Published in the October 2017 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE

Lady Portia

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
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This is the transcript of a live channeling event.


“And I will tell you quite bluntly that all of you need to move into what you consider to be this dangerous territory of the “unknown!”  Because, for all of you, that is precisely where your lessons reside at the present time.”

Greetings beloved ones,

We are with you once again, to give you valuable perspectives regarding going forward with your Earthly work during the winter months of this year, because, truthfully, the time that is coming is going to be one of the most powerful times that you have ever experienced for the purpose of “creating your lives anew,” so to speak.  The timing of this is very good, as we understand it, and so what you need to know is that this time will never come again exactly as it will be this year!

In the changing seasons of the Earth, as you know, each season has its own particular energies and influences, and its unique potential benefits for humanity.  You have all heard much information about how to use these seasonal energies for your spiritual growth and personal development, and we will be giving you more instruction on this as time goes along, so that you will have more complete information on how to use the changing energies which are present at various times during the year.

The Changing Energies of the Seasons

You are very aware of what happens in the summer and the winter seasons, with the summer usually being a time of more activity and the winter being a time of rest and renewal.  But what you have not realized so far is that these energies can be somewhat reversed – so that actually the winter may be a far more creative time of the year for many of you than the energies of summer.  And this is happening because of the juxtaposition of your seasons of the year and how they sometimes overlap in their energies.  They can easily shift and change the energies between what seems to be these opposite seasons of the year.

The reason that we are telling you this now is because you are going to have, as you are moving into your fall and wintertime, which is usually considered to be a time for more stillness and rest, one of the most creative times that you can all imagine for yourselves!  I want all of you to be prepared for this, and able to avail yourselves fully of the gifts that these energies will be bringing to each of you.  Truthfully, the fall and wintertime of this year is potentially going to be one of the most creative periods that all of you, who are now incarnate, have yet experienced on this Earth!

We say this because the energies are going to be a little different from what you have previously experienced!  It is not going to be what you expect.  The cosmic energies that will be available for your use are going to be shifted and changed so that you will feel as though you “have a direct line to spirit,” as it may be said.  This could be exactly the time to sit down and meditate and form your intentions for what you are wishing to create during this time which is going to be an exceptionally creative period on the Earth!  I expect that you will all be making very good use of this opportunity, because you are all in a period of your lives of exceptional creativity, and you will have the opportunity to expand this out into many more areas than you have done previously.  You may all use your creativity in many new and unique ways – more than you have ever done before!

Therefore, I recommend that you do not mentally restrict yourselves by expecting things to go along exactly as they have done in the past, but be as open as you can be to new thoughts, many new possibilities and ideas!  Then, when these inspirations come to you, be careful that you do not just “shove them aside,” thinking to yourself, “Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that!”  Realize that you all do have the old, outdated habits and beliefs that you will need to resolve and release.  Then simply release these unneeded and restricting items so that you will be able to quickly move into these exciting new areas.  This is where we are wanting to see you go – so that you can explore some new territory!  Do not just follow the “same old patterns,” the same old “tried and true” habits of what you have done in the past.  That is not growth!

A Time to Put Your Knowledge into Practice

Sometimes this is very frightening for people – this process of moving into completely new territory.  But this is what we are recommending to all of you, because you see, you have studied and learned a great many lessons during this year.  And now it is time to put this knowledge into practice in your lives, because you are all going to be facing some interesting opportunities for advancement.  That is how these things work!

Before the energies fully appear in your lives, you will notice that doorways are opening for you to explore!  Perhaps these will be things that you have been wanting to do for quite some time.  Then the opportunity will arise for you to try out some of these new areas — and these will be interesting, enjoyable things.  We are not planning to put you through any trials or difficult periods in your lives!  We feel that these will be things which will be expansive and enjoyable.  It will be an outgrowth of your own creativity, because you each do have your own path.  We realize this, but the general theme here is expansiveness in creativity, and learning how to go forward into new areas of your life through using your abilities in new and unforeseen ways.  Because, when we open these doors, sometimes there are unforeseen results – which make a very interesting pathway for those who are involved in this creative process.

I would say that this is going to be a very enjoyable process, for the most part.  It is not going to be filled with the trials and tribulations that you may have come to imagine from things like this, so just try to keep an open mind, and, above all else, when you see the doorway opening, and you realize what we are doing by giving you this opportunity, please DO move forward into it, knowing that you will be guided!  We do not send you out into these areas and leave you totally alone and with no assistance, because we always walk beside you, you see.

So, be confident in the knowledge that you are not going by yourself, you are not going to be totally dependent only on the knowledge that you have now, although this knowledge is sufficient for the task.  Yet we always assist the students in this way, because there is further learning which can be done during these circumstances when you are moving out into uncharted territory.  And, of course, all of your guides and teachers are there with you, but we always assist the students at these times, as well, to be sure that you have every opportunity of success in the venture.  You are all “traversing the pathway of learning,” and so we do give you the necessary attention in what we are doing with you in your lessons and moving you forward.

Sometimes this process extends into territories where you have doubts, and then you wonder if you will be successful.  But that is simply because you do not have the sight, yet, of all the levels of assistance that surround you.  I will tell you that you are all surrounded by multitudes of guides and teachers, and they come to you quite often for specific tasks that you are doing at a particular time.  Know that a certain amount of your guides and teachers do come to assist you for a specific task, and then they leave and others come to you, so that they are often “on a rotating basis.”  This is necessary because we bring in the specialists who guide you for a period of time as you are working on one subject — and then they leave, and another group comes in for the purpose of guiding you through another “excursion into the unknown.”

Move into the Unknown – That is Where Your Opportunities Reside!

If I had to give you one bit of advice this evening, it would be — and this is for all of you — do not fear the unknown, because you are all being propelled forward so rapidly by the energies that we are able to bring to you, that your willingness to experience the unknown is the gauge by which it can be measured how rapidly you will increase in your knowledge and abilities.

You see, you are all moving into the unknown – based on trust – and many times this trust is based on our recommendations to you.  And so, we do not forsake you when you have, through trust, moved into a new level of what you are learning.  And I will tell you quite bluntly that all of you need to move into what you consider to be this dangerous territory of the “unknown!”  Because, for all of you, that is precisely where your lessons reside at the present time.  The most important things that you can learn in going forward on your path toward ascension – all of these things, from now on, for each one of you — will be found in these areas which so often you have termed “the unknown,” this fearful land that is so frightening to most human beings!  So, you see, you are not any different from all the others that we counsel, in experiencing this fear, this dread of moving where we are pushing you to go!  And so, we make a very good team – we push, and you advance!  That is how it is, many times.  Sometimes we have unwilling participants in this process, but we do not stop pushing – and that is why we make a very good team with this!

Keep a Perspective of the Humor in All Things

Always remember not to take these things too seriously, but to keep a perspective, always, of the humor in all things, because great truth is often carried in this way – with humor.  And, sometimes a little humor gets the point across much better than too much intellectual dialogue, and you can remember this, if you wish, because it is a very important point for our orators among you.  We just put these little bits in, here and there, as we may, because we will be instructing you very specifically as you enter these, as I would term it, “unknown energies,” which you are moving toward in the latter part of this year.  In fact, it is coming very soon, and then it will become stronger and stronger as each month passes toward the end of this year.

Your Opportunities Now Lie within the Experience of the Unknown!

You will find that the energies are building month after month, and this is why we are saying that this is a time, and an opportunity, which is unparalleled in your experience so far on this Earth.  We make this observation because we know that many times you have all been “held back” by the outer energies which you have encountered on Earth.  For example, this has occurred when you have had these fabulous ideas about what you wish to do, and sometimes it is like running into a brick wall of this intractable, unmovable energy which is very difficult for you to work with successfully.  And so, this is what you are all very familiar with experiencing!  But, perhaps for the first time in your lives, we do not feel that you are going to be experiencing this circumstance during the latter part of this year, because the energies that are coming into the Earth for you to work with will be terrific!  And I have said that, as each full moon comes, you will see the release of more and more of these expansive, powerful, creative energies – so that by the end of this year you will be living in quite a different world than the one where you are now!  And much of this will be experienced through the changes that you will make in your own personal worlds.

I am not saying that the Earth, as a whole, is going to go through all of these changes, because I am referring to your personal sense of the world that you each inhabit as a human being.  You will have quite a bit of opportunity for expansion in what you experience in your own personal worlds.  And this perspective applies to everyone on the planet in a certain way, because it depends on how open they are to receiving these levels of energy — which will be coming to everyone — because these are solar frequencies that are bathing the Earth.  And so, everyone will have opportunity to work with these energies, but of course their individual progress will depend on the level of their knowledge and their innate ability to absorb this knowledge and to work with the energy “soup,” shall we say, where they find themselves.

Opportunities for Quick Advancement

Some people will instinctively know how to avail themselves of things such as this, while others are still learning these very important lessons.  Many of you are more experienced at this type of thing, and so that is why am telling you that you will have this opportunity for quick advancement.  Wherever you point your compass, that is where you will advance!  So, you see, you have some very important decisions in front of you as the months unfold toward the end of this year.  And I am telling you this now so that you can begin to prepare – to prepare yourselves for taking advantage when the doorways open.

If you know what is going to happen, you can prepare yourselves for it.  And when you see the opportunity, you will be poised to take advantage of it.  Know that you are living in a very beneficial area (Tucson, Arizona).  There are exceptional energies here in this area where you all are, and that is a very good thing because it gives you these Earth energies to work with as an adjunct to the solar frequencies that are coming to the Earth.  This is going to be, I feel, an exciting time for all of you – a very rich time — speaking of the opportunities that will be manifesting for all of you.

Advance Preparation

 I know you are familiar with the pattern of having the fall and winter months of the year proceed at a little slower pace than what this is going to be, and that is why I have decided to speak on this subject tonight, to prepare all of you, and tell you that your bodies are being prepared now for these changes – so that they will be able to deal with the difference in the energies – because this is not something that they are familiar with experiencing.  So, if you feel very strange sensations and different energies in your bodies, it is because you are being prepared for this shift in the planetary energies.  We feel that you need a little advance information on this subject, because otherwise it could take you by surprise!

This year is not going to be typical of what you have experienced in the past:  the easy-going, slow-moving change of seasons, gradually progressing into the time of winter.  It will not be that way this year for any of you.  And so, knowing this, you will each be able to have your plans – hopefully, made in advance – and be poised to use this time for your highest and best purposes.  Because, I will tell you, you are all poised for a great period of progress here.  It is just the process of “getting this off the ground” on a practical level where some of you seem to experience difficulty.  But we are not concerned about this, because there will be plenty of time for you to think about what you wish to accomplish, and how you wish to use these magnificent energies!

The “Light Saber” Energies

It will be like a light saber for some of you, wielding this saber of light and cutting yourself free from all the restrictions that you have experience previously!  There will be very strong energies – very creative energies.  You have never experienced a wintertime like this before!  I did not want it to completely take you by surprise, and so that is why I have given you this message this evening, because you do need to prepare.  You need to be ready for this!  And that is why your bodies may be feeling a little strange at this particular time.  Perhaps we have been helping with this preparation by bringing some energies to you.  So consider these things, and we will bring you each some higher perspectives on how you might beneficially use your energies in this time of such acceleration and transformation.  It is always better to be prepared than not!  That is my motto!  And so, I will share this with you, in the hopes of talking you into preparing for what is coming, dearest ones.

Count St. Germain has been here this evening, but he has not had an opportunity to say a word!  And so, I will continue to bid you a very fond good evening from both of us, as we do wish you extremely well.  We hold your hands when need be, and when you feel that hand on your back pushing you forward, that would be the two of us!  We work with each of you that intensively.  Know this, dearest ones, and be at peace.  You are not alone in the midst of all of these important and beautiful changes that you are each undergoing at this time.

I am Portia, and it has been my great joy to have this opportunity to speak with each of you this evening,


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