August 2016
Count St. Germain
Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016 by Star Hinman

Image above is the House where Jeanne was born in Domremy

“I’m giving this to you as an example
of how you have all had this preparation individually.”

Peace be with you, beautiful ones. This is Count St. Germain coming to you now in order to expand on these messages given by this one here, because truly the time of testing is coming for all of you. Because this is how you learn, is it not? It is through using in a conscious, controlled way the immense power that is coming through each one of you now because of the work that you have done in these classes and in your lives, indeed through this entire lifetime.

We’re coming to you now to instruct you further in how to be aware of the great power that is within you when, as was said, you consciously align with the higher forces, the divine force within each one of you. Because this is sometimes overlooked, and quite often so, by human beings who think that they must simply run off of their own power and abilities when we are standing so close by and will gladly assist with the addition and infusion of our energies within you, if you will but say the word and allow us to have the opportunity to make great shifts and changes in your energies and in your lives.

The time is coming, and not only for all of you, but for the earth as well—a time of great testing. Where you simply try to be the little versions of yourselves struggling along, feeling lost and dejected and overwhelmed and overcome with what you often define as these larger forces that come into your lives and come into your planet and affect the earth and all of you. You see, you will be dealing with some very large energies which will be coming to earth with the intention of teaching humanity to use these very high abilities. You have to combine with other intelligences and to summon their energies towards you and to be a focal point for summoning and directing this higher intelligence on the earth to accomplish many things.

And this is only just the beginning of what is going to be a great process of learning for humanity. And as you move into the next centuries, this will be well-known. It will be a much-used way of constructing things and indeed bringing into manifestation many things, because, you see, this is the beginning of learning this process of manifestation, and, of course, precipitation is a part of that process, but not the entirety of it.

And so humanity is on the cusp—as we speak—of this light coming on in your consciousness where you realise that when you are just operating under your own steam, so to speak, that you are, as it might be said, only operating on a few of your cylinders, to use the very interesting wording, which you all understand. And so what we have been focusing on doing with you this evening is expanding your consciousness beyond what you consider to be your individual energies and abilities. Because when you open up beyond this point and call on the higher realms, you become a part of the higher realm intelligence and energy, because you allow it to flow into your physical bodies.

Jeanne d’Arc

And so it is this merging and this melding, as Jeanne, Joan of Arc—as you say of her—she was adept at this process of invocation of the higher realm energies, and she knew instinctively and intuitively how to set aside her human consciousness and to become one with the higher realms. And this indeed was the source of her great power and ability that you know so well. And she would be the first to say that she did not claim these powers and energies as her own, but attributed all of these miracles to God, as she spoke of it, and so she accomplished this through the higher mind, you see, which she used very well.

All of this is done through the higher mind consciousness, which you’re all beginning to be able to use and you are learning to invoke this very powerful stream of energy and divine consciousness. Because it is not only energy, it is divine mind consciousness, which rules and directs the use, the focus, the effect of these immense energies. And it is no small feat for one to learn the level of control of these higher forces, which is what she did and has done.

And so she continues to do this, of course, because you do not have to be in physical form to call forth these energies. And through the process of divine mind and becoming at one with divine mind, it is possible to command tremendous cosmic forces of energies. And she did have the purity of soul and spirit to be allowed to command these extremely high levels of cosmic power and ability.

And this is in many ways what she was designed to do. She was intensely instructed in the higher realms before ever she was allowed to incarnate on the earth. And so she’d had these immense periods of learning—the school rooms of the higher learning, you see. She was prepared for very long periods of time in this way so that when she came onto the earth she was able to do this. Through this intense preparation that she’d had, she knew instinctively how to hold this focus of the heart and mind and the will and the entire focus of the human being on becoming one with divine consciousness, power and ability.

And so, this in a nutshell is how she was able to do many of the things that she did. Now of course there was much other learning, which she had been instructed in—many of these other things, such as warfare, the earthly forms of warfare—before she ever came onto the earth. So she’d had extensive preparation in all of this.

But you see, I’m giving this to you as an example of how you have all had this preparation individually before you ever were allowed to incarnate into this time-frame because this is such an important lifetime for all of you, and it is such a unique time to be incarnate and alive on the earth.

This is not a lifetime to waste, and so that is why you are prepared, and we wish you to focus your consciousness on knowing the vast preparation that you have all had before coming here and having this opportunity to experience, as is often termed, the “school rooms of learning”. And it is a school room, is it not? Because you have been speaking this evening about many of the challenges which human beings face in being human on the earth.

Blending human and divine

And never forget dearest ones that you are indeed human beings on the earth. Do not try to be too perfect because that will defeat your purpose of being a human being and having the human experience, as I often had to learn and was often reminded of by my many spiritual teachers, very often in fact. I was a slow learner on this point, I can tell you, and I will openly confess it here and now. But eventually I did learn this and was able to move into higher levels of the adept and learning how to command energies.

It is through the process of becoming one with the divinity, the divine spark of the godhead abilities that are within you. And when you breathe this spark into life as she [Jeanne] did, it changes your energy in ways that you cannot imagine. You become indeed more than human because you are part divine with all of the abilities and the knowledge and the energies that this entails. And you are this interesting blending of consciousness, because, yes, while you’re on the earth you retain the human form and all that this entails in the way of personality and will and ego, and all of these things that go into the make-up of making you human.

And so you must not fight with these things, and as often people have done to denigrate the human ego and to think that it is a bad thing to have human ego. It is not only not bad; it is very beneficial to learn how to work with the levels of human will, which entails the human ego and all of the attendant emotions, which spring from all of these areas within the human being.

The dance of energies

And it is a dance of energies, is it not, when you are fully human and you are able to experience the myriad levels of intelligence and the exquisite energies which exist within the human being who is aware of that spark of divine light, which is constantly within you. But some learn how to fan the spark into a flame and others do not.

But this is the focus of all of you. And you are doing very well with this. It is this process of breathing the eternal flame of life into a bigger flame every day of your lives, to be feeding this flame of your divine consciousness and not to be limited to the levels of human emotion and desire for ego gratification. Because when the little ego is winning the battle, it distorts your ability to be the greater flame that is within you, and you are all learning this now.

This is something that you are all studying and becoming quite adept at, and it is working out this dance between the human needs and the human wants, and this other part of yourselves that is the spiritual equivalent of God and has all of the divine intelligence, all of the qualities that you attribute to the Godhead energies.

And so you are, shall I say, becoming the larger equivalence of your personality, your ego, your human abilities. All levels of yourselves are expanding as you invoke, yes to invoke and to use this higher consciousness which often comes and whispers in your ear. But do you listen?

Because so many people become so enamoured of the human experience that they are quite caught up in this process as you have been speaking of, of the solar plexus, the third chakra—the wars of will and desire. And so you are a rainbow dance of energies, and you can choose through divine mind to be the higher equivalent of the energies that you possess.

And this is what I would recommend to you at the present time, and this is the level of instruction that we are as well giving to you in the higher realms. It is to bring this forward in your consciousness while you’re yet upon the earth, to endeavour to bring forward in your mind, in your awareness, in your emotions the divine qualities of this divine spark of the Godhead energies which exists within you.

But how does one turn the spark into a flame? That is the eternal question that I get from humanity is: “How did you manage to turn the spark into the flame of divine consciousness and become an Ascended Master?”

And it is a many-faceted answer that I give. Because this is a course of study of which I availed myself, which is given to those who seek and are sincere on the path of wishing to learn to be more than the limited consciousness that perhaps they have known. And the way is open before all of you, I can tell you this. None of you are experiencing at the present time any limitations in your consciousness in your abilities in this way that are not easily able to be overcome.

Challenges and tests

And I tell you this so that you will know how to approach these challenges, these things—they happen for everyone in their lives. I’m not saying that you are all coming into this time of great trouble and travail, but there will be certain challenges because, yes, we do the testing from time to time to ascertain who is ready to move forward to the higher levels of instruction. And I will give you the warning now that this time is coming for each of you.

So you will be receiving these tests and perhaps my words may be some preparation for your mental state to be focused on using all of your wherewithal, shall we say, in order to address in a positive way the many challenges that are going to be coming for you. Because this will not be an easy thing; I will tell you that quite bluntly because none of you are beginners on the path. Were you beginners, the tests would be easier, and this is a very easy point of logic to comprehend. And, you see, it is indeed a compliment that this will be some extensive testing for some of you, and that is why we have been giving some preliminary information this evening to, you might say, point you in the direction where you will be most effective in learning the higher use of your consciousness and not allowing yourself to be pulled down into the lower emotions of competition or wishing to have your will exerted over another person, and all of these type of things.

Because many times this is attractive to a human being that they fall easy prey to this type of thing. And you are all well beyond this point, but not totally clear of the ability to be snared in your consciousness by some of these things and have your progress retarded in this way.

But you will need to be quite aware. You will need to have a razor’s edge on your consciousness in order to see correctly the challenges that are coming and to prepare yourselves to deal with this from the highest levels of your abilities.

And this is the perspective that I would recommend to all of you—to stay in the higher mind awareness and not allow yourselves on any account to be pulled into competition or fear or worry about your levels of abilities, because truthfully you are all well beyond any need to be concerned in this way about these things.

I am just trying to give you a little pep talk here to point all of you in the right direction to keep your consciousness focused in a way where you are above the levels of these tricks and snares, so to speak. And so if you will remember what has been said here this evening, you will, I believe be much better off for it. You will certainly be much better prepared than when you entered this door to the room this evening.

And we will be having quite a lot more to say about this because it is a very important and timely subject to be addressing with all of you. But you will have to be studying. This is going to require constant self-analysis, awareness, focus on the goals, and not in any way relenting in your focus—this laser-like focus of your mind on the goal at hand, and that is, in all accounts, to stay above the fray of human will and ego machinations.

So that would be my word to you this evening, and I am intending to give you a distillation of some of the knowledge that I found to be in fact most helpful to myself as well as to Portia in her progress through some of these things. And I’m sure she will be speaking to you as well with some very important and interesting perspectives, which perhaps may be of assistance to you and perhaps not. We will see about that at a later time.

Good evening to all of you. We have, as always, greatly enjoyed being with you for these moments in your time.


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