“Recognizing the Wisdom of the Physical Body”

Published in the August 2017 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE
Under the Title:  “The Wisdom of the Physical Body”

Lady Portia
Spokesman for The Karmic Board

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017

This is a message given at a live-channeling event. 

Greetings My Dears,

Know that, in reality, there is no separation between the energies that you consider to be “yourself” and the “greater energies” in the universe!  And we are getting at the crux here of what are, indeed, the teachings of ascension — as Count St. Germain has so often referred to this.  And I speak of it as well, because we are both teachers of this “path to ascension” which you are all studying and experiencing. Know that many other people on the Earth are studying this as well, because these are concepts that are very much in the consciousness of many people now.  This is occurring because of the energies of the times in which you live, which are facilitating all of this, certainly, and heightening this type of information in your consciousness.

This is what is happening now for everyone on the Earth who is paying attention to these things.  They are having the opportunity to learn through osmosis many of these very advanced esoteric concepts of freedom and ascension:  for example, freedom from the constraints of what has been considered to be “the limitations on human consciousness” from being in physical form.  But, of course, you are seeing all of this fall away as there is this vast expansion of human consciousness now.  This is occurring because many things which were pressing on human consciousness and retarding your ability to make great forward progress have been released and removed from the Earth’s atmosphere.

And so, you do not have to be concerned about these things any more, as you were previously, when indeed they weighed very heavily on human consciousness.  And there are so many things like this that have changed, that I wish to tell you that you are in quite a different world than the one where you were, even several years ago, because there has been this vast expansion of consciousness and energy, and all of this, until, indeed, you are living on a different planet now than even you were living on ten years ago.

The Earth has radically changed in what she is capable of manifesting in the way of consciousness, because as she is freed of some of these denser, heavier influences, she is really coming into her own now, I will say.  And her energies are increasing exponentially now!   In every day, you are seeing an increase that previously it would have taken years to accomplish.  And so, the pace of this growth is rapidly increasing until there are almost no limits anymore as to what you can accomplish, what you can learn, and what you can manifest.

That is why we are speaking with you now about investigating this process of using your innate divine intelligence, using your energy connection with the entire universe, in order to manifest on that level what is occurring within what you think of as your physical domain, your “energy systems,” your physical body – what you think of as your “self.”  Because I will tell you that what you think of as your “self” is going to radically change over the next several years due to this rapid change and expansion in human consciousness.

All of these elements are connected:   this acceleration in the Earth’s energy and the removal of much debris from Earth’s atmosphere, as well as the instruction and teaching that is going on constantly with humanity by many, many beings such as ourselves.  The human race is in constant communication with the divine – even if many people do not recognize this fact or know how to work with these energies, or understand how to use these energies for their higher good.

I will tell you that the instruction that is coming to humanity now is aimed at teaching you how to break free of all of these mental beliefs that have been so weighty on human beings, shall we say, because it has been weighing down your natural abilities to easily and confidently create on the basis of universal law and what is, in fact, your own innate divine ability to unite your consciousness with the higher, “divine presence” energies and to then create from this standpoint of being in concert with many higher energies, because you are not limited to your physical form.  And that is the concept that is coming to many people now, as well, because they are starting to realize that they are not “just the human being that appears before them in the mirror in the morning!”  You are much, much more than that – because your consciousness does not stop at the limits of your physical form, or even your auric field.  You are so much bigger a presence than that, dearest ones!  And that realization, that knowledge, is indeed what many have considered to be the first stepping stone on this path to ascension that many have sought so desperately.

But it does not have to be difficult!  And that would be my next point to you, because some people have succeeded in making this process, which they have referred to as “the ascension process,” very difficult.  They have made it ridiculously complex and seemingly very fraught with danger.  They have made it very mentally complex – with so many “rules to be learned” in order to have your ascension, and all of these types of erroneous beliefs.

But Count St. Germain and I would tell you that the simpler you can recognize this process to be, the better it is for your quick transit through this process – because the greatest “secret” about all of this is that it is actually very easy!  In reality, it is very simple!  This is true because very simple concepts are involved with learning how to free your consciousness from the constrictions and confines which are often imposed by embodiment in physical reality.

Many spiritual beings who are beginning to give discourse on this matter are all saying the same thing, because we have realized that it is time for this to be the message to awakening humanity:   that perhaps it is not as difficult as you have thought it to be!  Because in the mental concepts of human beings, there is a lot of thought about this being a very laborious and difficult process.  And so, what happens when you bring all of this heavy and weighty thought energy into it?  Yes, it becomes very difficult to work your way back out of all of these complex mental gymnastics that some people bring – because they think they need to bring this into the process.

But, you see, there is actually only one concept that is necessary in order for you to be successful – and that is the concept that, innately, your consciousness is part of divinity, and all that is considered divine, and all that exists on the higher planes.  In reality, and in actual fact, you, my dears, are “one” already with all of this – and the quicker you realize this, the quicker your mind, and indeed your entire consciousness, is freed from the constrictions of these heavy mental beliefs about the body, the physical form, being somehow restrictive to consciousness.  Because it is quite the other way around!  The fact that you are in human form gives you certain abilities that beings who are not in physical form do not have, because they may not avail themselves of these things.

And we hope that you will look at it from this point of view, because this eliminates much of the weight of these beliefs that somehow you must fight your way past the limitations of the “bad physical body.”  Such beliefs have been the case in some Eastern ideologies in earlier times.  However, in actual fact, there is no need for the “mortification of the flesh,” as many have learned after taking this path and finding that it led nowhere but mortification of the flesh!  And there is no point in wasting your time in any of that, because the body is actually a great gift to humanity!  The body that you have was specifically genetically influenced and designed, and upgraded many, many times, in order to make the process of enlightenment very quick and easy for people when the soul is ready for this advanced information – as many are coming to be.

And so, do not think of the body as something which must be “overcome” – something which must be dominated and whipped, or beaten into submission because of its “bad appetites,” and all of this other foolishness.  Because quite simply, what avails the spirit and leads to your progress is for you to be in a state of harmony with the physical form and to recognize, understand, and accept the certain physical laws which govern the activities of the body in the realm of physical reality.  Then all can work in harmony.

For example, you are probably not going to go out and walk on water, but this is all right, because you do not need to walk on water in order to ascend.  Now, after someone has completed the process of ascension, they may, if they wish to do so, and have things they wish to accomplish in the physical realm, come and take physical form yet once again – and then you may see that person walk on water.  But it is not necessary for you to learn how to walk on water in order to ascend in your consciousness into the realization of your freedom from certain limitations.  People have always thought that the body gives certain limitations, but this is not the truth.  The body is a physical vehicle that gives you the ability to navigate on the physical plane, but it does not restrict you in any way to that level of consciousness.

Those who have learned this simple concept are free to expand their consciousness into other dimensions, into the higher dimensions, and to “take flight” as they wish to do, from the body through the vehicle of their consciousness and their finer bodies.  You see, you have more than one “body” – and these finer bodies are capable of being your vehicles in other levels of reality.  And so, it is just learning how to navigate all of this.

I often liken this to learning how to drive a car when I’m speaking to people in physical form, because it is just learning how to “shift the gears” to other levels of consciousness, as many adepts have learned to do.  And then they come and go as they wish from the denser physical form, and have complete ability to interact with the physical form in order to go into these states of different levels of consciousness where they can adjust the body functions.  In some cases, they have actually learned how to stop the body functions, and leave the physical form – and then to reactivate the body when they returned.  All of this is possible, once you have taken into consideration that the body is not the “prison,” but the “home” for the spiritual being on planet Earth.  It is, quite simply, a vehicle – and a very good one!  It is a very well-designed vehicle for the spiritual consciousness of the being who is manifesting into physical reality.

All of this material is actually the “foundation stone” for understanding the precepts and the concepts of how one navigates in the higher consciousness without permanently leaving the physical form and severing connection to the physical realm.  Perhaps this sounds like complex material, but it is actually very simple to learn – because all of this information actually is “written” within the physical form.   Some people have learned to “read” these levels of information within the body.  Consequently, they have been successful in learning this ability of the spiritual presence to operate in harmony with the physical form, and to raise the physical form to these higher levels of its abilities to operate in concert with spirit.  Then this is no longer a battleground where the spirit is denigrating the body and attempting somehow to break free of what it considers to be “lower consciousness.”

Those who denigrate the body do not realize that the body was specifically designed by higher levels of intelligence to be the perfect vehicle for the ascended consciousness of humanity.  And, you see, this is the correct understanding of this situation.  And it would have saved many people a lot of trouble to have had this information before they took so much time fighting with the body, shall we say, which is never productive.

We hope that you will carefully consider all of the information that has been given here this evening, because this is a vast amount of wisdom that is contained within the very simple words that have been spoken here.  I could not tell you more directly how it is possible to make your progress in this path toward ascension.  This is the ascension in consciousness, which is accomplished through raising the frequencies of human consciousness into synthesis with the divine energies in the higher dimensions.

Nothing whatsoever is holding you back any longer – other than the beliefs that you may hold about this being a difficult or laborious process!  It is all done by cultivating the higher understanding of these concepts, dearest ones, so meditate on this, sit with your higher presence, and allow yourselves to be instructed further in these concepts.  This is important, because much higher truth can come to you, specifically to give you individual instruction regarding many of the questions that you may have.

We will be with each of you individually to answer your questions and to work with you to hasten your progress in these matters.  Realize that you are all standing on the threshold, shall we say, of a “new world” in consciousness!  You are so close to things that you do not even realize!  And so, be very gentle with yourselves – be very compassionate, and very patient – because that is the path that bears fruit when you are involved in this search, which you are all in, by the way, else we would not be speaking to you on this subject.  You are studying these matters when you are with us in the higher realms, and so now I come to speak to you in physical form about this matter, as well.

Good evening to you, dearest ones, I hope that you have found this talk to be instructive this evening.  It is our intention to bring you the highest benefit which we may.  It is our great joy to be with you this evening, as always,


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