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Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017

All of you are now fully realizing the important and lasting circumstances which are created in your lives through the choices that you make!  Sometimes, things which may seem to you to be “insignificant” in the moment can have lasting and sometimes irreversible consequences.  Therefore, we would strongly urge all of you to be quite mindful and aware of the choices that you are making now – in this highly-charged and emotional time in which you are living.  We are speaking particularly in regard to the time leading up to and including the Winter Solstice – which will usher in a new paradigm for humanity of heightened awareness and extremely powerful energies for the planet.

We hope you will realize that the decisions you are making now may have lasting, and many times, IRREVERSIBLE consequences during the remainder of your lives on Earth!  For the path, once chosen, may be extremely difficult to change!

This is a time of opportunity, for many of you, to modify past decisions and choices that you have made in your lives.  In many ways, it is a time of FREEDOM from past karmic issues and the “mistakes in judgment” which you may feel that you have made, unknowingly, in your lives.  Therefore, we would recommend that this be a time of self review – not in criticism, but have it be a time of constructive evaluation and learning.  Learn from the past!  Learn from the past “mistakes” that you may feel you have made, and hopefully you will not repeat them as these grand, new energies release you from much self-inflicted “karmic debris” and the shackles of old thought patterns.

We say this to you now because you have the opportunity to move into a higher awareness, a greater dynamic, and a fuller perspective of TRUTH in your lives.  For many years, it has been our observation that often many of you successfully hide valuable perspectives and information from your conscious minds, so that, quite simply, you are operating from the basis of old and outmoded beliefs about yourselves and the true nature of objective reality.

This would be the time to “take a pause” before moving forward on the basis of these old belief systems which often limit your perceptions about what is possible for each of you.  Think of this time as a moment of “inbreath” – a moment of stillness – where you have the opportunity to completely change the course of your lives!  REALIZATION is the key term here, because if you do not REALIZE what is POSSIBLE for you, then you cannot achieve it!

Magnificent opportunities for advancement are now existing for all of you!  These are valuable opportunities to expand the scope and purview of your lives, to allow you to DO the things you may have considered, but, for whatever reason, perhaps you decided that these things were “impossible” for you to accomplish.  We wish to tell you that THIS is the time of “making your dreams come true” on Earth – while you are incarnate and therefore have this grand opportunity!

The time of FREEDOM approaches for many of you – who have “labored long” in darkness, fear, and circumstances of limitation.  We wish to see you exercise your right to freedom from these things, and, therefore, we bring you this message.  Do not underestimate the POWER of this time which enables you to “make your dreams come true,” for you all have amazing abilities which, many times, because of fear, you have successfully hidden from yourselves.

Have the courage to take a new look at who you ARE, and we believe that, in this moment of truth, you will expand your consciousness to include many new and beautiful vistas of opportunity.  Yes, it is true that many of you have been hurt through prior experiences of not being seen for your true worth and ability!  But, if this is what is holding you back, then LET IT GO!  You are now able, and indeed, EMPOWERED to build a new life for yourselves – one which is based on your values as a human being.  It is this expansive view of WHO YOU ARE that we wish to establish with you!

We work tirelessly with each one of you to establish the Truth of who you are, based on your heritage as a Divine Being.  We do not wish to see any of you “held in slavery” to old beliefs which are painful and limiting examples of past “mistakes,” because we know that these items were not “mistakes,” as you consider them to be.  Instead, they were valuable learning experiences for you, indeed, they were OPPORTUNITIES for learning and advancement on your path.  So, use these things as they were intended to be used: as valuable teaching tools – “lessons on the path to ascension and consciousness” – and not as a “punishment” or “mistake” of any kind!

Humanity does seem to have a propensity for viewing whatever it is painful as a punishment or mistake, but this is not how we view these things, and that is why we are bringing to your mind this valuable change in perspective – because it will free you to observe these things from a NEUTRAL PERSPECTIVE – without the harmful self-judgment and criticism which so often occurs with many of you.

We wish to reiterate that the PURPOSE for ALL your experiences on Earth is LEARNING – and they bring the OPPORTUNITY for self-review – and then the opportunity for a CHANGE in outlook and perspective.  Many times, you ARE who you believe yourselves to BE – that is how powerful your mind is, in creating your experience of “SELF” and, indeed, in forming the basis for all your experiences in the outer world.  Realize that you are “self-limiting” in consciousness!  We do not limit you, the universe does not place any limits on who you can BE – or become.  All of this limitation is done within your own consciousness – because of the CONDITIONS which you have so successfully created there!

You are the creators of your own consciousness, which then creates the outpicturing of your own individual experience in the “world of form” – or what you often refer to as “the outer world.”  In truth, you are UNLIMITED in both opportunity and ability!  Know that “As you CHOOSE TO BE – SO YOU ARE!”

This realization brings both POWER and OPPORTUNITY to the human consciousness – as you realize that YOU are like “gods” in your own lives – working with forming the primal life energy substance into the forms and circumstances which then exist in your daily lives!  Yes, you are the “gods of creation” in your own life’s experience!

Realize this!  Realize the power that you have through self-aware consciousness.  You have choices!  You have opportunities – while you are yet incarnate on this planet — which is constantly evolving into higher and higher forms of herself.  You have the opportunity to work with these earthly energies, as well, since you are “one with her” in many ways that you still do not understand.

The opportunity awaits humanity to become “one in consciousness” with this beautiful planet which you inhabit and to “co-create life” with her as this process of evolution continues.  This realization will open many doors for humanity in future time – when you will be able to use “the energies of creation” and the new, important, beautiful, and exciting ways which you cannot yet even imagine!  The time awaits when you will revamp society as you know it and have a completely new relationship with the planet which you inhabit and call “home.”

These are all things potentially existing in future time, but we tell you of these things so that you will know where you are going and where to focus your awareness.  Then you will realize the IMMENSE opportunities which await, for ALL of you now on Earth, because many of you WILL be RETURNING many, many times – to see this process through to its completion.  Know that the energy and information we bring to you now will stay with you through further incarnations!  In this way, we prepare you for all that is to come.

It is exciting, is it not?  To both comprehend and visualize the opportunities which await each of you in this “dance of life” which you are co-creating with the consciousness of Earth.  Together, you will create beautiful things!  You will usher in a New Age of freedom and abundance for this planet, and, together, you will create beautiful things.  It is exciting for us to watch this process as it unfolds!  And that is why we bring you the messages NOW – in this day and age – to prepare you, to teach you, to show you the way to your own personal freedom and creativity, which we feel will truly form the basis for all that is yet to emerge – as your destiny unfolds upon this planet of such beauty and potential!

    BE FREE!

Release yourselves from the bonds of the past – discard the old and erroneous beliefs about yourselves which you have allowed to cloud your minds!  Unfetter yourselves from past mistakes – and BE FREE – NOW, in the present time, for THIS is your moment of POWER and OPPORTUNITY – the only moment you have:  Present Time on Planet Earth!

We salute you for your courage to come here and do this important work.

Know that you are beloved of all of us in the Ascended Realms, and we support you in every possible way as you traverse your journey on Earth.

Know this – and BE AT PEACE, beautiful ones!

We are Lady Portia and Count St.  Germain

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