Published in the May 2017 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE
Under the Title: “You Are Watching Earth’s Transformation”

Lady Portia

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017

Channel’s Note:
This is the transcript of a live channeling event where Lady Portia is speaking about the challenges we are all facing, and the opportunities that we have now — for learning, soul advancement, and achieving mastery on our path toward ascension.


Channeling Begins:

Greetings My Dears,

We are so happy to be with you this evening and to have this opportunity to speak with you about the many challenges that you are facing, and all of this, because the Earth is certainly not without its challenges at this time – and there is so much happening upon the Earth!  Of course, you are not aware of all of it, as we are from our vantage point [in the spiritual realms], because our vantage point is very different from the human vantage point in that we are able to see many things that are hidden from your sight as human beings.

For example, we are able to view the Earth as a whole being, a unique consciousness, which is comprised of many, many levels of consciousness — such as the consciousness of human beings, animals and plants, rocks and trees, and all of this.  But we have the unique vantage point of being able to view this as one consciousness, one energy.  And from this standpoint I can tell you that you are very, very lucky to be on Earth at this particular time because, as you and your bodies are experiencing these energies that are happening on the planet as she transforms, as she as going into and through this process of enlightenment, then, you see, you are receiving the benefit of this in many ways that you do not yet understand.

Think of it as though you are held, you are encased, within this huge “energy consciousness” of the Earth, and as she is inexorably raising in frequency and consciousness, you are receiving many, many energies — of which you have yet been unaware.   But, nevertheless, these energies are real – and they are affecting humanity every day, every hour, every second, I will tell you.

So, you are in this place where, believe me, there have been many, many beings who wished to come to Earth and incarnate during this particular time of her evolution in consciousness, because they were so aware of how this would affect their own evolutionary pattern.  It is somewhat as though you are in this huge “stream of energy,” which might be likened to a great river, and you are in this river of energy, and you are being carried along, perhaps as a leaf might be carried along on a body of water in this river, in this energy, where you are inexorably traveling in the path of this great flow of consciousness — because, of course, the Earth is a consciousness, and there is the totality of the consciousness which exists upon her and within her.

What you need to realize is that perhaps things are not as you have visualized them, where many people see themselves as “one human being, one separate consciousness,” living on the Earth and going about your life as you will, totally independent of the Earth or the myriad other lives and levels of consciousness which are existing in the same spectrum of energy and affecting each other — so that you cannot escape being affected by all these different components which go into the makeup of the vast, the great energy, which IS the Earth and all her life.

And so, dearest ones, I wish to tell you that you are in this great “soup” of energy which is transforming daily, hourly, moment by moment!  With each heartbeat, you are different than you were in the heartbeat before.  It is that intense for humanity!  It is that beautiful to watch this vast transformation of the Earth and ALL her life!  Every form of life on this planet is changing daily and hourly, moment by moment – absorbing great amounts of light from your system of suns, which is a great generator of tremendous energy for the Earth.  And that is where all of this power is coming from, and you are receiving immense flows of energy through your sun, and from, of course, this system of suns of which she is a part.  And so, there is this great flow of energy from what is referred to as the Great Central Sun of the cosmos, through your system of suns, through your galaxy, through your solar system.  And what is happening on the Earth is so beautiful to watch because you are daily and hourly shifting and changing like a great rainbow swath of energies across your solar system, and it is affecting all of the planets, of course, and it is affecting your sun.  Nothing escapes this great flow of energy.

You are the recipients of things beyond your knowledge, things you have not
considered, that are changing you daily.  You are not the same people you were
a week ago, or even an hour ago!

And that is my point to you this evening:  you are the recipients of things beyond your knowledge, things you have not considered, that are changing you daily.  You are not the same people that you were a week ago, or even an hour ago!  It is that intense now upon the Earth because the process of evolution on this planet has been speeded up exponentially so that the process of change in one day now, previously took a much, much greater amount of your time.

Everything is moving very fast, and this is stressing your nervous systems, your bodies, your minds, your consciousness, in many, many different ways.  And that is why you need to be so attentive to your needs now – to keep your balance in the physical form, to keep your balance in your emotions, and of course in your minds.  And this is no small task at the present moment now, I will tell you, because you are facing energies which have not come upon the Earth before, and certainly not in your lifetimes, and so this is all new to the body.  It is a great stress and strain upon the body, the body structure, the body systems.

And what I would tell you is that your bodies are being challenged to a great extent to keep pace with this progress in change that is happening within the entirety of the Earth.  It is as though you are being carried along and you don’t have to do anything other than to keep your head above water and to keep your balance.  But sometimes that is much more difficult than it would appear, as you are all learning at the present time, because that is the great challenge for humanity now.  It is to deal with all of these changes and challenges, and to keep your balance, to keep your “head on straight,” as some of you like to say.  And we like to refer to this as an opportunity to hold divine consciousness in the body, and that would be the focus that I could recommend to all of you at this point in time.  It is to allow yourselves to use the deep levels of knowledge within every part of you:  the mind, the body, every part of you – in order to evolve, in order to effortlessly go with the flow of what is happening on the Earth, because truly you will never see another time such as this upon the Earth in any incarnation that you may have, if you choose to return to Earth in future incarnations.

Things Will Become Easier

This is not only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it is a “once-in-an-experience” opportunity – referring to your overall experience of Earth, I would say.  This time will never come again because it will not be needed after this portion of the work is complete.  But this is so intense for some of you that you are thinking about giving up the struggle and ending your experience with Earth.

There are many who believe that they cannot take the pace of what is happening, or the negativity that is coming forth for many people on the Earth.  And what I would tell you is to take a deep breath!   When you feel this way, breathe and center yourself within the knowledge that it is your choice to be here – because you knew what you would gain by having this experience, albeit a very challenging one, on the Earth now.

So, think about these things, and put everything into perspective, because, yes, you are having challenges – nearly everyone on Earth is having challenges – but the important point here would be to realize the opportunity for gain!  What is the opportunity for learning and soul advancement?  You see, you are all learning a great deal.  There are things to be learned on Earth at this time in her evolution that could not be learned at any other place in this solar system or beyond.  The Earth is that unique!

Whether or not you realize it, you are all experiencing the vast energies of Earth as she changes daily, as she evolves with a magnificence that has not previously been seen on any planet!

Many people do not realize this, many people do not value the opportunity that they are being given to BE on the Earth at this moment, when she is evolving, when she is changing daily at such a rapid pace, to be a part of this immense – I would call it an “experiment” for Earth – but what is going on is not as haphazard as that word would make it sound.  But you see, you are a part of something that is totally unique and will never be repeated in exactly the way it is happening now.  And this presents a unique opportunity to the soul of each one of you – to evolve at a very rapid pace because of what you are experiencing, and I mean that in a very broad term.  Because, whether or not you realize it, you are all experiencing the vast energies of Earth as she changes daily, as she evolves with a magnificence that has not previously been seen on any planet!

What is happening here is unique, not only in this solar system, but certainly within this galaxy and also the universe.  It is the “experiment of planet Earth” that is referred to throughout the cosmos.  There are many places throughout the cosmos that are watching the progress of Earth and learning an immense amount by this “close encounter” with Earth and the beings of Earth.  You will not ever hear this on your televisions!  But I am happy to be able to review these facts and these perspectives with all of you now so that, in the midst of the challenges that you are having, you will have this higher perspective to guide you, to encourage you, and hopefully to lead you on to Victory!  That is your purpose, that is why you are here – it is to achieve a level of evolutionary consciousness that you have never known in any other lifetime in any system of worlds.

And I will tell you that you are all traversing the pathway through these many challenges at a very rapid pace.  You are learning a great deal.  You are progressing at such a rapid rate that, yes, sometimes it is very challenging for you to keep your balance.  But I will tell you that you are all nearing a place where you will find it much easier to be balanced in your daily life and to maintain this level of balance.  It will come easier and easier for you the longer you traverse this pathway of knowledge and the quest for mastery.  You are all searchers on the path toward mastery.

And Count St. Germain and I travel the path with each one of you, holding your hands when you need someone to hold your hands, and encouraging you — perhaps teaching you – giving new perspectives along the way — and showing you the next steps in this quest which you are all on – to evolve with Earth – to combine your consciousness and your energies with the energies of Earth and her great heart, to move forward, ever forward — towards the goal of enlightenment.

We travel with you, beloved ones!  We love you greatly!  We bring you these messages to encourage your hearts to persevere on the path of mastery.  You are beloved of all of us here in the ascended realms!  We hold you in the highest regard for your courage to choose to incarnate on this planet at this time in her evolutionary pattern.

Good evening, dearest ones, and namaste

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