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Published in the December 2015 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
The “Predictions for 2016” Issue

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2015

Greetings to each one of you,

We are the Pleiadians and we bring you this message, that we accompany and assist you on your individual paths — into the events of the year 2016 – which even now resonates with the energies of your Victory in your mission to Earth!

We will say that you certainly have many challenges in these days of such immense energies which are coming to the Earth now, and we are not unaware of the effect that all of this is having on you. Many changes are coming to each of you in your lives.   We want to tell you that this process will only intensify in the coming year! However, the levels of assistance coming to humanity to fully encourage and support your positive responses to these challenges also are being exponentially increased. We in the celestial realms are constantly formulating new plans and agendas for the transformation of Earth — as new and higher frequencies of light will continue to infuse all of you, and the Earth herself. Do you realize what this means? The process of change will be exponentially increased on Earth in its pace and intensity. This does not, however, mean that your challenges will become more difficult or intense. It only means that the light quotient residing in each of you Lightworkers for Earth will exponentially be increased in its effectiveness and ability to support your work in this time of such change and challenge.

This sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But, unfortunately, this process will not be without its challenges for you! The major challenges will involve the attempts of those who are not dedicated to light to derail your efforts by distracting your focus from the creation of more light and love on the planet. If they can distract you, then they hope to control your consciousness – and they hope to disempower your abilities to be effective in your mission to Earth. This mission is, as you know, to assist the return of Earth to her pristine state, pictured in “the Garden of Eden,” as you remember it long ago in your history on Earth. You will do this by remembering and manifesting from the blueprints of this time on the Earth which are, even now, still encoded in your DNA.

But we believe that you are not so easily distracted by the many acts of violence and terrorism that now rage across your planet. This is truly only the “last gasp” in the attempts of those who are not aligned with light to derail the process of ascension by distracting you from your purpose of holding the frequencies, as you have been prepared to do, of love and light on Earth. Yes, these higher frequencies ARE returning to Earth and being experienced here, but this does not mean that the coming year will be without its distractions and challenges!

We would say to you that you are all in the process of learning how to navigate effectively amid the many challenges being presented to you by those who, through their mistaken beliefs, would steer the Earth towards domination and control by those who are motivated only by fear and greed, a lust for power, and a desire for the ability to control the frequencies of your consciousness. This is occurring simply because they believe that, if they can control the frequencies that you generate, they may then continue to exert some measure of control on the Earth. Love is a much higher frequency than fear! They know that they are not able to control you when you are in the frequencies of love. Therefore, if they can trick you into lowering your frequencies by experiencing fear, then they may have the opportunity to control you. Do you see how this works? So it is up to each of you to see the game being played here for control of Earth and to do your part to stay out of the frequencies that would allow them to control you. It’s up to you! You have the power to stop this game now! That is why we are choosing to speak to you on this important subject.

Yes, through their limited vision, some wish to control the destiny of Earth! We think you are not so easily swayed from your mission – which is to transform Earth through the power of your love and your devotion to the principles of light and freedom. Know that these thought forms and energies are even now manifesting on the Earth! You are doing your job successfully, and it is working – no matter what message to the contrary might be delivered by outer appearances! We are able to see the larger picture of what is occurring on Earth, and we tell you now that what you have done so far has been sufficient to steer the Earth on the new course that cannot be reversed by any means at this point, so your victory is assured!

The work that you are doing and the momentum of the energies that you are creating through your dedicated service cannot and will not be turned aside or stopped. However, those who do not serve light would have you believe that things are getting worse on the Earth! They create and constantly show you the images of death and destruction as terrorism seems to run rampant across the face of your planet. But we tell you that this is only a diversionary tactic meant to capture your attention, cause fear, and distract you from your mission! You have been prepared to carry out your divine mission to Earth for eons of time, and we think you are not so easily manipulated and controlled! You have been prepared for this – you have been taught – you have been instructed through many lifetimes of service on the Earth on the subject of how to respond to exactly the challenges that are now appearing before you. You have been taught how to walk the razor’s edge between darkness and light! You know how to balance the energies, how to stay in contact with your highest knowledge and purpose in this moment, and not be distracted by the loud voices of violence wishing only to create fear. You know how to keep your alignment with love and light and persevere in your mission on Earth to its completion.

We liken this to “walking the razor’s edge” because this moment is not without its challenges! But the challenge is to hold your focus as you feel yourselves being pulled in two directions by these huge energies which are now polar opposites. They are opposing each other in their momentum and their intention for Earth. One of these would see Earth continue in darkness – ruled by petty agendas based on fear and greed – wishing only to control you. The other is based in the frequencies of light, freedom, and love. During the coming year you will experience having your individual right to choose and determine your own destiny. Yes, we think you are not so easily fooled, allowing yourselves to be distracted and pulled off your center by these scenarios – even though they show you a thousand wars and tens of thousands of deaths, scenes of violence and devastation, and destruction. We believe you can see the image, blazing in your consciousness, of the New Earth – shining in beauty and freedom – existing in the ascended energies of love and freedom for all her life!

You have the vision! You have the commitment to fulfill your mission and to see the Earth transformed into the shining “Star of Peace” that she is destined to become in this galaxy!

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, and with much love, support, and encouragement, we bring you this message

*         *         *         *         *         *         *

The Pleiadians suggest a meditation to strengthen and ground our energies:

We were with you long ago on the Earth, and we are with you today – maybe not in a form that you can see, but we are here! And we give you powerful support, though you may not be fully conscious of the energies we can bring. We suggest you take some time each day to align with our energies and the energies of Earth and allow us to assist you in moving into the new human forms that are coming for Earth. This will make your job so much easier, because for one thing, it will enhance and stabilize your body energies. We know how to work with human energies, since you are so closely aligned with us, genetically speaking.

The Meditation

Sit down on the Earth, in the sun if possible, and imagine yourself in a beautiful field of lush high grass and wildflowers. Feel the warmth of the sun’s energy entering your body. See the beauty of Earth all around you, and feel how much you love this place! Tell the Earth how much you love her and appreciate the beauty that she creates for you. Take a few minutes to feel her response. Then feel the energy of the green grass and see this green energy filtering up into your body until it is glowing within all your cells! Feel how it invigorates your body and mind. Give the Earth love and appreciation for all the gifts that she constantly gives to you and all life. Feel her response! Feel her energy radiating up through your body now. Feel your oneness with Earth. You belong in this place – you are one with her!

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