November 2016
Jeanne D’Arc (Joan of Arc)

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016 by Star Hinman

Pure Love Sanctuary

“Everything that you could possibly seek

or wish to knowthe answer is already within you.”   

Before this message, Lady Portia speaks about how listeners can incorporate more divinity in their lives. While describing the process, she refers to Jeanne as an example of a person who achieved a high level of mastery that enabled her to have divine knowledge and abilities while putting her mind on other things.

Next, Lady Portia speaks of the search for the sacred doorway of knowledge, which has historically been documented by the Mystery Schools. She says the human quest for knowledge in the outer world leads one’s consciousness back to the discovery that “what you have sought is within you from the beginning”.  After Lady Portia closes her message, Jeanne speaks.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

This is Jeanne, dearest ones, and it is my great joy to be here with you for a few moments of your time.

You are indeed the searchers on the path towards meaning and knowledge, searching for the source of your own divinity, dearest ones. You are the seekers on the path to the knowledge which is, and always has been, held inviolate deep within your hearts. And I would point you in this direction for your search.

For the heart is, as many have said, the sacred vault which holds the distilled knowledge and gold of the soul.  Everything that you could possibly seek or wish to know: the answer is already within you, held within the secret place within your hearts, that place that has been referred to as the “secret place of the most High”. Such a beautiful phrase it is. Yes, it is within each one of you, dearest ones.  Know this and feel the energy of the secret place which beats your heart and gives you human life.

It is the source of the divine energy, which preserves your life in human form, for without it you cannot maintain human life. That is why people have often talked about—“One dies when they lose heart.” They are so distraught over some happening in their outer lives, and that is why they have lost the sacred connection within the heart to their own soul’s presence deep within them. And yet perhaps it flees in terror because of some happening in the outer world, and this has often happened with people. I have seen this happen myself to more than I care to remember.

And so I bring you this message about this seat of the sacred power within each one of you, dearest ones.  That when you are on this search they [Lady Portia and others] have spoken about, you may seek in the correct place for the answers, which you will find await you there in the secret place of the most High, held inviolate deep within your hearts where all that is sacred, all that is divine, meets the most cherished, beautiful parts of your own humanity deep within you. What is called the human nature, it is all within your hearts.

And you will learn whereof I speak this night soon enough should you choose to continue the path of this search for this place where the human meets the divine.

Blessings. My heart’s love to all of you.  I open my heart of hearts to share with you the wisdom of my soul because of my great love for all of you.

I am Jeanne.

Adieu, beloveds.

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