Published in the September 2017 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017


Channels Note:  This is the transcript of a live channeling event at a class which was focusing on the topic, “The Path to Ascension.”  We asked for assistance from the Beings of Light, and requested that they bring us the perspectives and information that would help us, and all humanity, learn to use our personal resources wisely, and to make progress individually — as we seek to grow in knowledge and ability.

The energies of Earth are accelerating so quickly!  And we are being presented with so many opportunities to gather knowledge which will assist us in raising our levels of consciousness.  This is what is referred to by the term “ascension.”  It is the process by which one is able to raise their energy frequencies, and consequently their level of consciousness, from the third dimension into the frequencies of fifth dimensional consciousness where, instead of pain and fear, we are able to experience the “patterns of perfection” of the fifth dimension, which has traditionally been known as the “heaven realms.”

Since this transcript begins with an opportunity for a healing and clearing meditation, know that you, the reader, can participate in this energy work now, as you read these words, by simply opening your consciousness to multidimensional levels of awareness, and forming your strong intention to connect with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.  They say that “This is a good introduction for us to make contact with those who can benefit from the energies and techniques which we may bring, when invited to do so, by the reader.”  So, take a few deep breaths, relax, and invite the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light to be there with you.


The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Greetings to all of you!

Know that you are receiving now what is for your highest and greatest good in the areas of knowledge that you have requested – which you have termed “assistance on the path to ascension.”  We are all here as a group to bring energy work for you and to do some refinement with your four lower bodies, which, we feel, will be very advantageous for you.  And we wish to address all of your needs individually.

This process will enable all of you to move to the next level on your path toward ascension.  And we do this energy work with you this evening as a beneficial first step, in order to open your chakras, releasing whatever debris may be stored there, assisting your bodies to ground to the planet, and to do all the basic work which we have found is necessary with human beings in order to assist you in coming to the next step in this process of ascension, for each individual person, no matter what your needs may be.

So just relax and feel these energies as they are washing through you now, cleansing, clearing, removing all the accumulated debris from the many lessons you have been learning lately!  And we are just polishing up your auric field and bringing in the next highest levels of information, and the corresponding frequencies of energy, for each one of you.  And just remember to open the crown chakra so that we may easily work with you through this important spiritual opening for the body.  Feel these energies now as this huge flow begins to come through the crown chakra, flooding your entire system with this beautiful silver light of restoration, cleansing, and renewal, for each one of you, dear ones.

We come to you this evening because we are uniquely able to work with you in this way.  We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, as we are known, and we bring the ship this evening, as well, because of the many facilities on board our vessel of a healing nature which we may begin to enlist in this process of bringing to each one of you exactly what is needed to ready you to receive the next highest level of lessons and the energies that you are now being prepared to receive.

Lady Portia has given us her very kind invitation to assist you this evening, because she has taken account of the individual needs of each one of you in regard to what will bring you to the next level of your soul’s awareness in physical form, which is another way of saying what the channel has spoken of earlier, which I believe she terms, “finding the real self.”  We have different words for it, but we are all talking about the same thing, because this is indeed the most valuable thing that any human being can attend to while you are here in physical form upon this beautiful planet.  It is such a gift for you to be here in physical form!  Many people do not realize this, and they trash the body with drugs or abuse it with alcohol, or many of these things.  We wish to give you the perspective that the body is a highly intelligent vessel for the spirit, which must be lovingly cared for and have its needs attended to, as is happening now.

We are experts in this field because of our close genetic association with humanity, so we are, as many have said and recognized, uniquely qualified to assist humanity in this process of your ascension.  This is true because ascension does not only involve the mental realm or the emotional realm.  There is a very important genetic aspect which is associated deeply in this process that you are all involved with, which is, as it has been called, “the path to ascension,” and rightly so, because this is very good terminology to use.  It is clear and to the point!  It leaves nothing to the imagination, and you know exactly where you are going when these words are used, so we will continue to use this phraseology to refer to this process, so that we may be well understood by all of you.

We are going to give our perspective on this process this evening, which we hope may be beneficial to some, because we know that you are all quite interested in this process of the ascension of humanity into a consciousness of higher realms.  And that is a good description of the process.  It is, of course, physically based because you are in the body, but it is basically an expansion of your consciousness, so that you can reach more than one realm through this refinement and expansion of your consciousness.  And that is what we are assisting you with this evening.  We are creating the circumstances within the physical vehicle to further this process in all of you, because that is the first step in this process of ascension.  It is to create these genetic upgrades which open the doorway to the spirit fully inhabiting the physical form which it has come here to inhabit.  And that may sound a little strange to some of you, but we are touching on some fine points here this evening of how this whole process happens for the spiritual presence to connect with the body in this way — so that the final outcome is what you have termed “the ascension.”  And, of course, this is referring to the process of the consciousness ascending, but there must be an equivalent process happening within the genetics of the body, or else this ascension in consciousness cannot happen.

And so, you see how intimately your level of consciousness is tied to the evolutionary level of your genetics within the human form, and you have probably never realized this before, but this is an area of our specialty.  This is something that we have studied for eons of time – the effect of genetic manipulation on the resultant level of consciousness within the participants.  And noticed that I said “participants,” because this is only offered to willing participants who wish to receive this type of assistance.  And we have checked with all of you, on a soul level of who you are, your “higher being,” as you like to call it.  And so, we do have the willing acceptance and agreement with each one of you which is necessary on these highest levels of yourselves.

Now, often the personality does not know what is going on, or even care, in many cases — as far as the state of genetics within the physical form which it inhabits.  But all of you are much more sensitive than that, and as you resonate in your consciousness, I will tell you, with various emotions causing many levels of energy to be coursing through the body, this changes your genetics.  Did you know that?  I doubt that many people have studied this sufficiently to realize that the state of your consciousness is what quantifies change in the genetic aspects of who you are.

And so, you would do well to monitor and adjust your frequencies through the modulation of your emotions — to adjust these as necessary in order to keep yourself, not only “on an even keel”, as you like to say, but to keep your energy field at a very high level of operation.  And you are all very aware of what I am talking about, because you have been studying this quite a bit lately.  Many of your lessons, shall we say, have been in regard to the conscious modulation of the energy frequencies existing in the physical form, through being aware of the level of your consciousness and using your conscious mind as the driving force to modulate these energy frequencies which are occurring in the physical parts of who you are.

Now, all of this is not news to you, in that you have known for a long time that you can use your mind to shift your emotional states, but what you have not realized is that you can use your emotional states to heal your physical body.  And so, you see there is a definite correlation here with the mind, the emotions, and the focus of your intention for yourself.  Are you going to be happy that day, or are you going to allow outer events to control what happens within your unit of consciousness, which is made up of your spirit, your mind, your physical body, your emotions?  You work as a unit, and we see this all the time, people wish to control their unit of consciousness, but they go about it entirely the wrong way.  They either try to brainwash themselves into happiness, or they demand happiness of the physical form – and this is not the way to go about it, dear ones.

Your level of consciousness comes from deep within you.  Much of this is actually centered in what you think of as the heart center, or you refer to this as the heart chakra.  This is an entire area of the body – it is not limited to just the energy field.  There is an interplay here of the deepest levels of your soul’s presence as they are materializing into physical form.  And we study this all the time with people.  When we want to do healing work with people, this would be our focus:  the interface between what you think of as the soul presence, the etheric parts of yourself, and the physical body.  The point where this part of you connects with and interfaces with the physical form, this is unique to the human being.  You have this facility of the dynamics which occur within this important point of junction between spirit and matter.  This is where all of the work is done to heal the physical form, dearest ones.  So, if anyone is wishing to address physical symptomatology in the body, this would be the place to start.  This is where your efforts will meet with productive results and success.

We are, and I state this quite humbly, experts on this area within the human being, because for eons we have studied the facilities which come with knowing how to use and to modulate the energies which may be produced through the interface between the spiritual parts of yourself and the physical parts.  There is communication in this area.  Now, it is not done through the words that you like to use for communication; it is more an energy form of genetic programming that comes into this area as a result of certain frequencies of consciousness which can be generated through the spiritual parts of yourself, and I am speaking of the higher spiritual parts here.

When you have learned to access and to modulate the highest spiritual levels of your frequencies through this area that you call the heart center, this connection point, this spreads a corresponding frequency through the entirety of the physical form’s “intelligent information transmission system,” we will call it.  This travels through the nerves, as well as through the genetics.  It is a very complex system, so I will not attempt to describe this to you at this point, as it is not an area of the discussion which is necessary to your complete understanding of the material being presented here tonight.

The most important thing that I can tell you is to be aware of the energy frequencies that you are transmitting into the physical form through this “spiritual connection point” of spirit into matter.  Because if you become adept at this, many doors which have previously been closed, will become open to you for your exploration.  And this will open realms beyond realms of previously unknown information for humanity which will be very important in the coming years for an adequate understanding of the subject of healing in the physical form.

And so, we have given you this relatively small body of information in regard to how to approach the use of this very important area within not only your physical vehicle but within your spiritual self as well, so that you may explore this area and see what effects you may manifest in these physical bodies which you now have – which perhaps could use some repair here and there, as things do tend to occasionally need adjustment in the physical realm.

We have tried to present this information in a way that is consistent with your language and areas of understanding – to translate this somewhat, if you wish to say it that way, into an easily understandable review of the abilities that you may access through the modulation of energy frequencies in this area.  And so, hopefully, you will take this to heart, as it may be said, and play with these concepts.  Do not make this overly serious.  This is not a life-and-death situation!  This is interesting information that we are presenting to you tonight, which may have very good consequences for some of you if you choose to pursue this.  And we will be available to each of you — to assist you further in this process — because you are all ready for this information.

You have been taught a lot of this material in other areas of knowledge which have been presented to you, both in and out of physical form and in other incarnational experiences.  And sometimes you have been with us in the higher realms, and we have presented some of these ideas to you, so this is not our first meeting with you by any means.  We wanted to further your understanding of this subject because you have all been very good students of what we have presented to you in the past, and we appreciate your very kind attention to this lecture, this presentation, and we hope that it is of some benefit on a practical level to all of you.

So, good evening from all of us!  There are many of us here, and many still in the ship.

From all of us, a fond good evening,

We are The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

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