Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger and Channel for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2015

Channel’s Note:  Higher Frequencies of the Christ Light Are Now Being Anchored on Earth
Through the assistance of the Angelic Kingdom, Jeshua (Jesus), and many other Beings of Light, the Earth and all her life are now being bathed in the transcendent frequencies of the Christ energies – higher than anything we have yet experienced!  This process began with the December 11th New Moon and the 12-12 Gateway of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness on December 12th  and will continue with succeeding higher frequencies of this Light being anchored on the December 21st Winter Solstice, and will conclude with the third phase of this activity of Light at the time of the Full Moon on Christmas Day.  As we experience these beautiful energies, this activates higher levels of the Christ Consciousness within the hearts of humanity.
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Jeshua’s Message Begins:

Your Mission to Earth, all of you, the Lightworkers, is to support the evolution of all life in the Radiance of Divine Love – for the heart encompasses ALL!

In love, there is no judgment, no petty fears, no quarrels over differing beliefs or ideologies! See the higher view, people of Earth, and love one another as I have loved you. See the Radiance of Truth and Light within your fellow human beings — and support this – thus transcending the lower realms of fear and hatred.

You are the Light of the World – each of you – as I have told you! Your mission to Earth NOW, in this time of such turmoil and strife, is to stay aligned with me and the Christ Light, which it was my mission to anchor on this blessed planet — yes, this planet, which is beloved and is now being assisted by many civilizations throughout this solar system, and beyond.

Great love comes to you now – to dispel the darkness of fear and violence and open your hearts to receive the radiance of this great Light and Love now flooding your planet, yourselves, and the consciousness of all humanity. Indeed, this is why many act out in violence, because they fear the Light! They fear it will take away their power! They know not that Light and love are the source of all true power. They will ultimately be lifted up into this consciousness, and peace WILL return to Earth!

Until then, blessed ones, be steadfast in your love and in your Divine Mission to see the Light of the Christ presence return to Earth to sustain ALL in the radiance and transcendent Light of this Truth – which I bring to all of you now, through the great love which is in my heart – and indeed the hearts of all of us in the heavenly realms – for each one of you, the “Lambs of God” who now walk the Earth.

“Love Is the Answer”

For all of you who struggle on the Earth with issues of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence – I bring you this message:

I tell you that there is but one cause for all of these seemingly different issues that humanity has struggled with since the beginning of time – and that is the inability to love, nurture, and care for the self!

Your “self” is the innermost part of your being – which exists inside all your personality issues and challenges. It is at the center of your being – and it is pristine and untouched by all the troubles of Earth. Give yourself love, dearest ones! Go to the very core of who you are and exude this most magnificent love to all parts of your being, and the healing work that you desire will be done!

For it is true, humanity must learn this great lesson of how to love the self before the healing work can then be done for all the Earth. You are all magnificent Beings of Light in human form, and when you fully comprehend the lessons revealed by this truth, then you will experience your freedom from all these earthly issues of self-doubt and self-recrimination. Know this Truth and be free, dearest ones!

Go in peace through these days of strife and challenge – knowing that we all accompany you daily in your Divine Mission for Earth – to see that the Divine Plan is restored on Earth.

I am Jeshua, and I love each of you greatly! I know your names, blessed ones, and I hold you in the Light of my Heart Flame, forever!

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