine Source, the One who has created All-That-Is.  There is only the One Power, and when we fully realize this fact, all so-called “power” which has been misused and misqualified into the thought forms supporting violence, greed, intolerance, pain, and suffering will be withdrawn, and these thought forms which have been the cause of so much misery on Earth will be seen as illusion – and will dissolve into nothingness – into the void from which they have come.

Jeanne is a powerful and loving image for our day — when we are having the challenges involved in holding the higher frequencies of Light as “all that is hidden is now being revealed” — so that the dark, misqualified energies can be healed and cleared to make way for the higher fifth dimensional energies of perfection as they manifest on Earth and transform our reality.

Truly, Jeanne is “an image for the ages!”  She is the symbol of the triumph of Light over all darkness, fear, violence, and oppression.  She says that she hopes we may draw strength and courage from the image that she created on the Earth so long ago in 15th-century France.  For then, she may be not only “The Deliverer of France,” as she was known so long ago, but also an archetype in the present day to inspire us to have the courage to stand for the Light against all resistance!

In this way, she hopes to repeat the pattern she began in France by participating in the deliverance of ourselves and our world from darkness into Light!  From oppression into Freedom!  Many have wondered how Jeanne succeeded in doing what she did!  When asked this question, she replies simply, “I had to do it!”  This is a stance which does not allow for the entrance of any doubt and fear regarding one’s worthiness or abilities.  It takes us to a place within ourselves of absolute confidence in our ability to complete the tasks charged to us to be done by our highest soul presence and the Beings of Light who constantly guide us.  She was not focused on “self” – but instead focused with all her heart on her complete trust in the Beings of Light who were guiding her.  And she constantly remained focused on her all-encompassing love for them as well!

She states clearly that when she was captured and ultimately burned at the stake, this was not through any neglect or abandonment by the Beings of Light.   Just as Jeshua allowed the experience of his crucifixion and death for a higher cause, the creation of an undying and powerful image about the true nature of eternal life, so Jeanne sacrificed her earthly life for a higher purpose – the creation of a powerful and timeless image which has relevance not only for our age, but for all time.

Her image instructs those of us in the present day about the true nature and power of the feminine essence of love and devotion, and encourages us to embody the returning energies of the goddess — and to fully embrace our inherent power as women and men – for this message is of equal value for men, who are encouraged to have the balance within themselves of love, wisdom, and power – just as Jeanne did, and just as women may do.  We are not limited by our physical bodies as to the qualities that we may choose to embody and project out into the world of our experience.  We are unlimited in what we may express, or, perhaps, limited only by what we can conceive of being and expressing.  The only limits are those which we impose on ourselves, unknowingly, for the most part.

Through the earthly life she lived, Jeanne has created a timeless and multi-dimensional image which is still broadcasting the messages of empowerment, faith, trust, hope, and fearlessness to those of us in the present day.   It is an image of brilliant Light and Power – radiating the Truth about the divine perfection which is now within each of us – silently waiting to be called forth into action, just as Jeanne succeeded in doing.  It is the image of the total fearlessness created by absolute love and devotion to a divine cause greater than oneself.

When we have these feelings and think in these terms, it then becomes clear to us that it is not enough for us to do what we “think” needs to be done to birth the New Earth into life!  Our devotion to the cause of peace, freedom, and justice requires us to quite simply give everything within us to the cause – just as Jeanne did!

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