Published in the April 2018 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2018

This year the planetary aspects and their attendant energies are lining up to produce a level of intensity in your personal lives and growth processes that you have not previously experienced – so be aware of this and prepare yourselves by clearing away as much of the “old debris” as is possible for you!

By the term “old debris,” we are referring to painful memories, stored negative emotional patterns, self-destructive habits, as well as erroneous beliefs and all other things which do not contribute to your ability to maintain balance in your emotions and personal lives.  You will be extremely challenged to maintain your sense of equilibrium and well-being in your personal worlds – which, many times will feel as though they are totally out of control.

This is a universal pattern which will affect everyone on the planet, so use this as an opportunity for growth.  Many people will begin to feel completely overwhelmed by the circumstances of their lives, which arrive in an unexpected manner.  There is no way to be totally prepared for this, as it will be, of course, unique to each person’s life circumstances.

The planetary energies and their effects on humanity will be quite strong this year – for the purpose of promoting growth through self-awareness – as they present unforeseen events and hitherto unknown circumstances.  Some people will be totally surprised, as this will manifest quickly and unexpectedly.  This is a year of CHANGE unlike anything you have seen previously!  Therefore, some people will think that they must have “done something wrong” to bring about this occurrence.  Quite the contrary!  This will strongly affect people who have been diligent in clearing and refining their personal space.  The more advanced you are, the more you will experience these changes – which are designed to be beneficial in your lives.

By the end of this year, people who are consciously working with these energies will see completely new life patterns emerging – which will take you to a new level of consciousness, with a greater sense of freedom and personal awareness!  This goal is worth working toward, as it is a universal opportunity for all life on this planet to upgrade to higher awareness.  Sometimes, in order to make a “leap in consciousness” such as this, it is necessary to release many things from one’s life – such as the old “baggage” which human beings tend to accumulate in order to make themselves feel safe in an uncertain and, many times, unpredictable world.  The more you can realize that this is a process of your evolution, the smoother and less unsettling and dramatic this process can be.

“Go with the flow,” as many of you like to say – and do not fight the process, as it WILL OCCUR, regardless of your attempts to preserve the status quo.  All that is “the known” will gradually disappear – to be replaced by new circumstances which are much more conducive to your growth and evolution into the “new forms” of yourselves!

In the previous year of 2017 you were much more challenged by outer unexpected events.  Some of these will continue to occur this year, but you will not feel as affected by this as in prior years.  Your consciousness will be much more self-centered, and this will have beneficial effects in your lives.

This is the year of evolution and personal transformation, and by the end of this year, you will be surprised at the progress you have made – sometimes, seemingly through very little effort on your part.  This is not a laborious process, but rather one which is based on the evolution of your sense of self – fostered through a gentle self-awareness and the willingness to be kind and supportive with yourselves.  None of these changes need to be “forced” or “contrived.”  Quite the opposite!  This evolution comes from deep within, as you find yourselves living in a world where the higher energies are much more accessible to you – sometimes without an awareness that you are even focusing on these things.  The process can feel very natural, and sometimes you will not even be aware of the great changes that are going on within you.  This is how it works, when all the energies surrounding you have changed.

The planet is undergoing a great metamorphosis this year!  Her energies are rapidly changing – and this process will be supporting YOUR change and evolution.  Even people who are not focused on spiritual matters will be undergoing this change.  That is how extensive it will be!  The entire consciousness of humanity as a whole is undergoing a great shift.  This is “the year of change” for humanity, and even people who are oblivious to this process will be beneficially affected by these energies.  You will be assisted by great shifts in the planetary energies affecting your Earth.  Everything is moving to a higher level: the plants, the rocks, the animals, and, yes, the people!

This year is a marker for change in Earth’s patterns, and will be known as “The Year of Great Changes” in future times – thereby recognizing the shifts which are destined to occur.  Some people will resist change, out of fear or stubbornness – but this will not matter.  All will change!  It is that powerful!

So, go with the change, now that you have this information and perspective, and this will contribute to a smoother transition through this process.  It is destined to happen!  Know that it has been designed by higher intelligence for your benefit.  You do not need to struggle to be happy.  Happiness can be a normal state of being for you, when the nonbeneficial circumstances and extraneous matters have been released from your lives.  The path is smooth before all of you, if you will accept it, and stop fighting the process of your growth.

Yes, change can be terrifying for some human beings who have constructed the circumstances of their lives specifically to PREVENT change.  To these, we would point out that stagnation is not happiness – boredom is not to be confused with contentment.  If you feel that your life is constrictive and oppressive, then allow change to occur – and you may find that you actually enjoy the challenges presented through the process of change!

Your growth and learning are at stake!  We hope you will engage with the challenges which growth and change will be presenting to you this year.

Our blessings and our love to all of you,

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

This is Lady Portia’s message at a live channeling event:

Greetings dear ones,

We are here with you once again to bring what wisdom we may!  And we wish to tell you that, in many ways, 2018 is going to be a more challenging year than last year — but in a far different way.  You see, your challenges will be within you this year, and some people would vote to have the challenges outside themselves, would they not?  Perhaps this is because it is often much easier for the human being to deal with challenges in the outer world, and we understand this.  But what I have to tell you is that this will not be as bad as you might think, because you all have amazing knowledge and abilities within yourselves that you are going to be realizing this year.  You will be discovering many of these things, so that you will be quite different by the end of this year –more than you would believe could happen!

Many of you are going to develop your strength.  For others, it will be self-confidence – an ability to believe in yourselves.  For others, it might be courage, or the ability to stand up for yourselves when you know that other people are telling you falsehoods or in some way attempting to usurp your power.  There will be many times of challenge for many types of people, but the challenges will be designed specifically for what you need to learn, and what will benefit you the most.

This is such a powerful year that you are in now, that we would not waste these energies on anything less than your best, and bringing this forward in each one of you.  Yes, this will take time.  These things do not often happen overnight, and you know this.  You are prepared for this type of learning!  Do not expect things to happen overnight and then become discouraged if all of your problems have not disappeared in a fortnight.  Some people do get quite discouraged by that, believe it or not.  I have witnessed this often, and usually they are the beginners on the path.  They believe that once they have discovered spirituality or communication with the higher realms, that they no longer will have any difficulties.  Would that it were so!  Would that this could have happened in my own experience!  It certainly did not, and the same with Count St. Germain, as well.  We have all had our challenges equal to or greater than what many of you are facing now, or will be facing this year.  I do not mean to overly dramatize this in my description of this year, but I will say that this is going to be a very exciting and very challenging year – in ways that many of you have never previously known!

The lines of demarcation are drawn!  And, “the wheat will be sifted from the chaff,” so to speak.  Many people will not learn the lessons this year.  Many will go into resistance to these energies, and they will fritter their time away in anger and resistance to the lessons that the universe is meting out to them.  We do not bestow these lessons upon you!  You bring them upon yourselves by creating the energies of what it would benefit you to learn.  Your souls call out for the lessons that come to you!  Did you know that?

This is not some haphazard thing where “some god in the sky” decides that humanity must be besieged with all of these difficulties and challenges.  No, it is much more simple and direct than that.  The human soul is capable of fashioning the perfect lesson to deliver whatever information will instruct you the best, the quickest.  Know that whatever comes to you in this year has been designed in the interface between your own soul’s consciousness and the greater field of intelligence in which you exist.  There is no great “law in the sky” that is meting out justice to the wicked or the unwary.  People sometimes have such strange ideas about karma and justice!  They are two different things.  Your karma is what you have designed for yourself; it is what you have agreed to do.  Justice is a much more universal principle, I would say.  It comes to the wicked as well is the just!  It is an energy response from the universe.  This is the best way that I could tell you about justice.  Some parts of it are automatic, as one energy begets another – and what you send out does eventually return to you.

Many people do not understand these concepts.  They do not understand why the wicked are not punished sometimes, as it appears.  It is because there is no time frame for karma and justice.  This is “in the hands of higher power”, shall we say, and the way this is administered is truly nonpersonal.  It is primarily an energy field – an energy response – an occurrence which has been designed and created primarily by the one who will receive the returning energies.

Many will receive justice this year!  This is one of the themes for this year – justice.  And sometimes it is hard for human beings to see this, to understand, because it does not happen as in fairytales or in stories.  Sometimes those who are quite wicked appear to never receive punishment in their earthly lives, but you have not seen the whole story on this, because you do not see what happens when they leave the physical body.  So, do not be concerned about these levels of justice and karma.  Some people get very upset about this, because they see people that they consider to be very wicked doing unimaginable things, never seeming to be punished for it.  Let this be!  For it is not in your hands, or in your prerogative to worry about this.  Be at peace with all that you see going on in the outer world, and know that all of this is worked out by a higher intelligence.  This will be one of the themes this year, and it will be difficult for many people to watch as very wicked people receive great rewards on Earth – where it appears that the innocent and the poor are punished and not taken care of.

Many people, when they begin their spiritual journey, become very confused about these matters, and they do not understand how these things can be as they are, if there is some “all-powerful entity” that is supposedly “controlling the Earth.”  Well, nothing could be further from the truth, as I am sure you all know.  Things are much more complex than that in the grand scheme of things.  Sometimes the very wicked appear to have the most reward on Earth, while those who are truly good in heart may suffer greatly.  It is a mystery to many how this can be.  There is always a greater view of reality to be considered!  There is always more, much more, to what is happening than you can see, so I would tell you to be a great observer of life – and not a “judge of life” – because truthfully no one on the Earth has the wherewithal to accurately judge what is happening to any other person.

The things that I am telling you this night may simplify the lives and understanding for many.  I can guarantee that it will help all of you to navigate the coming year, and that is why it I am telling you this, because things are going to get very complex before they ever become simple again.  Lies will be compounded upon lies.  Fabrications will obscure truth.  The truth will be hidden successfully from many – who are willfully held in darkness by those who have power over them.

It is not going to be easy to watch what is getting ready to happen!  And I do not wish any of my students to be “led down the garden path” and to have your attention taken away from your spiritual studies and your earthly levels of learning, because these are the things that are truly important for you.  You all stand at the doorway of great knowledge!  I don’t expect this is a shock to any of you to hear this, but you will all be learning a great deal this year.  You are all poised to travel very quickly on the paths of knowledge – if you will keep your focus on the lessons at hand, and not poke your noses into things that do not concern you, and I think you know what I’m talking about.  There is a great deal to be said for minding one’s own business, and it has taken some quite a while to master this technique!  But that is neither here nor there, and [humorously] we will not mention any names – though I could, if I wished!

Be aware that in this year you will find challenges where you least expect it.  For example, someone that you know very well, and have trusted, may disappoint you – perhaps even turn to a deadly enemy.  Unexpected things will happen in interpersonal relationships due to the unpredictability of the energies which will be coming upon the Earth this year.  Things are going to get very confused for many people, and it will be up to ones such as yourselves to keep your heads on straight and your wits about you – so that you can continue upon your path and not be led astray, here and there, solving other people’s problems, getting involved in other people’s disputes.  You’re going to have plenty of opportunities for this – all of you, because there is going to be so much going on.  Sometimes it will be hard to keep your own counsel and not get dragged into troublesome situations.

Those who are wise will heed my words, and you will see the truth of these things as they manifest in your lives – for certainly they will come, as sure as night follows day!  So do not be surprised when you see people that you know doing unexpected things, seemingly for no reason.  Perhaps they will hurt you in some way that you did not expect, or perhaps you will find a complete stranger doing you the greatest of favors.  It is an unknown!  People are going to be completely unpredictable this year.  That is all I can tell you, I cannot tell you which ones will do what, unfortunately.  That is “forbidden knowledge,” otherwise, you would not learn the lessons that are coming to you, you see.

I wish to have my students prepared for all of these types of unforeseen things that are going to appear on the horizon of human consciousness, because many people will be taken by surprise by these events.  They will not be ready for this, and it will, as they say, “throw them for a loop.”  And it will take them some time to recover from this.  Many people are going to spend a lot of their time this year recovering from this type of thing, and this can be wasted time.

If you know how to keep your “ship of consciousness” on an even keel to begin with, and mind your own business many times, then you will be poised to learn the great lessons that are coming this year about truth and the importance of truth in human communication.  That is something that your entire society is going to be focused upon this year, as it is revealed that many people have not been truthful in what they have said.  Much will be thrown into disarray by this type of thing – fortunes will rise and fall on incorrect information!  Can you believe anything you hear this year from any source?  Be very careful!  That is all I can say to you, and learn how to judge for yourself if something has the “ring of truth.”  Yes, there is actually such a thing as the “ring of truth,” and once you master the technique of identifying this energy, you will be greatly protected from falling victim to these various machinations, deceptions, traps — and all of this type of thing.

Practice that technique!  This is something I would recommend to all of you – not to simply believe what is said just because someone is saying it.  It is an energy, and you will learn to recognize this.  When someone is lying, their energy is fragmented – it is not whole.  So, become attuned to this, and you will be able to discern the difference, with a little practice.  I believe all of you can do this to some extent, but you can all learn this to a greater degree, and it will be much to your benefit to study this process this year:  “The year of lies!”  That is what some over here [in the spiritual realms] have called it.  They have many names for it – none of them very flattering, I’m afraid, but that is another story.  But, to encourage you, I will tell you this:  sometimes the greatest learning comes during times of seemingly the greatest difficulties!

Does that surprise you?  Many have had great spiritual advancement in difficult times.  Some have learned to use the energies of difficulty as “food for the soul.”  I can think of one who became quite expert at this: my own Twin Flame [Count St. Germain], to be exact, and he learned this in a way so that he became the great alchemist, and he could figuratively turn lead into gold, you see.  And you will be learning this as well, if you apply yourselves to the study of spiritual alchemy – as he has done, and become the master at it, of course.

He will instruct you, if you desire this and request it.  Alchemy is a great art!  It is “making one thing out of another” – to put it very simply.  That is what those who are wise will be doing this year.  You may be given one energy to work with, something very distasteful, at a very low ebb of energy – but perhaps you will learn the art of alchemy and how to translate one energy to another.  There is a way to do this, and the wise have studied this and learned it!  It is a very complex art, but it begins with one thing: the thought, the knowledge, that everything can be changed to something else!  Nothing in the universe is impervious to change; everything, if you think about it, is in a constant state of flow, growth or decay – change.

Everything is changing constantly to something else.  So, it would benefit you to know that everything you encounter in your lives may also fall under this heading of being open to your alchemy – using what you know to bring it to a higher level.  Sometimes, this is through the infusion of a higher energy, such as the energies of what are often called love or “affinity.”  This is a “whole,” or complete energy, and anything that is at a lower state may be changed by the addition of a complete, whole-spectrum energy, such as the energies of love.  That is why it is said that love is the great healer!  It can change anything!  It is very powerful, for those who have learned its use.

Many masters have studied this, much to their benefit.  Nothing is so solid that it cannot be shifted and changed.  Keep this in mind as you come across these things in the coming year that are not agreeable to you – perhaps certain situations of limitation, or things of annoyance, and use these principles to subject them to a full frequency energy of higher vibration, such as love.  It works miracles!  Many have found is to be true!  Although it does take great resolve to love one’s enemy, I will admit that.  But, for the wise, perhaps this is an experiment that you would like to pursue.  There is nothing that cannot be changed – no condition in the human body, no condition in the outer world – no thought, no belief!  Nothing is as solid as it seems.  Even rocks have a tremendous amount of activity going on within them that can be successfully affected by thought energy, as strange as that may sound at first hearing.

Earthly reality is not as many people expect!  It is not some concrete thing, unchangeable and “set in stone.”  You will have a great opportunity this year to change the conditions of your lives, all of you.  So, if there is something that you are not particularly fond of, and you wish to change it, now would be the time to do so!  You will never have a greater opportunity than you will have in this year to shift and change the conditions of your lives for the better!  This will take some exploration on many levels, such as mental forays into the unknown, but remember my words to you: everything in your life can be changed this year, if you learn how to use the energies, the tools, which are available to you.

Sometimes this is thought energy, creating the mental vision of what you wish to create in the outer world.  You would be surprised at the power of this!  Many people do not understand how extremely powerful this is – especially if you marry that with the emotion of how you would feel if it were true, and then bring it into present time.  So, you are feeling the feeling of having whatever condition or thing you wish to have, and mentally conceive of what it would look like, and then imagine that it is here now, and feel how you would feel having it here now.  And that is 90% of getting it here now, I will tell you!  Those who have learned that technique are very glad of it, I will say!  And so, that is another technique that I would suggest to all of you that you could practice this year.  You are not victims to the circumstances of your lives, any of you!  Everything can be changed – everything is open to change, if you believe it.

Many of you have significant things that you would like to change about your lives, but often you labor under the weight of unbelief – never believing that what you wish to have can actually happen.  I am giving you this little pep talk for this year to get you ready to use your knowledge, your abilities, to the greatest extent – and to free yourselves to create your heart’s desire in this coming year, because that is what is possible for you!  It is possible for all of you to create the things that you thought could never be! You say, “Yes, I have wished for it, but that could never happen!  And so, I have set it aside, knowing it could never happen.”  You see the folly in that!  You need to revisit all of those things, all of your wishes for your lives:  everything you wish to do, or to have, or to experience!

This is the year to make your dreams come true!  And that is why I have spoken to you about this now, because you are poised at the beginning of this magnificent year where the power to do this lies within your hands, your minds, and your hearts!  So, take these things to heart!  Breathe life back into your dreams!  Realize what you have wanted all your life to experience while you are yet upon this Earth, because it IS possible.  Do not pass this opportunity by, or else I can promise you that you will sorely regret it for a long time yet to come, once you realize that, “Yes I could have done it, but I didn’t!”

This is your opportunity!  This is your moment to shine!  All of you have great ability – great presence.  Think on these things that I have been speaking with you about this evening, and you will see that there is much wisdom hidden just beneath the words that I have spoken to you, as well.  This is going to trigger some things in your minds, and it is going to bring to the surface unknown wishes and dreams – long forgotten in the mists of time.  And it is time to remember all of this now, dearest ones.  Seize the moment, lest the time slips away!

I am Portia, and I have said these words to you this night.  Those who have ears to hear, let them hear what has been said!  Good evening, dearest ones, and namaste.

Note:  The phrase, “It is time” is a coded phrase with meaning in the genetics of many people on the Earth today.  It is a pre-coded signal which is designed to awaken our full knowledge and potential in present time.  Therefore, Lady Portia uses it in order to awaken us to our soul’s potential at moments of great earthly change and opportunity.

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