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Published in the October 2015 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
as “Continue to Seek Victory on Your Own Mission to Earth”

Count St. Germain and Lady Portia

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2015

Beloved Ones,

We wish to bring you this message of instruction now — since, at the present moment, Earth is in the midst of such huge changes in her energetic frequencies, and this is appearing as a great challenge for many people. You all feel the tremendous and successive waves of energy which are sweeping across your planet and changing many things, as the old thought forms, societal structures, and their accompanying energies are being swept away, to be replaced by the higher frequencies.

The challenge for humanity now is for each of you to learn how to keep your energies at a high frequency and stay aligned with the light rather than to be swept along and influenced by the storms of misqualified energies which are so visible on the Earth now, as these lower thought forms of such things as rage and violence encounter the higher energies now returning to Earth. These lower energies are being transformed, transmuted, and gradually replaced by the higher energies of the fourth and fifth dimensions which resonate to the frequencies of love and peace for all humanity.

Yes, this is a challenge for you! But it is far better to learn these lessons now – the lessons of how to take command of your minds and emotions and keep these within a positive framework – rather than to be swept back and forth in these tides of negativity. In order to do the work you have all come here to do, it is a prerequisite that you learn to steady yourselves in the light and remain unmoved by these tides which are presently sweeping the Earth. You did not come here to be consumed and controlled by the lower energies of fear and violence, and you know this deep within your being! But in order to be successful at this, you first must have a laser-like ability to focus on the light and the higher energies of the Ascended Realms – so that you are not swept along in these “tides of destruction.”

Persevere through These Difficult Times

Destruction is not necessarily a bad thing – as many of you think of it – for this process is a natural and normal part of the way energies operate on Earth at the present time, where you have first the process of the destruction of the old patterns and thought forms in order to make way for the creation of something which is reflective of a higher paradigm for humanity — and far more harmonious, enjoyable, and beneficial for your planet. You are all participating in this “dance of destruction and creation” – though many of you are not consciously aware of the higher plan which is at work through the interplay of these energies.

You are, each of you, learning how to respond to darkness, or the absence of light, by creating more light instead of unconsciously reacting to these outer scenarios by feeling threatened, overpowered, or overwhelmed. The darkness has no power over you when you stand steadfast, within your knowledge of and alignment to that which is of the higher vibratory frequencies of light and the Divine Perfection of peace, joy, harmony, love, and abundance which is surely manifesting on the Earth. Faith is what carries many people successfully through the dark moments of pain and fear in their lives – and this is precisely what we would recommend to you – to adopt this as a viable and workable beneficial strategy in your lives. When you feel as though you cannot clearly see the path forward in your life, simply continue in faith – knowing that you ARE being divinely guided in every moment. This may sound like an overly simplified solution to the problem, but we can tell you that it is sufficient to steer many towards the light when all other measures have failed. People have an amazing resiliency when they are in faith that everything IS working out for their highest and greatest good – despite the fact that all outer circumstances and events are seeming to present a contradictory picture.

Perseverance is what will carry you through the difficult times in your lives, when you simply feel as though you have lost your direction and cannot see “the light at the end of the tunnel.” We tell you now that this too shall pass! This time of such challenge for all of you will not last without end and conclusion, because great light IS dawning on this planet – and that is precisely why you are seeing so much devastation, violence, decay, and destruction in your social norms and societies at large.

People are changing! And in a most magnificent way, as they realize that the current circumstances on Earth CAN BE changed! They are not permanent and unmovable. And these circumstances which presently cause so many of you great pain are only temporary “shadows in the night” trying to frighten you into stopping the forward push to finally transmute all of this obstruction and resistance – and to finally be FREE OF IT! That is why it is so important that we bring you this message of encouragement and strength at the present moment on Earth – to encourage all of you to stay the course and be strong in the Light! You are “Fearless warriors for the Light!” knowing with a fierce certainty in your hearts that you are designed for success, and that you WILL BE successful by overcoming all obstacles in your path towards the joy, peace, and fulfillment which you so richly deserve, and which will be yours by Divine right to experience on Earth — yet while you exist in human form on this planet which has so much potential for bringing forth the light into its place of prominence and glory in the New Golden Age of Peace on Earth!

Do not be dissuaded from your path to Victory – for you are already victorious in the higher realms of causation where everything exists before manifestation on Earth. This realm of causation then produces, inexorably, the beneficial changes which you all desire to see made manifest on Earth. It is by your will and power in action that the necessary changes are gradually being made on Earth – because you will not stop! You will not be frightened into submission by the chaos now erupting on Earth – for this too has its place in the grand scheme of things. It is both a product and producer of change on Earth – the changes that you all wish to see, as the Earth turns toward peace and light – and harmony for all.

Adjust Your Lens of Perception

We expect you will live to see many of these beneficial results which will be made by the energies of the present day. Many of you will remain on Earth to see the fruits of your labors made manifest in the coming years when it is possible that you will experience the many beneficial changes in the mass consciousness which are coming. These will then have great effect on societal norms, and Earth will swing toward being a planet of much more gentleness and love among her citizens, who are gradually learning the painful lessons taught by war and violence. But, “this too shall pass,” as often has been said in your earthly history. This has never been more true than in the present moment of such chaos and violence – when it seems that wherever you turn there is more hatred and war.

Perhaps you think it is easy for us in the ascended realms to take this perspective of not taking all this negativity too seriously – after all, we do not have the human forms which are often so emotionally affected by seeing the scenes of violence. But we will tell you that it is beneficial for you to adopt this higher perspective of seeing these things from a distance and through the lens of looking at the part these energies are playing in the divine plan — which is ultimately working toward peace. This perspective will produce the necessary “distance from the fray,” so that you will have a far different perspective on all of this. You will feel the protection afforded by the higher realm energies, and this will assist all of you in keeping your energies in the higher vibrational frequencies of love, creativity, certainty, and peace.

This is the “path through the mire” of the energies of the present moment on Earth which we would humbly recommend to all of you – for we love you greatly and wish to minimize the stress which many of you are feeling as you look out on a world which it appears to be going mad. Nothing could be further from the truth! And with a slight adjustment in the “lens of perception” through which you are viewing all of these events, you may observe the true picture of what is now occurring on Earth. She is not being destroyed – society as you know it is not being destroyed. Everything is simply realigning and changing to reflect the Higher Divine Plan for Earth.

It is a time of great challenge for many of the Lightworkers now on this planet. You did not expect this! But there was no way for you to be fully prepared for all of this – as the “dance of energies” does choose its own path, timing, and direction. We would only remind you that you did, indeed, volunteer for this “Mission to Earth!” All of you! And we tell you now that you did not arrive unprepared in this place of such excitement and unlimited potential. The opportunity now awaits you — that each one of you may see and experience your own Divine Potential in this fiery cauldron of such excitement, challenge, and change called “Earth!” This is the time to unleash all the joy, potential talent, and knowledge within you – to MAKE THE CHANGES on Earth that, truly, you came here to accomplish.

May our great love for you accompany each one of you on your journey – as you seek progress on your path toward the Victorious Accomplishment of your own individual “Mission to Earth!”

Beloved Ones,

We are Count Saint Germain and Lady Portia


*         *         *         *         *         *         *

Channel’s Note:

“Being In the World, But Not of It”

As Count St. Germain and Lady Portia have pointed out, we can be living in the midst of these challenging energies occurring now, but remain tuned to the higher vibratory frequencies of the Heaven Realms, even while we are on the Earth. And, in this way, we become a great benefit to our fellow human beings, who are accompanying us “on the path” by radiating our love and Light to all around us.

In order to assist this process, please see the “Creating Sacred Ceremony” page on our website at where you can, without charge, download and print three documents which give information for opening your sacred space to connect with the higher realms, aligning with the Light of the Divine Source, and invoking the cleansing and healing power of the Violet Transmuting Flame. These are titled as follows: “Creating Your Sacred Space,” “The Light of A Thousand Suns Meditation,” and “The Invocation of the Violet Transmuting Flame.”

Count St. Germain and Lady Portia recommend the daily use of the Violet Transmuting Flame in order to clear ourselves of the interference of lower vibratory energies and maintain our four lower bodies, physical, etheric/spiritual, mental, and emotional, within the higher energetic frequencies.

*         *         *           *         *         *         *

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