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Count St. Germain and Lady Portia

Published in the June 2016 Issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE

Star Hinman, Spiritual Channel and Messenger
for Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016

This concept of “steering the ship of your consciousness” has never been more important than in this present time of such rapid change and challenge on the Earth – as all about you is constantly shifting and changing!  We would advise each one of you to hold to the Divine energies and the “higher thought” constantly – in order to seal yourself in a protective shield of higher energy.  You will find that, what you choose to focus upon with your mind and emotions, you will draw to yourselves constantly through the law of magnetism – for “like attracts like.”  When you allow yourself to be drawn into negativity, this only depletes your energy system and ultimately weakens you.  Now, you certainly know this already – yet we still see many of you allowing this negativity to overtake you, influence you, and invade your consciousness – perhaps because of the fact that it is so pervasive at the present time on Earth.

It has been said, and rightly so, that “extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures,” and this has never been more true than in the present moment on Earth – when you, and the Earth herself, seem to be awash in negativity.  You must constantly be on guard against being influenced by this type of thing, because many times it appears quite innocuous.  Yet, after gaining a foothold in your consciousness, it reveals its true colors and intent – which is often the control of human consciousness.  Hence the need, at this particular time on Earth – more than ever before – for each of you to “stand guard at the door of thought” – allowing only such things to enter as would be beneficial to your consciousness – and to allow in your mind only what you would wish to see outpictured as circumstances in your life.

Yes, the Earth is awash in negativity at the present time – but, if you dwell on this, it only increases!  So, instead, we would suggest that you focus upon these alternate strategies and use the decrees that have been given – for you will find them to be most helpful in “turning the tide” in your lives from the negative to the positive outcomes that you desire.  There is no reason to remain in darkness and fear when you are Masters of your Destiny!  Realize this, dearest ones, and put this knowledge to good use in your lives – restoring your sovereignty and mastership!  And, above all else, stay out of fear – which is one of the “great destroyers,” along with doubt, the doubt of yourselves and your Divine heritage and abilities.  We would instead see you apply yourselves to the constant study of the nature of your Divinity – and use this to uncover your true abilities – leading to your mastership, of yourselves and your lives, for the betterment of ALL.

Do not allow yourselves to become embroiled in battles of will and ego, as these are extremely destructive to the emerging spiritual consciousness within humankind.  Instead, steer toward a quiet recognition of what is your true path and align with this – and do not allow yourself to be turned aside to negativity by the “slings and arrows” of those who have already lost the inner pathway to peace.  You will learn a great many things as you confront the many challenges presented by negativity and destructive emotions.  It has been said, and rightly so, “the way is straight and narrow towards inner peace and knowledge.”  You will find that there will be many things vying for your attention, yet you must hold to the recognition of which path feels right to you.  It is up to you to learn when and where you wish to participate – and act wisely!  — Because it is your own divinity that you compromise when you allow yourself to fall into these seemingly attractive lower states of consciousness.  The way to Truth and Light, and your Divine Mastery is, indeed, a steep ascent over rocky terrain for many!  But do not allow yourselves to be dissuaded from the task at hand – and that is to learn the mastery over yourselves that you have sought:  mastery of your own thoughts and emotions, your will, and your intent.

Choose wisely, dearest ones, for your own Divine Sovereignty of Being sometimes hangs in the balance – and your seemingly “unimportant” decisions can be much more important than you have imagined or even now realize – having far-reaching consequences, even beyond the confines of this present lifetime of experience.

Dare to Be Great!

In order to expertly “steer your ship of consciousness,” sometimes it is necessary that you dare to go beyond all prior boundaries and limitations that you have placed upon yourselves!  Dare to be great!  For, truly, you ARE!

Therefore, do not accept, mindlessly, the many limitations which have been placed, sometimes unknowingly, on you by people who were ignorant of who you are and what you can accomplish!  Do not any longer remain a “prisoner in consciousness” of these many beliefs – but take charge of your mind and consciousness and begin to use your many God-given abilities to do what you have come here to do.

Dare to be great in this lifetime!  Dare to be a conscious Being of Light – incarnate upon the Earth – for, truly, this is your level of ability.  Believe this, and so make it a conscious part of your authentic being, your SELF!  You were not born to be a being of limited,-“worm-in-the-dust” mentality!  You have walked with the Kings, you have talked with Angels!  Claim the divine right to your BEING – and BE FREE!

The world awaits your entrance into your true SELF!

When To Be The Warrior – When To Be The Peacemaker?

In order to traverse this inner, and sometimes challenging, landscape of your consciousness – it is important for you to be able to maintain your balance and make decisions.  One of the most important decisions you will be called upon to make when you are faced with difficult circumstances and opposition from other people as you pursue your goals, will be the decision of when to be the warrior and when to be the peacemaker in a given situation.

You will instinctively know the difference in the energies of these different situations as they arise.  The circumstances of each will be different and unique.  Each will call forth a different response within you.  Sometimes you will feel combative or assertive and sense the need to actively maintain your rights and the territory your psyche inhabits.  At other times, your heart will desire a quiet, peaceful resolution to the issues at hand.  Follow what feels right and appropriate to your sense of judgment about these matters.  There is no “one right answer” for all circumstances.  As you know, circumstances vary widely, and each situation has its own set of needs for the resolution of difficulties.

Rather than attempting the laborious process of mentally “figuring all of this out” – there is a shortcut many of you have learned – and this is the “path of intuition” where you are using all of your perceptions and abilities at once, all wrapped up in the neat, compact, and very effective instrument of your intuitive abilities – where you just “know that you know” the right answer to fit the particular event, circumstance, or challenge that is facing you.  Therefore, do not waste time and effort in mental analysis when this is not necessary and you already have arrived at that “gut feeling” which is the knowing of what feels right for you to do.  Then simply ACT on it!  And don’t needlessly “stew in doubt and uncertainty” – often wasting valuable time in that process.

You are all becoming much more able to use your intuitive abilities to arrive at the solution to your “problems” or challenges.  So continue to practice this!  It does considerably speed up your overall progress – particularly, your spiritual progress – because so much of your spiritual ability is firmly based in your ability to TRUST yourself and your perceptions, and know that the conclusions you draw from these are indeed accurate!  The more you focus on trusting yourself, the easier your lives will become, human beings!

You are each making much progress and learning many things in these seemingly challenging times of the present day.  Do not be dismayed if sometimes you do not seem to fulfill the requirements that your mind has set out before you.  Instead, trust your inner being and the knowledge that it presents to you, for finding the solution to all situations which confront you with the need to respond or to make what seems to be a difficult decision.  You have learned much over the last several years – since your entrance into the realms of higher energies.  And, yes, this will continue to present challenges for each of you!  But know that you are all growing by leaps and bounds in your abilities to successfully respond to the challenges that are presented to you by the continually shifting and changing circumstances stimulated by the emergence of the New Golden Age on Earth.

Our blessings to each one of you, students on the Path toward Enlightenment,

Count St. Germain and Lady Portia

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Channel’s Note:

Count St. Germain and Lady Portia recommend to us that we begin each day by setting our energies at a very high place through the use of decrees such as the following, which are spoken aloud with the utmost mental concentration on each.  They emphasize that it is important that we do this repeatedly, each day, just as we go through our other daily routines, in order to set the conditions for our material and spiritual life:

I invite and invoke the fifth dimensional solar presence of the Violet Transmuting Flame to blaze in, through, and around me every moment of my waking and sleeping hours for this day and night.

All non-beneficial energies I may have contacted during my sleeping hours are now blazed free from me through the powerful activity of the fifth dimensional Violet Transmuting Flame.

I invite my higher Divine Presence to be in full operation within me during this entire day and night.

I AM the mighty presence of the Divine in operation on Earth this day for the benefit of all life.

Only Beings of the Ascended Realm may contact me mentally this day.

— And please create your other affirmations that are personal to you for addressing your own requirements —

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