April 2016

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia and the Ascended Masters
 Copyright 2016 by Star Hinman

“Know that you as well can wear

the armour of light.

If you but request it, it is done.”

This message is preceded by a message from “the warrior angels of Michael” who explain that Jeanne comes with her sword, shield and armour of light to teach the mystery of ethereal protection.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

I am Jeanne and I bring you this message of much love and our support and the blessings of all these who are gathered here in response to what you have said. Because it is magnificent – the commitment that I see within each one of your hearts. You want to do the right thing for earth. You will do whatever it takes to see the return of light to this blessed planet that has struggled so long in darkness.

I and many others have come to this place to do what we may to see the return of the light to earth, and I would like to say that I believe I did my part to bring this light and to see it return to France and to many other places across the earth after this anchoring in the country that is known on earth as France. Because it is not limited [to] what we did in that place within the borders of France, but it has since spread across the earth as a huge tidal wave of light, spreading and bringing the kingdom of heaven wherever it moves across the earth. And blessed ones, it moves through your hearts tonight.

I can see it – as do many others standing round about and holding this light – these energies of love and our blessings for each one of you that has fought so long in the darkness, as I did in France. And I continue to fight for the light and to hold this light wherever it is needed on the earth.

I am there with the angelic forces of Michael to instil this light into the workers for earth who are willing to receive and to hold the majesty of his presence on earth. For he can do much when he comes and he is accepted into the hearts of humanity as the redeemer and the way-shower, along with the one you know as Jesus on the earth. All of this we instill into the hearts and the souls of humanity that is willing to accept our presence and the gifts of love and blessing and encouragement, which we bring.

You are now the warriors of light, and you know it. You know this truth as it has been said here tonight. I speak the truth to all of you – you know not the fulness of your destiny as light workers on the earth. But you will because you are willing, you are willing to work for the light and to be the ones that go forth willingly and in love to your fellow human beings, to be messengers of light that are so needed upon the earth.

I and many others attend to you with great blessing, great healing, and I [stand] with my sword of light and great power from Lord Michael and his legions of light, which imbue it constantly with these energies and blessings of light and the power of Almighty God.

I go forth upon the earth when I am needed to do this light work, as it were, with the forces at my command.  For there are many, and we go as a group with great love – the power that is needed in these places of such darkness to return them to light.

And it is done in this way through the angelic kingdom who accompanies us and the one you know as Michael, and the one you have spoken of in love as Jesus, and the beautiful Mother Mary who is always with us with her golden heart of such radiant love for all humanity. She is such a great blessing to the earth.  Do you know, do you realize what she brings to earth?  The earth would have been destroyed long ago were it not for her presence and the infusions of love that she brings to humanity who would have destroyed themselves long ago were it not for her ministering grace and the love of her heart for all of you.

It is majestic – the kingdom of heaven reigns once again on earth because of her presence on earth and that of her son.

Do you realize how lucky we all are to have these great beings of light with us here this evening to bring their blessing and healing into this forcefield of light that you through your prayers have opened and created in this beautiful place of such blessing and light. I love to come here because it is like a garden of Eden upon the earth in the midst of what is often desolation and destruction and pain. But you are changing all of that, and with our help you will long continue and be successful warriors of the light, as I was on earth so long ago.

Blessings and much love from all of us here to all of you.  Know that you as well can wear the armour of light.  If you but request it, it is done.

Adieu, beloveds.  I am Jeanne who attends you now with the angels of mercy.

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