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Published in the May 2016 Electronic Issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

Count Saint Germain and Lady Portia

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger and Channel for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016

Dearest Ones,

We wish you to know that, at this time of such change and challenge, your Victory in the Light is assured on the Earth! You already have the knowledge you must draw upon in order to continue your march towards the Light! You will not be defeated by any challenge mounted by those whose purpose would be to derail your progress. Nothing can change the focus and power of your consciousness which is now aligned to Light!

You have all learned many things in the past few years regarding what is power and what is love, and even now you are all aligning with the power of love – to uncover the true power which is within each of you, and which is always aligned with and inseparable from the energy of love – for they are one and the same in the greater unity which they form! You are learning how to use the power of your love to accomplish great things upon the Earth – and this will only continue to increase during the coming days, weeks, months, and years – for you are now learning the divine use of power which is replacing what has sometimes been called the human use of power – where, all too often, power is turned towards the focus of greed and rapaciousness on the Earth. It is your will which is accomplishing these changes – the combined will of humanity to move towards Light regardless of the fact that some are not aligned with this forward progress and would attempt to disrupt this process.

Staying Aligned with Truth and Light

We expect that you will all encounter many challenges to your strength and dedication to truth and Light during the coming years – not the least of which will be the distractions which are presented by these violent acts which are seen on the Earth in the present day. These are the circumstances that are being presented to you now so that you can learn the next lesson in your evolutionary progress – and that is how to firmly stay aligned with truth and Light in the face of all opposition and seemingly contradictory events. Many would seek to destroy your ability to hold your higher focus and continue to create peace on Earth – but they will not be successful in these attempts because humanity has now already evolved beyond the point where you can so easily be controlled in this way. You are capable of holding your focus and staying aligned to the higher energies regardless of what is happening in outer events. All that is needed now is just a little more practice in the dynamics of how to stay aligned with Light, and that is our purpose in this current message that we bring to you – it is to refine your abilities and knowledge of how to maintain your strong connection to the higher energies of Light and love.

It is through your love and dedication to the Light, and your constant focus on “the higher way,” that you will consistently feel yourselves lifted “above the fray,” so to speak, and you will not be dragged down into the energies and consciousness of the “mire of negativity, hatred, and violence” which is the focus of so many who are now on the Earth. You are the counterbalance to this energy, and it is your divine plan to be the ones who anchor the energies of peace, freedom, and love – even in the midst of these outer scenes of violence, hatred, and fear. We in the ascended realms are able to overlight you with much beneficial energy and to be the ones who, behind the scenes, so to speak, are assisting you in the furtherance of your mission and purpose upon the Earth. So do not be distracted by the clamor and noise in the outer world, but regard these things in the truth of what is happening! These negative conditions are constantly being revealed to the minds of humanity in order to stimulate the healing of these conditions — which is so vitally needed upon the Earth! And the healing IS taking place, even if the outer effects of this work may not be particularly apparent to you as of yet. The effects will continue to be magnified, and will become more apparent as time passes.

You must proceed in an attitude of trust, and the knowledge that you ARE making a great difference upon the Earth and, indeed, changing the course of history daily as you anchor the higher energies of Light and love upon this planet which has labored so long in pain and darkness. Trust that you ARE healing the Earth, blessed ones! We in the ascended realms can see the huge difference you are making as you exist and experience life on the Earth, and so we now come to bring you this message, in the hope that it will support your faith, contribute to your strength, and magnify the effects of your divine mission on Earth!

Turning the Tide from Fear and Darkness towards Love and Light

Know that what you have accomplished so far in your journey has been sufficient to turn the tide from fear and darkness towards love and Light! This is the important message that we wish to bring to strengthen you in these times of such turmoil and challenge on the Earth, when many who labor in darkness would use the power of fear to steer you from the experience of peace and Light. But you are stronger than that! You know your way instinctively through these turbulent times on Earth because you have been prepared through many experiences in other times and places to be here now – steadfastly holding the energies of love and Light as a Beacon for all humanity – many of whom wander in darkness and are confused by the present events on Earth. You have had the preparation needed to remain steadfast in who you are and in your knowledge of what you have come here to do. You are the Radiant Ones, radiant in the Light that you bring to Earth, which is more powerful than all the fear which may be generated through these acts which are designed to bring terror and fear to the masses of the populations of Earth. You are the wayshowers for many – even as you hold the Light of your being steadfast and remain unmoved by all these outer events.

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? This assignment to “simply remain unmoved!” But it is difficult for many, and so we bring you this message to clarify for you what it is that we are asking you to do now on the Earth. It takes great preparation to come to this point where you are able to maintain the integrity of your being as well as the human parts of yourselves comprising your energy field, your aura. This part of you requires much care and maintenance at the present time because of the constant bombardment of negative energies designed to create fear in the human population. Again, we state that you are not unprepared to deal with all of this, but the human parts of who you are may be swept back and forth in these tides of fear and doubt unless you learn how to center yourself and stay guided by the Light in all that you do. This does require daily maintenance of your auric field and your physical body energies because you are human beings in earthly form, and this leaves you open to receiving the energies generated by other people on the Earth. You will all need to learn how to remain strong in the face of these storms of negativity, because, unfortunately, this type of thing will increase in frequency and intensity for a while longer on the Earth – and you will be exposed to this type of thing, sometimes on a daily basis, not through terrorist activities necessarily, but through the energies sent forward by these activities. These “storms” or “clouds” of negativity are now sweeping the Earth on a daily basis and affecting many people who are not aware of how to protect themselves from being affected by these energies.

The Use of the Violet Transmuting Flame

We have given much information about the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame, and we intend to continue your education in this process of how to beneficially protect yourselves from being influenced by negativity through the use of the Violet Flame. Many of you are quite knowledgeable already in the use of this flame and we would encourage you to continue to practice with this because even greater frequencies of this sacred flame are continually being released to the Earth, and so you will find that its effects will continue to grow as you use it. All you need do is call this flame forth from the ascended realms daily to blaze in, through, and around yourselves and your energy field in order to have the protection and cleansing abilities of this flame be at work in your lives and daily experience.

All that is required of you is this dedication to your daily routines in using this sacred fire. It will protect you from the effects of much negativity which is circulating on the Earth now, and this is what we suggest to all of you is the dedication to using your knowledge of the sacred flame in order to keep your consciousness clear and receptive to the Light. You do not need to spend hours doing this! Fifteen minutes twice a day, morning and evening, is all that is required to release much negativity and to strengthen and protect your auric field.

Keeping your consciousness aligned to Light is not a difficult thing once your auric field is maintained intact. Where the difficulty comes for many people is when their auric field has been breached and is open to receiving negativity. Unfortunately, there are many things circulating on the Earth now which have a very disruptive effect on the human aura and this requires your daily attention in order to remain clear of this. The dedicated students will immediately recognize the truth of these statements and do the work necessary to maintain their sovereignty within their space, thus allowing their full connection to the higher realm energies. When you are surrounded with Light, you do not need to fear the darkness or any of its effects because it has no power when it comes into contact with the energies of Light. This simple truth will be enough to instruct many in the correct path to freedom and sovereignty in their consciousness and personal space.


Storms of Negativity Often Affect Human Consciousness

Much has been given about the effects of these storms of negativity on the Earth and we will not repeat this here except to say that many people are still unaware of this process and all of its effects on human consciousness, so that we now bring you this message. Much has been given as well about the use of the protective abilities of the Violet flame. It repels and removes negative energies from your space and prevents their entrance into your auric field. As you practice with using these energies, they become ever more effective in your space so that you can accomplish much more in shorter periods of time through simply using affirmations and decrees such as, “I am now fully protected by the Violet Transmuting Flame,” and this simple statement alone is enough to institute immediate protection from any negativities swirling around you and to repel them from any attachment to your being. You are all learning this process now, and I would say to you that all that is required for you to become proficient in the use of this sacred flame is now your simple belief in its effectiveness and the daily practice of the invocation and use of the flame. It becomes more effective the more that you use it because you strengthen it within your energy field each time you call it to you. You can use the affirmation, “I AM a powerful focus of the Violet Transmuting Flame, which is now transmuting all negativity being sent to me from any source.” It is your powerful intention in this regard that does the work! So fully engage your will that it be so when you are making these statements. Your will is what activates the flame into the very center of your physical being and makes its work ever so much more effective, and you will see this occurring when you use it in this way.

Your belief in its effectiveness is another important tool to be used because the power of your belief is tangible in physical form regarding the effectiveness of the Flame. When you engage your full belief in its effectiveness as well as your will that it is working for your benefit, you are engaging two of the most powerful parts of the human being: the mind and the will. Make use of your will in daily life and be careful where you steer this mechanism, for what you “will to happen” most often will occur! The only thing required of most if you at this point is to practice with the sacred Violet Flame — because this is where your learning will occur about its effectiveness! When you are able to see its effects, this will increase your belief in its power and effectiveness – and then it will become even more powerful and effective in your space.

The Focus of Your Consciousness

Selectivity in the use of your consciousness is always important in challenging times such as these, and we would suggest that you take charge of the focus of your consciousness immediately upon arising in the morning, focusing on what you wish to experience in the coming day, by making statements such as “divine will and intelligence steer the experiences of my day,” and “I am in harmony with my divine being every moment of the day.” These statements form your intention for what you will experience during your day and form a powerful protective forcefield around you at the same time – because much divine energy is called into play by statements such as this, of which the human being is largely unaware. Make use of the higher abilities of your consciousness to align with divine energies in order to form positive experiences for yourselves during your day, and then you will not be leaving things to chance and happenstance regarding what energies you will be contacting throughout your daily experiences.

Through the laws of magnetism you are able to decide and decree what you will come into contact with during your daily experiences, and this is an important learning for humanity at this particular point in time when there are so many disparate energies circulating in the world. It is important for you to choose what you wish to experience each day and to exert conscious control and discrimination as to what you will attract to yourselves. You have the ability to choose to experience only beneficial things for yourselves, and this would be an excellent way to begin your day, with the intention, “I will only experience this day what is beneficial for my well-being and progress.” In this way you are sealing yourselves within a powerful multidimensional forcefield of intelligent energy which is working all day to draw to you only that which is beneficial to you and aligned with Light.

Use Your Human Consciousness to Have Divine Experiences!

This simple exercise in the use of your discriminative abilities will show you evidence of the power of the focus of your consciousness, and you may learn to refine your use of these abilities so that you are drawing to yourselves exactly what you wish to experience, feeling that this will be beneficial to you. You do not need to leave things to happenstance in your lives any longer, by simply accepting whatever comes your way! Because you are human as well as divine, you have the power to use your human consciousness to have divine experiences – even while you are still on Earth in human form. You are all learning these abilities now, and the challenges presented to you in the present time on Earth are absolutely perfect for inspiring you to move forward in learning these important lessons about the power of your consciousness in determining, selecting, and forming the energies which will then create your human experiences.

Select carefully, dearest ones, because you will soon experience the returning energies created through the process of your selections! And select consciously by learning to use the power of your discriminating consciousness – the part of you which is able to stay aligned to that which will bring you benefit. You choose each day what you will experience, but for most of you this is an unconscious choice. What we are asking you to do is to make this a conscious choice — so that each day you are aware of choosing how you will use the energies created by your consciousness.

Blessings to all of you who are presently here on the Earth having a human experience in what is one of the most important times which humanity will ever experience on planet Earth!

We bring you this message with much love – and the radiance of much Light – for your continued benefit and progress in this human experience,

Count Saint Germain and Lady Portia

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