Healing the Present Levels of Dysfunction in Communication
By Accessing Your Complete Spectrum of Energies and Information

Published in the July 2017 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE
Under the Title:  “You Are More Than You Know!”

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017


Channel’s Note:

In these times when there is so much activity and interaction of a highly emotional, and often angry, violent, or judgmental, nature occurring on Earth, the Beings of Light would offer these loving suggestions to all people on the planet today, in order to work toward calming the turbulent waters of emotion and establishing a groundwork for peaceful activities and clear communications.  As the Beings of Light point out, this is the basis for creating all that is to come, when we ascend into the higher levels of consciousness where we can access global and universal levels of truth which contain the records of esoteric knowledge and information — and there we will find the answers and remedies for all maladies existing on Earth today!  The answers await those who search for Truth and Light!

The Message from the Beings of Light:

Dearest Ones,

On the topic of “Healing the Present Levels of Dysfunction,” we suggest that before engaging in activities and interactions, you take a moment to have an accounting of where you are, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically in the body.  For example, are you in a highly emotional state, perhaps operating from the energies of the first, second or third chakras which deal with such intense themes as perceived threats to survival, emotional issues, personal power, and issues involving human will?

The first, or root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is tasked with ensuring survival in the physical world.  It houses information designed to be of a very primal nature, and it is activated whenever you feel threatened in some way.  Of course, it houses much other information, but for the purposes of this discussion, this will suffice.

As you are aware, the second, or sacral, chakra houses such things as energies and records of emotions and habitual responses to different types of stimuli in the outer world.  It is possible to act from habit, from memories of what is familiar and remembered.  These things are recorded in the emotional body, and can be a powerful stimulus to action and/or reaction to outer world situations – since they are the records of ways you have chosen to respond or react to emotional situations in the past.

The third chakra at the solar plexus is often involved with issues of personal power and will.  This chakra can be stimulated into action when you feel threatened that some person or set of events is attempting to usurp your power or authority in some area of your life.

When individuals are operating on the basis of only the energies of these first three chakras, it is often on the themes of defending yourselves or your beliefs, maintaining your rights, or protecting your property which is of a physical or intellectual nature.  So, you can see that the energies of these chakras may possibly lead to confrontations, power struggles, or “turf wars” over control of various things in the outer world.

All of these lower chakras hold important information and perspectives for human beings, in issues such as protecting what is yours, regarding either personal property or in the important areas of your rights as individual human beings.  So, their input into your consciousness is not to be ignored!  However, these lower chakras provide only a partial, or fragmented, picture of reality when you choose to focus only upon them.  What we would recommend is that you engage the complete spectrum of your energies, including important input from the higher chakras, in whatever you are doing, since this delivers to you the “complete picture” of the reality where you are concentrating your attention.

At these times, when you are communicating with others, and trying to make a point or convey your perspective in a situation, you might want to shift your focus to include and integrate the information and energies from the higher chakras, because then you will be much more effective in fully communicating and presenting your position in a complete and emotionally neutral fashion.  The higher chakras, of which we are speaking, of course include the crown chakra of universal wisdom and knowledge, the chakra located at the area of the third eye, which is involved in perceiving universal truth regarding the nature of all things, and the throat chakra which is, of course, the seat of divine will and power within the human being.

The heart center, though technically considered to be one of the higher chakras, acts as the “balance point” or “integration center” between the energies created by the higher and lower chakras.  In all things, but especially in communications, it acts in an advisory capacity for humanity, whispering in your ear many different perspectives on any one situation that you are encountering, and often synthesizing in a very unique way, the “voices” and information of all your chakras.  Remember to use the wisdom created through your heart center whenever you are communicating with others.  It always acts to steer you toward altruistic and mutually-beneficial options and alternatives.

Here are some guidelines we would recommend which may assist you to be effective communicators of your personal ideas and convictions:

We would suggest that you avoid communicating about important matters where you want to effectively present your information or positions when you are in an emotionally charged state, such as when you are experiencing upset or anger, feeling despondent, experiencing sadness, or are otherwise involved in an active emotional state.  Wait until you have first achieved “emotional neutrality” and mental stability, because then you will be able to call on the higher chakras for information and inspiration regarding how you may be most effective at presenting your information and influencing others in their positions, including their thoughts and emotional responses to what you are saying.  We advise you in these things because it is beneficial for you to be centered, in command of yourselves and all your faculties, and able to call on all parts of yourselves for advice and counsel.

Be All That You Are — The Entire Spectrum of Your Energies!

You are powerful and effective far beyond your knowing when you are experiencing the complete spectrum of your energies, and therefore utilizing all your chakras.  Then you are accessing ALL of your information, from the basis of all your sources of knowledge, including all of your abilities.  Be aware of your emotional and mental state before undertaking important levels of communication with others.

We have found that humans who are in an emotionally-charged state are often fragmented in their consciousness and acting from the standpoint of only a portion of the wisdom and information that comprises the TOTALITY of who you are.  When you act from this fragmented place within yourselves, you cannot possibly access, call forth, and fully utilize all your various and subtle abilities and the entirety of your knowledge.  Therefore, it is pointless to communicate about important matters until you have achieved the standpoint of integration within yourselves of all your faculties, including input from each of your energy centers, or chakras, since these comprise the energy and information systems of the body.  Each of these will give you valuable information and perspectives from the different levels of knowledge which exist within you.

You are each made up of entirely succinct levels of awareness – each focusing on very distinct areas of information.  So, when you call upon each of these areas to give you information about a subject or some problem or issue that you are having, essentially you are opening up to the global store of information about that issue.  People who meditate about some issue that is important to them, or troubling them, often find, sometimes greatly to their surprise, that the answer seems to just “appear out of nowhere,” as people often describe the experience.  You are far more than you realize!  You have great powers of observation and memory, even when you do not realize this is occurring!  So, when you sit down and quiet the “active,” or “conscious” mind, you open up to the vast stores of information and knowledge within you, through the process of what is often referred to as “inspiration” or “divine revelation.”  Many of the great minds of the past century told of receiving the answers to their most confounding questions while they were in a state of sleep – when the answer was revealed to them, often through a series of symbols which were meaningful to the recipient of this information.

Access to Universal Wisdom and Knowledge

Realize that your mind and your entire consciousness is like a vast “supercomputer” which can easily “read” all the stores of information in the universe.  Many people do not realize this opportunity at the present time, and so they are utilizing only a small portion of their true abilities.  That is why we are bringing you this message at this particular time in your evolutionary pattern – because you stand on the verge of a great leap in consciousness for humanity, where you will begin to realize that your consciousness is comprised of both a global and universal, as well as an individual, nature.

It is possible for you to have this expanded concept of your intelligence, and your levels of ability, now!  Know that this will enhance your effectiveness as well as your ability to communicate from a level of true knowledge and power – by achieving this level of “unity consciousness” or the realization of the connected nature of all life, all consciousness.  Of course, these levels of “universal consciousness” are activated through the use of the higher chakras, principally the crown chakra, which does connect the human being to universal knowledge, when it is of a developed nature and fully operational.  You can, of course, affect and develop your chakras through many practices in meditation, where you are intending to access the higher, fifth-dimensional energies, such as the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame for clearing and removing the obstruction of the lower energies.

This level of higher, universal consciousness contains the information that is capable of providing the solutions to all human and global problems and issues, so we are urging you to access this!  It is a part of your divine birthright as human beings now extant on this planet.  You know the answers to all problems now facing humanity – all global issues.  You know how to solve these things!  You simply, many times, have not yet completely solved the riddle of how to tap into this level of knowledge.  But you ARE learning, and you, as the case may be, as a race, as individuals, ARE making great progress!  And you are on the cusp of having this knowledge revealed to humanity in a much broader way, so that the proverbial “man or one woman on the street” GETS IT — in a great burst of revelation in their consciousness – that there is “more to them” than, perhaps, they have ever thought or known, and they can then begin to tune into the universal “wisdom of the ages.”

Blessings to all of you!  Know that you are on the cusp of making great progress for the human race in the many issues facing your civilizations – and for the entire consciousness of all humanity.

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

Channel’s Note

The Use of The Violet Transmuting Flame – A Divine Gift to Humanity
Cleansing with Sacred Fire

Through the selfless service to humanity of Count St. Germain, when he chose to incarnate many times on the Earth, he was responsible for successfully anchoring the Violet Transmuting Flame into the realms of Earth, so that humanity would have the opportunity to use this sacred fire to free themselves from all lower beliefs, energies, and thought forms — which many times held individuals in situations of lack and limitation, fear, suffering, and emotional bondage.

The types of meditation or clearing practices often recommended by the Beings of Light involve the invocation and use of the Violet Transmuting Flame, which is capable of consuming all lower energies which would serve to hold humanity in lower states of consciousness.  This is a flame of sacred fire from fifth dimensional levels of consciousness, and above, which we may call forth through making the heart call to our I AM presence for assistance.

The sacred Three-Fold Flame of our divinity in our heart center is comprised of the crystalline pink ray of Divine Love, the Golden Yellow ray of Divine Wisdom, and the sapphire blue ray of Divine Will, Power, and Authority.  When we focus on our heart center and intend to call forth the Violet Transmuting Flame from the higher realms, our I AM presence is able to assist us, and send down a powerful ray of light of a violet hue, which, when it strikes the Earth, blazes into a flame of the violet fire.  This flame consumes all lower thoughtforms and energies which would interfere with the ability of the human being to fully connect with and know their own Divinity.

Count St. Germain and Lady Portia have recommended that we use the Violet Transmuting Flame both upon arising in the morning, and in the evening, before retiring for the night, for approximately 15 minutes.  This activity removes the dense, “tar-like” substances which often may accumulate around us as we go through our daily activities or during the sleep state at night.

“It is necessary to remove these lower energies twice daily to have advancement in your spiritual quest,” the Beings of Light are saying.  And the practice that they recommend is to call forth the Violet Transmuting Flame as mentioned above, and raise our hands over our heads, asking that our hands be filled with the violet flame.  Then using the hands, with strong intention, sweep down over as much of the body surface as you can reach, visualizing a layer of dark energies being swept off into the Violet Transmuting Flame and consumed.  Occasionally shake these energies off the hands into the surrounding Violet Flame where they will be consumed.  Continue with this, removing layer after layer of this dark, tar-like, material, and you will see that each layer being removed becomes lighter in color, until finally you have removed all of this dark, dense substance from your auric field and body.

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