June 2016

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia and the Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016 by Star Hinman


Concentrate on this great light shining from above,

shining to the earth to illuminate

through the seeming darkness the hearts of mankind.

This message was channeled after dozens of terrorist attacks, including the shooting in Orlando, Florida, that occurred nine days earlier.  The words were preceded by messages describing the increased galactic energies of the solstice and the opportunities these energies bring.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Greetings, beloved ones. I, as well, would have a word with you. It is through the love of my heart that I speak to each of you and to this group. I am Jeanne, and perhaps you have known me as the words you say: “Joan of Arc”, although I was never called that during my life-time. Yet I do recognise the name.

And it is my great joy and the love of my heart to be with all of you in this time of such trials for you on the earth, but yet such excitement, such opportunity, such opening in the energies – the opportunity for communication in ways that you have never known.

It is very exciting for all of us to see the way your light is changing and how through the love of your hearts you are growing and changing daily. We can see this growth, this progress in each one of you, even though you often doubt it, as human beings may do.

But I will tell you, I see such enormous potential in each one of you that I wish to speak to you about this, this evening. To bring this forth and to have you shine your enormous light to the heaven realms, to have this seen and appreciated by all of these in these far-flung civilizations that would now be recognizing the light shining from earth – this blessed planet that has laboured so long in darkness.

Do you know her history of struggle and strife in the depths of the darkness which descended upon the earth? Yet many beings of the light such as yourselves have through the love of your hearts come forth upon the earth, as I did, to lift the darkness by bringing by your hand a ray of light into the darkest places on earth.

Have you come? Yes! Through your light shining, many dark places of the earth have been greatly enlightened through ones such as yourselves who have through the great love of your hearts and divine mercy come to save the earth in the midst of such darkness as you see now, with many being killed with guns through these events of terrorism.

Yet be not dismayed and do not be fearful, dearest ones. Do not allow these experiences to cause fear in your hearts. If you could see the angelic realms who surround you with their protection and their light, you would not ever be afraid of that which appears to be darkness.

Concentrate on this great light shining from above, shining to the earth to illuminate through the seeming  darkness the hearts of mankind and to shed light to open the hearts of many who are prisoners in darkness. Yet will their consciousness also be illumined by the work of many such as yourselves upon the earth who stand with their banner in hand and their sword of light to pierce through the dark veils of consciousness and to bring through their great will and power the light of God once again to this place.

I tell you now – if I had my horse I would ride with you on these conquests and victories which you shall have. Though you have my heart, I cannot be with you in physical form. Yet, I am with you in my heart, always, when you persevere against these things and pierce through the dark veils with the power and presence of your divine consciousness now made manifest within each one of you.

Divine warriors for the light, as you are, do you know whereof I speak? It is your destiny, is it not? It is your will. It is your heart that speaks to you now – a whisper, a voice through the darkness and fear, shining the light of God into this place and to every place on the earth where this darkness tries to penetrate the consciousness of humanity.

I will not have it be said of me that I did not come to be with you in this moment of time when there is so much at stake for freedom, for liberty, for justice for humanity amidst all strife and the ill-will that has been created through the ignorance of some who are in human form.

Yet be not dismayed. For you will see the light of God breaking through the clouds of human consciousness very soon. It is happening now through ones such as you who carry my banner and my sword and the love of my heart shining to assist each of you in what you must do for the earth and for all humanity.

You are beings of love. You know only love. Let it be so. Let the love of my heart shine round about each of you and keep you safe all the days of your life on the earth.

I am Jeanne, and I have spoken these words to you through the love of my heart and my dedication to all those who serve the light.


Adieu, beloveds.

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