August 2016

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)
Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for Lady Portia and the Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016 by Star Hinman



I am Jeanne and I bring you this message, beautiful ones.

Know that you are not alone on the earth in these struggles that you are all having now, because there are so many of us in the ascended realms who come to you daily and hourly to bring you what assistance we may. And God knows the time when this assistance is needed is nigh to the earth.

You are all held within the radiance of this divine light, which the heavenly realms even now are bringing to each one of you to bless and to heal you, and to protect you from all that would be less than the radiance of divine light.

Hold to this truth and this knowledge. For the way is steep and often rocky at the present time, and many have fallen by the wayside due to the current events, which you find happening upon your earth.

Therefore I bring you this message to assuage your pain and your fear and worry over all that you see happening on your dear earth.

Know that you are not alone. You do not face these challenges alone, even though many of you often feel that you do. Know that the hand of the Lord is always upon your shoulder – guiding you, protecting you, healing you so that no evil may befall you, even in these times when evil swirls so rapidly through the consciousness of humanity.

Yet I will tell you now that many such as I come to earth to stand with each one of you, not just through the masses of humanity but with each individual person such as yourselves.

We know your names, dearest ones. We stand with you.  We stand beside you. We walk your footsteps often times to protect you from all ills. Nothing can come nigh your presence yet when we are with you. All evil is repelled from those who love the Lord and hold Him in your countenance and in your hearts.

It is my great wish for all of you that you will hear these words and believe them, and take them into your minds and hearts to protect you from the ravages and the storms of negativity, which even now swirl upon the earth as dark clouds wishing to affect humanity.

But know that the hand of the Lord dispels these clouds and holds you in the radiance of His light and the almighty presence of the divine.

You are never at risk from any of these things if you hold these truths firmly within your minds and hearts, and love these ones as serve the earth and all humanity with the great love of their hearts for all of you as well.

You know in your heart of hearts that you are beloved of all of us here. And I bring you these words now to underscore this in your minds that you may know this truth, and it may fill your minds with light and strength, and the power of God’s truth in your lives.

This is my blessing to all of you, dearest ones. For you have my great love of my heart surrounding and penetrating you to form a powerful force-field of protection to repel all evil which would come near to you to desire entry.

Nothing is more powerful than the hand of the Lord who is here and stands with each one of you
this night.

Hear my words people of earth and believe in the divine power which surrounds you instantly when you call upon His great power and presence.

You are beloved of all of us here, who stand with you this night to show you the light and power of the Almighty so near to you that nothing else may gain entry in your minds and hearts.

You are beloved, and you are made whole in the great light of His divine presence – the Prince of Peace and the very King of Heaven who stands so near to each one of you this night.

Blessings dearest ones and adieu. I am Jeanne.

* * * * * * *

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