Published in the October 2016 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE
Under the Title:  “Earth Is Ready for Change”

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light


Star Hinman, Spiritual Channel and Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016

You can’t believe what you’re seeing and hearing!  These are the “pictures of reality” which are being presented to your consciousness, as things appear to be spinning out of control!  Yes, things are “spinning out-of-control,” but only out of the control of certain levels of intelligence which would work to manipulate and control human consciousness!

You know the drill:  the “daily diet” of shootings, bombings, terrorist activities, wars, riots, and the like which give you the impression that things are “out-of-control.”  However, one stimulus point for this activity could be described as follows:  much of this is simply a reaction of human consciousness – on a very deep, unconscious level, we might add – to the energy dynamics which have been created through the process of your being lied to, manipulated, and controlled by a minority of the population as well as certain other levels of intelligence.  And we are referring to those who have been previously, and many of those who are presently, in power.  Now, we do not wish to diverge into conspiracy theories and all of the other mind chatter that often accompanies and attempts to “explain” or describe current events on Earth.  That is simply not our purpose in giving this information which is designed to allay fears and not lend an incendiary tone to these subjects.

We perceive this situation only as energy in a state of flux.  This is the energy of human populations, given a certain set of conditions and parameters in which they have been “allowed” to operate.  These are not conscious decisions of populations as a result of having been lied to and controlled for eons of time, thinking to themselves “so now we will rebel and break free by creating chaos.”  No, this is, as we have said, simply how the energy of human consciousness sometimes operates, by reacting under certain conditions of extreme pressure and within certain parameters of what is possible for human activity.  This is, therefore, a set of activities which are giving expression, on an entirely unconscious level, to the buildup of energies which has been the direct result of experiencing this level of consciousness control.  During this experience, you have been denied your freedom of self-expression and the ability to create, without outside interference, the conditions determining the quality of your life’s activities and experiences.

We, from our unique vantage point, which is far-removed from Earth’s general level of consciousness, are able to clearly perceive what is actually occurring, as well as noting its apparent causes and the resulting symptomatology which is appearing at the present time on Earth.  Be aware that there are many who do not wish to see the appearance of the New Earth which you Lightworkers are now in the process of creating!  Therefore, you are often being led on a wild roller coaster of emotion and drama, and the ones actually causing this scenario act from a position well behind a curtain of secrecy in their attempts to control what you are able to accomplish by controlling your energetic frequencies and limiting these to levels of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.  Their actions – as well as their true motives – are, generally speaking, not being well-perceived by the broad-ranging, yet somewhat strangely homogenized consciousness of those of you on Earth.  Therefore, what is actually happening on the planet is often being overlooked, given your current level of awareness.  Hence the need for, and value of, this timely message – which is specifically designed to awaken those of you who are able to perceive what is actually going on – when you are given the proper “nudge” and mental stimulation which we now, happily, are able to provide for you.

Earth is ready for a change!  And that is what these outer events, which are so uncomfortable for most of you to experience, are designed to stimulate.  For every action, there is a reaction, and this operates in the physical, as well as energetic realms according to the laws of physics.  Quite simply, it’s how things WORK!  So understand this higher concept of what is currently happening on your planet, and you will achieve a very different view of what is actually occurring.  Then you will see a higher purpose in all of this activity!

There are many forces at work “behind the scenes,” so to speak.  And this has been the order of business for a very long time on Earth, as you know.  For quite a while in your history, there has been a real stranglehold on truth!  Organizations, both political and religious – and many who were both – have had their power base invested in the withholding of information.  And as you know, information, accurate information, is power.   Unfortunately, many people and organizations on Earth, in ages long past and up to the present day, have maintained their power through controlling what you know.

Now, all of that control structure is crumbling – for various internal and external reasons.  Oftentimes, these are reasons of an internal nature in their organizations.  Since we often “plant” people within these organizations for the sole purpose of disrupting the normal operations of the status quo, this has not been a difficult set of circumstances to arrange.  Quite simply, many of the upheavals you are currently witnessing on Earth have as their origination point the disintegration and dissolution of these hidden power structures which have existed in many economic, political, and religious “fossil edifices of power” which now begin to crumble before your eyes!

This is a good thing!  For it will inexorably lead you, as a culture, as a race of humanity, to freedom!  And that is the goal, is it not – for all of us – you and us alike.  We are not that different from you.  We simply exist in a different realm of activity, light years from Earth in the way you measure time and space.  But it is actually much closer than you think — when you travel the way we do, by making use of many of the universal laws of how energy operates, how the universe actually functions – according to the laws of physics, many of which are still to be discovered on Earth.  And these will be known in succeeding generations, when human beings will have the wisdom and ability to make use of them – not for conquest – but with peaceful intentions of expanding your horizons, so to speak.

We give you this information to prepare you for what is coming:  a huge change in human consciousness where you perceive things as a whole instead of breaking them up into day-to-day realities which sometimes seem confusing – and quite often obscure the actual facts of what is occurring on your planet.  We have no agenda here other than to provide you with the necessary information to see a larger view of reality so that you can make the decisions which will enhance your quality of life – instead of being blindly led “down the rabbit hole” of fear and distrust.

Most of these intelligences which are currently guiding the course of your present-day cultures do not have your best interests at heart, as their motives.  And this is why, precisely, we bring you this higher perspective, so that you can accurately perceive what is going on, form your own opinions about it, and ultimately choose a course of action which, not being based on the emotion of fear, will lead the Earth populations toward the goal of creating a far different outcome from the one currently envisioned by the “puppet masters,” as we often call them.  These are the ones who wish to control your level of consciousness for the ultimate goal of controlling you – and thereby controlling the future course of evolutionary progress on Earth – toward their own selfish ends, we might add.

Now that you have been presented with this information, what are you going to do with it?  Will you create more conspiracy theories and look for “the dark hand of hidden power” behind every occurrence?  Or will you use the information toward the purposes for which it is intended:  to bring light to your consciousness and give support to each of you, going forward?  Your birthright is Freedom – the freedom of your consciousness to soar into new realms where control of you is impossible!

When you know the truth, we have found that you make wise decisions – and that is our purpose in this communication:  to give you an accurate view of the present circumstances on Earth – which some of you know, but many do not.  We wish to have this information made more widely available to the “average” person on Earth – the “common man,” as you so often term it – so that we will then be supporting the overall elevation of human consciousness to a level which does not allow the type of control which has been the norm, or status quo, on Earth for far too long a time.

“As you know the Truth, so the Truth will make you free.”  This is a quotation that we like very much, because it has always been true of humanity.  At this point in time, you have “a foot in two worlds,” so to speak.  And this has also been true of humanity for a very long time.  You have always had the potential of moving to a higher level of consciousness – evolving, so to speak.  But you have been held back in the development of your consciousness by many factors which are too numerous to mention.  However, you are aware of most of them.  The continuing wars and political unrest on your planet are but one example which has often had a devastating effect on human consciousness – retarding your ability to grow and evolve, sometimes for centuries of time in various civilizations across the planet.  Happily, this too is gradually coming to an end, as people lose their taste for war as an effective means of solving disagreements about political issues, geographical boundaries, and levels of control of the population.

You ARE becoming free in your thinking!  Have you noticed?  You are not so likely to believe the latest prognostications given out by your political, economic, or religious figures – and others who hold various positions of power in your societies.  You are learning to think for yourselves, and this is what we are supporting with the information we are giving here in this format.  You are not so quick to believe the lies designed to steer your consciousness toward the supposed “need” for making war on your fellow human beings.  And, happily, this type of thinking is gradually becoming extinct and is being replaced by a consciousness which more readily searches for peaceful solutions to disagreements rather than rushing to war with your neighbors.

We are very happy to see the progress you are all making in this area, both as individuals and within your governments — because, hopefully, this progress will end the wasteful practice of war which has ended certain civilizations which had the potential for great progress, and delayed the evolution of consciousness which appeared to be very promising in others.

You are making new kinds of decisions – in your individual lives as well as in the government of nations – and we wish to support this with a history lesson:  Realize that nothing, other than this former propensity for war, has so radically delayed your evolutionary progress as a species, which is blessed with such great intelligence and potential for advancement.  We bring you these perspectives – none of which, unfortunately, are new on Earth – simply as a reminder at this important juncture in time, which contains many possibilities for rapid advancement in your evolutionary progress – both as a species and a planet of intelligent life.

We are hopeful that you may now have the opportunity to evaluate the information coming to you – based not on blind faith or some belief that you have held, but on the innate ability within each of you to know the truth when you hear it or think it.  This sole ability – above all others – is what will lead you “over the top” – to the accomplishment of your goal:  the creation of the New World which you both seek and desire!

Our support and blessings are with each of you – always!

The Pleiadians

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