Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia and the Ascended Masters
 Copyright 2016 by Star Hinman

“I, and many, many others, walk beside you,

and you are never, never alone!” 

It is now time to let go of all that has gone before – all old memories of painful relationships, experiences of separation and isolation, and the many disappointments and painful episodes of remorse and regret that you have known.

Be in the new ascended energies of the new earth. She is breaking free of all that has gone before – breaking all bonds to the pain of the past. In this period of such change and challenge, hold to the truth of what you know to be real, and trust yourself and your knowledge. Have certainty in yourself and do not be dissuaded from your path towards truth and light. Now is the time to be free.

The time has come for you to know the truth and be free. We are talking about the truth of your being. You, none of you, are who you thought you were – since you have been misled by the lies about yourselves that you have believed in the past. Let it go! It is ready to be released. This is the old way, containing the energies of pain and dysfunction.  This is no longer who you are now. Open your eyes to the new and beautiful reality that is surrounding you now, waiting for you to perceive it and participate in all that is beautiful, all that is real – and this is what is occurring now.

Rejoice in the knowledge of your freedom. You are not who you were – feeling yourselves to be victims, sleepwalking through painful and hurtful relationships that denied the divinity within you and the wisdom and knowledge of your souls. Make your lives easy now by going to a new level of energy and consciousness where things simply “flow in harmony” and everything happens to support your highest good. Things do not have to be difficult or painful in the new energies of now, though many of you make it so by holding on to the old consciousness and the old energies. It is now time to “release the old” to make way for the new!

It has been said that “A man cannot serve two masters.” And this has never been more true and applicable than in the present day when so many of you are attempting to do just that – by serving your “master” of the past (the pain and fear that you have known and are allowing to control you) when the doorway to the future and all that you have sought (peace, joy, love, contentment) beckons you to enter a new world of freedom and beauty where you need not be afraid of the shadows of the past.

Many of you, unknowingly, drag your chains along with you, the heavy chains of these painful memories and experiences that you have known.  And these interfere with your ability to move on and be in present time – leaving you feeling helpless and alone. This is a place that many have known, yet you need not remain in this prison of the mind and emotions. Release your chains. Release these heavy memories and emerge into the present day of enlightenment and knowledge.

The Doorways of Heaven beckon – they are open before you now, and you do not need a special key or password to enter. The immutable imprint of divinity within your soul’s presence is your key and password for entrance into the higher realms of fifth dimensional reality now existing on Earth. No other key is needed. You are complete with all you need to enter a higher reality and claim your true identity which is radiant with Light – and free of all past hurts and pain.

Claim your freedom. Walk through the “Doorway of Consciousness” into the New World which awaits you, and is even now being born on Earth. Be free, dearest ones.

Your destiny awaits you.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Channel’s note (Star Hinman)

At this beautiful time of Easter, we can avail ourselves of the uplifting and freeing qualities of these energies of rebirth and resurrection in order to “birth the new” within ourselves, and to feel ourselves being lifted into the higher realms of consciousness where we are aware of these new parts of ourselves that are being born daily!

In this process, we are blessed to have the assistance of many beautiful Beings of Light in the Ascended Realms, such as Jeanne d’Arc. Jeanne describes herself as a “minister to the present day” – assisting, encouraging, emboldening, and enlightening those of us in the present day who are, in her words, “facing such challenges on Earth.”

She says to us now, “I hope to be a minister of good faith – walking beside each of you, in your darkest hours, as well as in Light – to see you to the fulfilment of your destiny on Earth. You each have much to do for the Earth and her humanity – who need your help NOW – more than ever before!

“The time is short, and the way is steep – and, at times, fraught with seeming danger and difficulty!  Yet be not dismayed, and be of good faith! For I, and many, many others, walk beside you – and you are never, never alone!  Adieu beloveds, I am Jeanne.”

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