Published in the May 2018 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE

Lady Portia

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
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Live Channeling at an Event:

Greetings my dears,

This is Portia speaking with you, and we have found it very interesting to listen to all that you have been saying about your recent experiences with the spring energies and the further activation of your DNA, and just know that this quantum state of the DNA was most effectively activated into higher operation the other night when we were with you here in this room, and we just want you to realize that you will be experiencing this system of yourselves operating in a very different way from the things that you have felt as being the “normal” operation of your system.

Be sensitive to this process, because you will need to be aware of cooperating with your body, and by this, I mean your physical body, as he or she undergoes some changes as a result of now being more conscious of operating in quantum reality.  This has come about because, you see, there has been this amalgamation with some of these very high frequencies of the quantum aspects of your DNA sequences that are now firing at a very rapid pace – much more than previously.

And so, what you need to know is that this is going to cause a shift in the entire energy frequencies of your physical body, and of course the finer levels of energy that surround the physical body that you are aware of, but I am not going to get into all of that right now, because I want to talk to you about the effects on the physical body of this higher level of operation of your DNA sequencing.

The Multidimensional Nature of the Body

You see, the body, as you realized the other evening when you were talking about this subject and reading this information (which is summarized in the Channel’s Note below), the body is multidimensional in many ways, even though it seems to be in a very physical state to you.  Yet, I would tell you that there is very high frequency energy running through your body from these strands of the DNA sequencing, and so, you see, you like to think of the body as a physical thing, and then you put these other items in other categories, but what I’m going to tell you this evening is that all of this works as one unit.  And I know you like to break this down into segments so that you can study and understand each segment, but what I’m telling you this evening is that there is a level where the physical body is innately joined with the multidimensional aspects of your DNA, so that, you see, in some ways the physical body may be considered to be multidimensional, and we find this to be a very interesting way to look at this situation.

I know that many of you have been thinking of the body as only the physical aspect of yourselves, and what you can see and experience in physical reality, but, as you learned the other evening, you have this quantum essence field of intelligent DNA sequencing which animates, in many ways, the physical form with energy and intelligence.  And so, where does one stop and the other start, you see.

I am not suggesting that you mentally try to figure this out, I am just pointing this out to you – the way that human beings tend to look at the physicality of what you consider to be the physical body.  But now, you see, we are moving into this new description of what is, indeed, the physical body – and where does one thing end and another thing begin?  And so, this is going to require some mental gymnastics from all of you in order to really try to wrap your minds around this new description of what is, or could be considered to be, “physical,” and what is, or could be considered to be, “energy frequency,” existing in what you described as multidimensional states of being or awareness.

You Can Perceive Physical and Spiritual/Etheric as One Energy System

You see, we in the Ascended Realms think of this as one energy field that can be perceived in various levels of operation, and that is a much more effective way to look at this subject, which we are bringing to your attention, because, of course, there are some levels of this that you are able to perceive with the physical senses – and then, of course, you know that there are levels of what may be considered to be strictly energy, from your standpoint, which exist within and also far outside of the physical body.  And it is, as we see it, all one energy field.  And this is the way that I would encourage all of you to perceive this and think of it – and not to try to necessarily break it down into various categories, but realize that this is all one energy field which may be perceived in different ways by different sensory organs, you see, or “sensory abilities.”

When you think of it in this way, then you will be much more able to perceive yourselves in the way that we usually perceive you – which is more like a holographic energy field, where we can see that you are very interesting to look at when we are looking at you as a “wholeness of your energy field.” This occurs because there is so much movement, there is so much activity, within everything from the oscillations in the molecular structures to the movements within your DNA sequencing.  And so, we perceive the entire pattern of this spinning and oscillating frequency system which is the operational DNA of the human being’s energy system.

I don’t want to get too complex with this, but I will tell you that in order to really understand what is going on here, within the very complex areas of how the DNA functions within what you consider to be the physical body, you are going to have to modify the way you are thinking of what you consider to be “physical,” and what you consider to be “spiritual,” or “energy”  – because, in truth, to have a higher understanding and to see this as the wholeness that it is, and the way we perceive this, then you will come to a higher understanding of this intuitively, and gradually, I would imagine, because you will expand your mental concepts of what is, or what could be considered to be, physical reality and what is or could be considered to be energy fields.

As you know, and your scientists have explained this to you very well in some of their material, it is ALL energy, and I’m sure you know this very well – that the body is energy vibrating at a slow enough oscillation so that you sense it and see it as being solid physical matter – where, in reality, the space between and within the atoms is very great.  So even though you see the body and feel the body as being solid matter, in effect, and as your scientists have explained this to you so well, actually there is very little of what could be considered to be physical matter within the body!  It is mostly empty space that is being structured by these very minute and tiny energy generators which are the cellular frequencies which exist upon the atomic and subatomic energy fields.

The Intelligent Operation of Your DNA

I don’t want to get too complex with this, but I have to give you some basis from which we can effectively communicate with you about the DNA and the questions that you have on your minds about understanding more information about the very large body of information which has to do with the very large system of DNA intelligent operation within your energy field – and, of course, this is comprised of the physical body and the finer energy bodies which you know exist around and outside of what you perceive as the physical body.

You are aware that you have an intelligent energy field comprised of very minute particles of light which are in oscillation frequencies around what you can see as the physical body, and this is often referred to as the auric field.  Now some people can see this to varying degrees of ability, but most people do not visually perceive this energy field, but you have various levels of this, what is basically the energy field which is comprised of the DNA activity, which extend out many feet from the physical body.  And this is quite extensive in some people who are of a more, as you might say, advanced consciousness – because the more advanced one might be considered to be spiritually, or in energy frequency measurements, then this expands the levels of energy that you hold within yourself, and this is compounded and actuated within the fields of the DNA activity.

There is much intelligence that is manifested, and in an active state, within every cell, every atom, every electron of who you are — and this is expressed in what human beings think of as the DNA sequencing.  And so, the best way I can describe this process is to say that it holds a tremendous amount of information, and this is multidimensional information, as you know.  Therefore, we can say that the human being is comprised of layers and layers and layers of what is truly multidimensionally functioning energy.

The Infinite Expression of “Eternal Consciousness”

Now some of this energy is at lower frequencies and some of this, as it extends out from your physical body, is of higher and higher levels of frequency – until sometimes it is very difficult to see where these levels of your essence end, because when you go into some of these higher frequencies of energy, they extend much further out from your physical form than what any of your scientists have been able to measure — or even to recognize that this exists.  And so, in some ways it might be said that you have “eternal consciousness,” because, on some of these extremely high frequency levels of yourselves, they are best described as in an “infinite expression of energy and consciousness.”

And so, you see, you are actually quite different from what your scientists have described you to be, because we would tell you that, in this way, through these mechanisms, you have a level of eternal consciousness, and, of course, this is the level that you would recognize as “God consciousness,” or divine consciousness, and, you see, that is what is being described here.  Of course, the adepts and those that are very spiritually advanced have known this for eons of time, and they have recognized this information not in such a religious sense, but it is more a recognition of the way the energies of consciousness function within the human being.

I am giving you some very advanced information here, and I hope you are following along with what I am telling you, because the purpose of having you be aware of how all this functions is that you will realize the physics behind what you know well to be God consciousness or divine consciousness within the human being – where that is actually an advanced function of what might be termed to be DNA consciousness, or a human consciousness which is founded upon and based upon the function of what is called the DNA system within the human being.

Also, there are much higher functions to this system, as well, believe it or not, because this extends very far out into what you would call “space.”  You see, human beings have such a limited consciousness about “space,” that this gets a little tricky to talk about this subject in terms that you can recognize.  But, I will just carry this one bit further by saying that the DNA sequencing does have a spatial intelligence which could be, and is considered to be, of an infinite quality.  And so, be aware that, when we are speaking of these levels of the DNA intelligence and operation, you can carry within you the essence of eternal consciousness.  You see, this is what some of the adepts have recognized as divine consciousness, because when you carry it to this level of recognizing the eternal field of all consciousness, then where does one thing stop and another thing begin?  And when you carry the discussion to this level, then you have the recognition that, indeed, all is ONE – which is the basis of much of the religious doctrine on Earth, which does recognize the existence and presence of what people have often referred to as “God” or “The Supreme Being,” which is indeed just the recognition of this “oneness field,” of the consciousness which is created through the operation and awareness of human DNA.

And so, now we have carried this to the outer reaches of space in our explanation to you of the operation and the significance of the DNA functioning within the human being.  I hope this helps all of you to understand that, in truth, you are quite a bit more than you ever considered yourselves to be!  And I hope this information does not “upset the apple-cart” of anyone’s understanding of “what is human reality,” because it will only assist you in your progress if you come to these higher levels of understanding of what comprises the levels of what may be achieved in the way of the operation of what is considered to be human consciousness.

You Are More Than Human!

In fact, this is far more than human, it is a level of sheer consciousness – and the adepts have always known this:  that you do not have to be human or in human form, obviously, to have this level of consciousness, because, quite clearly, we are not human – but we do have this level of consciousness where we can speak to you and blend and meld with your consciousness.  And so, then you arrive at the very interesting idea of “what is consciousness?” And where does consciousness end?  Where does it begin?

Here you are moving into some areas that have stimulated many who have started out considering themselves as “only human,” and through this process of reasoning and deduction, they have realized that they are far more than human! And many of them have succeeded in becoming the adepts, and were very advanced in their levels of consciousness and how they were able to operate on the various levels which are open to them when they have freed their consciousness from restriction and moved into some of these advanced areas where they can reorganize their beliefs about reality and what is possible for consciousness – and not only human consciousness, but consciousness in a more general sense.

Many adepts have make quite a study of this material that I have been speaking to you about this evening, and have advanced themselves quite far out into many higher spiritual realms through the consistent study and understanding of this very material that we are discussing here this evening.  So I hope that I have given you enough of a background and a platform in the beginning so that you are able to follow what I am telling you to the conclusions that I have drawn from this material.

The Expansion of Human Consciousness

We will be discussing this subject a lot more with you if you would like to hear this material, because it is very advanced, and it is not easy to comprehend in the beginning, for many people.  But as they pursue this, you see, it does stimulate the expansion of human consciousness into these higher etheric realms of understanding – where you understand far more than you did previously about what is possible for human consciousness.  In fact, then you can gain understanding from a basic level regarding the question of “What is human consciousness,” you see?

And so, we are quite happy that you have asked the questions and allowed us to bring this material forward to you, because Count St. Germain and I both feel that this is going to be very beneficial to you as far as expanding your consciousness and assisting you in what you have considered to be this process of ascension that you are all so interested in studying.  And we appreciate this interest more than you know!  I wish more people would express interest in this, because we have quite a bit of teaching that we can do in this area, and I consider this to be one of the most beneficial aspects of teaching that may be done with human beings.

Unlimited Consciousness in Human Form

The purpose of this type of teaching is to make the students aware that there are no artificial boundary systems controlling your consciousness or limiting your consciousness in any way.  You are the one that is in charge of how you choose to have your consciousness function while you are in the human form, and you are certainly not limited in any way by having a physical body!  And, you see, that is another area that I could get into about how some people are very certain that their consciousness is so limited by being in physical form, and some of them have even resisted being in physical form because of the implied limits which they have believed that this exerted on their consciousness.  But nothing could be further from the truth, as we have demonstrated to you, I believe successfully, this evening – that you are as free as any of the ones that you would call spiritual beings while you are resident in a physical body.

There is no difference between you and any other being!  We are all spiritual beings – it is just that some are in residence in physical form and others are not – which gives you another dimension, shall we say, in which you can have experience and learning.  And so, I believe I will conclude this discussion here, and I hope that this has answered your questions regarding the functioning of the DNA, and the ways in which this discussion can be expanded to include the higher aspects of DNA functioning.

I will stop here and say that it has been our joy to be with you this evening.  You are doing quite well, and you have shown intelligence to ask the question.  We always appreciate your questions and do our best to respond to them.

So, good evening to you, and namaste

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Channel’s Note:

Before Lady Portia gave us her message, we had been discussing information which states, in a summarized form, the following:

In 1974, the German biophysicist, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp scientifically proved the existence of the biophoton field — which is a non-physical level of energy surrounding the human body. This energy field, has been described as having the capability of an extremely complex and sophisticated computer system whose function is to regulate our body’s biological processes.

Dr. Popp also proved that the biophotons in this field of energy originate from our DNA and operate at the speed of a laser.  These biophotons carry immense amounts of information about our cells’ biological processes to the biophoton field where they exchange information with all other biophotons in the field.  In this way, the biophoton field is able to collect, process, store, and transmit vast amounts of information to and from all the cells of the body, and to coordinate the unbelievably complex chemical “dance” going on within the body, as each cell is believed to have over 100,000 biochemical reactions per second, which must be coordinated with the chemical activities of all other cells.

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