October 2016
Archangel Michael

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia and the Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016 by Star Hinman

“This was not some magic or special gift
that she had, but it is something
that may now be done for all of you.”

Dearest ones, I will tell you that you are all making a huge difference by being on the earth. I am Michael, and I wish to address all of you that have shown such love in your words about my blessed servant who has worked with me so often in many of the projects that we have done together.

textarticle1You have known her as Joan of Arc. I have referred to her by many other names as well. She has been my right hand, as you know, in France, but also in many other times and places.

She has volunteered to assist humanity and the earth by the work that she has done. She is my beloved servant but also my equal in the work that has been done, because she has followed my direction that was given to her even before she was born into the body that you have known as Joan of Arc.

She is a cosmic being of great power and authority who has volunteered for this mission to earth when she was called by the name Joan of Arc.

But also she has had many other incarnations on the earth where she has selflessly served the light, always the light. And that is where her great strength and power has been developed. It is because of these many experiences that she has volunteered in these missions to earth that she has amassed great power and ability to hold this unbreakable connection with myself and many others who were obviously assisting her in this lifetime that you know about as Joan of Arc.

It has taken great development on her part, the part of this being that she is, to come to this level of understanding and ability, to be able to use many of the esoteric techniques, which she did use, which have never been revealed or spoken about. She was a master in physical form as a human being.

And you have asked why she was able to hold this connection with me and many others, because there were many others who were working with her from the spiritual realms. I was just one of many, you see.

It is because of her level of dedication—the larger being that she obviously is, which has such knowledge of a cosmic nature and ability, which has well-translated into the human Many of the esoteric techniques … have never been revealed or spoken about. 3 realms. And this is her special ability: it is the ability to, through a level of consciousness, to maintain this connection with the higher levels of her identity, so to speak, which of course, is neither male or female, but I am using the word “her” because this is what you are familiar with. You would feel it strange if I referred to her as “him”.

textarticle2But the larger cosmic being which she is a part of comprises, as you might imagine, the complete energy spectrum, which includes what you would think of as male and female. And she was able to bring this complete spectrum of energy into this physical vehicle, which was, of course, female, but she was able to maintain the completeness of who she is, and to keep, as you have termed it, the “unbreakable connection” to this higher level of her consciousness.

So you see, that is what made it very easy for her to, as you have remarked, to keep the connection with of course myself, but there were many others involved, even in the heat of battle. And it is because on these higher levels we were one, and she knew this, and it was this unity of consciousness in the ascended realms which translated so well through all levels of her identity and consciousness.

From the highest to the lowest and the lowest to the highest

As above, so below; as below, so above.

This is a universal law of energy. She knew this, and she used the higher energy principles to maintain this band of energy and consciousness, which spanned many dimensions.

And this was her secret, so to speak, that I am now blessed to be able to relay to all of you because she wishes it to be done. She believes that this will be an aid, a benefit to those of you in this room, but also many others as “this information may be disseminated for the benefit of all,” is what she is saying.

Because she does not consider herself to be above the level of humanity, but she is in my view an excellent prototype of what will shortly be coming on the earth in human form. This is what is even now occurring in some of the young ones that are being born on the earth. She was able to bring this complete spectrum of energy [male and female] into this physical vehicle.

They have this power, this ability to keep this connection in this way, and it is a blessing to the earth for this to be happening now.

And that is why I believe it is of benefit to all to have this spoken about and known and to have people understand that this was not some magic or some special gift that she had, but it is something that may now be done by all of you. And that is her wish—that she may be an inspiration to all of you to keep the connection, as you have said and wished.

My sincerest blessing to each one of you dear souls on the path of light and truth and love and wisdom and power. My blessings and my love to each one of you now and forever. I am Michael.

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