Published in the February 2018 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE

Count St. Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters

This is the transcript of a live channeling event.

Channel’s Note:

At this event, there was a discussion on being more aware of how the consciousness operates so that we can choose beneficial responses to various types of energies we may encounter in everyday life, including how to maintain a centered spiritual focus and agenda in the face of negativity.  Count St. Germain advises us that readers have the assistance of the spiritual realms, just as attendees at the event have, by opening their consciousness to spiritual awareness and allowing the assistance of the ascended ones in the higher realms.  And if you wish, you may join these classes held in the ascended realms by forming the intention to do so and communicating this to your guides and teachers in the spiritual realms.

At this point, Count St. Germain begins his discourse:

Be Aware of Where Your Consciousness is Located

The most important thing I can tell you at this time is to be aware of where your consciousness is located — because, dearest ones, you are perfectly capable of carrying your consciousness far outside the physical body!  And many of you do this, but you are not fully aware that you are doing it.  So, whenever you’re interested in something, be aware of studying this from the center of your head.  And, if you wish to travel out of your body, be aware that you have traveled out of your body – because some of you have quite a facility with this, and you are very used to doing this, but you don’t realize how much of yourself you are taking outside the boundaries of your physical vehicle when you are making these forays into the unknown.

This is very much a part of the subject of ascension.  It is all about honing these abilities in “awareness of your consciousness” – and how you are locating your consciousness: either within your body or without – perhaps somewhere in another spiritual realm, indeed, or perhaps another place on this planet.  This is very much a part of the knowledge which has been amassed by the ones who have learned how to do time travel and how to do teleportation, bi-location, and all of these things.  It is all done through honing the skills of transporting the awareness far from the physical form and then returning to the physical form.

The adepts have made quite a study of this, and indeed they are masters of some of these techniques.  And it does require quite a bit of study and practice, but this is where all of you are — at the present time.  You are beginning these types of lessons and this awareness — and level of consciousness.  This is precisely why we have asked the channel to bring up the topic of some of these techniques with you this evening, and we have chosen to continue this discussion from our point of view, because this is a foundation stone which cannot be ignored for those of you who are wishing to learn what is necessary in order to have this “ascension in consciousness” – and it is a worthy adventure to have!  Those who have progressed quite far on this path to ascension have begun by learning exactly these things that we are telling you this evening – but it does require quite a bit of practice!

To be successful at this, it requires your cultivating the ability to focus the mind on these various faculties which are integrated within the human being — and often go quite unnoticed until one learns how to begin to train the awareness and the consciousness to be aware of the fine points of bi-location.  This is the beginning point where you all are – at this point now – of beginning to study these things in the higher realms, and that is why we are speaking with you about this subject.  It is because this is such an advantage to the human being to be taught both in the higher realms of study and also to have this teaching come to you while your consciousness is in the physical form, if that makes sense to you.

Learning on Two Levels

The best description of this process is that you are being taught on two different levels of yourselves about the same thing, and that is what is necessary in order to “get it” – to really learn this, and be able to practice this – both on the higher spiritual levels and also from the standpoint of consciousness in physical form.  And that is advantageous — as far as very rapid progress being made on these points of learning — because you have all been studying this material for quite some time.

I don’t know if you remember these teachings from the higher realms, but yes, we have been speaking to all of you for quite some time about this subject.  And now we have asked the channel to bring this forward to you in much more of a personal way — so that your bodies can begin to hear this information and to incorporate these teachings into the wisdom of the body.  The body will respond to these teachings and this information by first incorporating this material.  And it is more than just an idea, there is an energy equivalent to it which actually penetrates the cells of the body and informs the body on a cellular level of exactly what I am speaking to you about now. This is Count St. Germain speaking with you, and I did quite a bit of this while I was in physical form on the Earth, as you probably all know.  There are many stories about the things that I did while using these techniques.

And so, that is why I am considered an expert on this subject, because not only do I know it from the standpoint of spirit, but I have experienced bringing these teachings into my physical form and feeling and sensing these cellular changes, and the updating of the information banks which are contained in the cells of the physical vehicle.  And there is quite a bit that goes on in the physical vehicle when you begin to bring this information forward to one who is in physical form!  It is a great benefit, I will tell you, to the human being in physical form, because I did not have anyone telling me this!  I had to “intuit it” – to know this information through my “spiritual forays,” shall we say.

I consider it to be much easier for the human being to have this information presented in a way so that your ears are hearing it and your mind is knowing it, at the same time that we are having the opportunity to relay much of this information in energy transference into the various areas of the nervous system within the physical form.  And this is how it is relayed; the entrance point is within the synapses.  And so, this can be a very technical discussion, but it does not need to be, necessarily, for you to understand what is required for you to do in order to begin to integrate the steps of this process.

We will be speaking with you quite a bit more on this, because Lady Portia is very interested in this subject, as well.  This is one of her favorite topics of discussion with people who are newly on the path of studying spiritual things, because this is a foundation stone for understanding much spiritual knowledge.  And so, you can expect to hear quite a bit of this from her, as well, at the appropriate times, as you have integrated some of these preliminary lessons and had a chance to practice some of this, and to be aware — above all else.

Be Aware of What Your Consciousness is Doing!

Just watch what your consciousness is doing as you are surrounded by different types of energies – and how your consciousness will choose to interact with the energy fields which are created around you through other levels of consciousness attempting to communicate with you, or to interact with you in some fashion – hopefully beneficially — but if not, you can study that as well, because we do not judge these things as far as believing that what is beneficial must be of a loving nature.   Anything that is coming toward you is a fit subject for your study of these matters, dearest ones, so it is best not to judge things based on “this is positive input for me, this is negative input for me” — because that will obscure the real source of what should be studied here, and it will make it much more difficult for you to understand the overall view of how all consciousness has the opportunity to inter-react and to sometimes blend with these various energies which are either around you or coming towards you — specifically in the Earth plane reality.

And so, try not to judge these things as “good or bad,” because that only obscures what is a valuable source of study material – because there is as much to be learned when what you would term the “negative” energies are coming toward you as what you would find when what you often term the “positive” energies are coming toward you.  In reality, it is only energy!  And it is what the “source,” — the individual spiritual being, the source of these energies — has intended:  to quantify these energies and to have these qualified with the various, the myriad spectrums of energy, which one has to choose from when one is in physical embodiment.

What Happens When Energy Is Contacted by Human Consciousness?

You would be surprised at the large array of possibilities and choices, as far as quantifying and qualifying these energies, that an intelligent organism can send out into the etheric realms!  It is quite a source of study for all of us in the ascended realms.  You might think that we know everything, and we appreciate that attitude, but it is not accurate!  And so, I will tell you that we continue to study this area of knowledge, because it has no end.  I will tell you that!  It is an infinite source of study, and let that be a hint to you, because “being without end” means there is an infinite amount of information stored in the way that these energies are created through whatever source intelligence is creating them, and how this energy comes forth from the source intelligence, and how it is possible for the myriad ranges of these frequencies of energies to affect the one that these are being directed toward.  Or, perhaps it is an indiscriminate energy which is being directed across a broad spectrum of human intelligence, you see.

An Infinite Topic of Study!

So, there are many different ways in which this subject can be studied, as far as the source intelligence, the way these energies are directed out from the source, and what is the intended “target,” so to speak.  And there are many things which indicate how these energies operate in their transmission from “source to target.”  I will tell you, it is truly a subject which can be perused “ad infinitum,” as they say.  It has no beginning – it has no ending.  It is an infinite source of study, and we find things like this quite fascinating, because it is not as though you can ever come to a complete understanding of this, I would say.  And I love to study things like this which have no concrete answer.  You can never arrive at an answer for any of this!  It is not concrete – it is etheric, it is ephemeral — it is the way these frequencies bounce off each other and adjust when they encounter an intelligence which is capable of either transmuting or transforming these energies — or rejecting them, or working with them in some way.

You see, it is endless in the ways that you can study these things, and the teachings that have been given about these matters.  This is the beginning phase of study!  It is an entrance point to beginning to understand how your consciousness is capable of, shall we say, interacting with this “soup” of energy where you find yourself, and what you term the “larger world” or “the outside world,” when in fact it is all one energy!  But that is a little bit of an advanced concept to drop on you right now, so just forget that I said that!  But we will try to stick to the subject here and tell you things that, not only can you understand it, but you can use it in your personal lives.  But I have told you a body of information which I can see has considerably expanded the consciousness of some of you, at this moment.  And so, this is fascinating, is it not — the study of this type of thing — because this will enhance your consciousness far more than anything else I can say to you, I will tell you that!  And that is a great hint here in regard to what you can do with this information — because ones who have studied, in-depth, this information have often gone on to become the adepts with this information.

An Opening in Consciousness

That is how important these concepts have been, and are, for the expansion of the human consciousness!  And not everyone on earth, unfortunately, has the opportunity to hear these concepts while they are in physical form.  That is an unfortunate truth of the way things are in the physical realm at this point in time, so you see how fortunate you are to have an “opening in consciousness,” — to have an opportunity to step through the doorway, shall we say, into a whole other realm of understanding of how energy actually functions when it is contacted by human consciousness.  And this is, indeed, the beginning step towards becoming what is known as a “master” or an “adept” – which many have begun at this same point where you are now.

So realize that you are in some very “rarefied air” here, and you have had an opening in consciousness this evening which I feel that all of you will build upon, and you will take this on the path that is most beneficial for you to do — because you are all ready for this information, as I have said.  This is not your first introduction to it.  We have studied with you quite a bit of this in the classes in the other realms [the spiritual realm teachings], and so you are very familiar with this information even if it might not strike a chord immediately in your minds.  But stick with it, and continue your focus and your study — and you will be surprised how much you will have these “ah ha” moments when things just seem to make sense or come together in ways which you have not previously thought of regarding this material!  And you see that is the spiritual parts of who you are whispering in your ear regarding these advanced lessons and teachings that you have already heard in the spiritual realms.

Integrating and Merging the Physical with the Spiritual

And so, this is the way that one begins to integrate the physical body and experience with the higher spiritual aspects and experiences of who you are, because, as you all know, you are not simply physical beings – you have a very important spiritual component.  And these teachings are designed to fuse these two parts of who you are, through this initial introductory session here where we are speaking of all of this, because that is what is happening.

If you could see what is happening with your energy bodies, with all of you, then you would find this very interesting — because there is a great fusing going on between some of your higher spiritual bodies, which have sat somewhat outside of yourselves, speaking of the physical body, and the physical body itself.  There is this interesting melding and fusing going on of these very beautiful energies of these higher spiritual essences and realms with what you normally think of as the physical body.  Because you see, sometimes the lines become blurred between what is physical and what is spiritual, because what you think of as the “physical body,” does not actually stop at the level of your skin.  You have finer levels of what is still considered the physical body outside of what you are able to see with your eyes.

So this is very interesting for those of us who like to study these things and to observe what happens when we are speaking to you about these things, because your physical bodies become much less dense and they take on a spiritual component, and you might say they open up to become less dense in order to integrate these finer spiritual essences of yourselves — which normally have stood outside of the denser physical body.  And then there is this blending, this union of these finer spiritual bodies which approach and come near to what are the denser physical bodies.  And, indeed, they began to overlap and interpenetrate.

It is not as though the spiritual just enters into the outer casing of the physical.  We are watching this now, and this actually comes to the core of the physical being.  And we love to watch this with people because it is indicative of such a high level of learning that is going on for the spirit which is “encased” shall we say, in this physical body.  And so, it is somewhat of a “light show,” you might say, that we are watching here with you this evening.  And it is very beautiful how you are all opening up to receive this information – this etheric transfer of much energy-based source information into the very fabric of who you are on the densely physical levels of yourselves.

And so, you have all done very well with this little experiment this evening, and so I expect that you will be feeling the results of this, because you have had some very deep-reaching, interpenetrating energy work this evening — and it will significantly change the levels at which your consciousness is able to operate.  In other words, you will find it much easier to reach the higher spiritual levels of knowledge, and you will not feel so confined in your consciousness to what might be called just the physical levels of consciousness.

You are all now much more “blended” — from the physical levels to the various etheric realms into spiritual frequencies, which are in your auric field.  And it has expanded significantly your auric fields.  And so, this is very interesting for us, as it must be to you.  We have not discussed all of this with you before in such detail in this physical-based experience, and so we would suggest that you review this information several times — because, as you do, you will be re-igniting this energy experience which is going on between the physical parts of you with the higher spiritual parts of yourselves, and you will be reexperiencing this at deeper and deeper levels of who you are.

It will be greatly to your benefit to continue with this practice, because that is the source point where many gurus, many adepts, many highly advanced spiritual beings, have all begun — at this same simple point – these concepts which I have been discussing with you this evening.  And Lady Portia has been very patient while I have gone on and on about this, but I did want to lay this out in a way where it would be absolutely clear to your mental realms, because if the mental cannot understand it, the body cannot accept it.  And so, that is just how it works.

So, thank you for the patience of everyone who has been listening to this discourse, and I hope that this brings some benefit to each one of you!  You are so deserving of this knowledge and this assistance.  You are true Seekers of the Light – each of you!  That is why we come to speak with you — for the love of our hearts for the true seekers among the vast multitudes of humanity on this planet.

Blessings to each one of you, I will take my leave of you now and give someone else a chance to speak.  It has been my great pleasure to have this opportunity to speak with you this evening,

I AM Count St. Germain

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