Published in the June 2018 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE

Lady Portia

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2018

(Note:  Before Lady Portia’s message began, there was a discussion of the topic that it is possible to envision all the places where our soul is having experience, or incarnating, as a huge “star map” or a “constellation” which is comprised of many points of light – each representing where the soul has taken embodiment, either on Earth or in some other star system.  In reality, these are not “past” or “future” lives.  As the Ascended Ones have said, in the higher dimensions, there is no “past” or “future” time.  All of this activity, in reality, is taking place in the “eternal moment of NOW.”

As the energies of Earth are rising, this is stimulating and enhancing the functioning of the multi-dimensional levels of our DNA.  When these levels are operational in our consciousness, we become more aware of these other versions of ourselves existing in other levels of reality.)


Live Channeling at an Event:

Greetings my dears,

For many months now, the energies have been rising with each full moon, and you have been receiving the benefit of these energies – which have stimulated exciting changes within you!  Many people have been receiving upgrades and enhancements which have affected your genetics, including the multidimensional levels of your DNA.  All of this has been occurring — but perhaps you have not been aware of its unusual effects until recently.

Yes, the energies have been increasing, and it is at a point now that it is very difficult to ignore, is it not?  And so, we have been enjoying very much watching as all of you navigate these times, witnessing the challenges that this has brought to each of you:  often, the joy, and sometimes even the doldrums that you have experienced — because this is always a learning experience!  I will say that this time period has been quite an experience for some of you — but be assured that the purpose of all of this activity IS being successfully accomplished.

The “Star Map” of Your Higher Soul’s Embodiment

Humanity now has the opportunity to move into very advanced levels of your consciousness, and I don’t believe that most of you are fully aware of this at this time, and that is why I am speaking to you now on this subject, because we do like for you to be aware to some extent of the progress that you are making with us in the higher realms in your studies and all that you are doing there.  And, I also want to tell you that this process will make it possible for you to connect much more intimately with many higher levels of what has been referred to as the “constellation” comprising the higher levels of your being, and this is a good way to say this so that you can clearly understand what I am referring to here.  And we bring you this information so that you will continue your studies into this process of networking, as it were, with the “star map” of the “constellation” of your higher soul’s embodiment, shall we say.

We are enjoying very much watching this process as it is unfolding with all of you now, because it is so individual to each person!  No two people are the same in their experience of this.  And so, just allow what is happening with each one of you to occur at its own pace, and don’t worry if you think, “Oh, I must be slower than this other person,” or whatever.  I can assure you that each one of you is accomplishing the mission of exactly your soul’s focus on the Earth at this particular time.

Connection to The Higher Levels of Yourselves

You have had such meticulous guidance recently to get you on track about the focus of your consciousness on Earth (see prior article in the April issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence, “Prepare for Intense Personal Growth This Year,”) so that you are all pursuing the connection with these higher levels of your consciousness.  And that is exactly what is happening now, and it is very beautiful to see this occurring with each one of you from an energy standpoint, because it is as though you each have all of these silver rays of light reaching out into other dimensions or realities, and you are connecting to these other levels of yourselves.  And there is much information transference beginning to happen.

Perhaps you are not experiencing this on the personality levels, the normal human consciousness of your day-to-day reality, but believe me, it IS happening for all of you.  And we are delighted to see the progress that you have made with relatively little encouragement from us on these matters.  This has been something which has occurred largely due to the fact that all of you are ready for this experience, and these expanded forays into higher consciousness.  And so, it is very beautiful for us to see this occurring with each one of you, and you are all so different – each one has a different “star map” of consciousness, as my partner was describing it, and I believe this is a very good description of it.  It is very visual and you can understand the way it looks.  This helps you to comprehend what we are speaking of when we make reference to these higher points of consciousness in your constellation.

The Energy Resonance of Consciousness

And so, it is almost as though you are looking at the night sky and realizing that perhaps all the stars look as though they are individual points of light, but then, in some way you can recognize that, indeed, there is a coherence in the “light picture” that you are perceiving.  And it is somewhat the same when one is looking at the star map of your consciousness, because each one of these little points of light is “another you,” so to speak – not exactly like the “you” that is sitting here, of course, but it has the same energy resonance of consciousness.  It is the thread that completes the connections on this star map of consciousness.  It is resonant frequency – it is a particular frequency which you share with all of the other points on your star map of consciousness, so to speak, so that you are indeed well-connected to all the other points, even if there are thousands of them!

I know this sounds rather incomprehensible to some of you, to indeed recognize that there are thousands of these, but that is indeed the truth of the matter.  And so, I will share this with you at this time so that you can well understand the magnitude of what we are speaking about now, and also the magnitude of your consciousness, because people do not really understand the concept of the complete consciousness of the human being.  They think it is just your soul, or perhaps maybe a few past lives.  But, you see, there are so many versions of “who you are” — in many, many other dimensions or realities.

The Miracle of Your Consciousness

And so, this is the miracle and the magnificence of consciousness, I would say, because how many people realize that this is the true picture of the consciousness of a human being?  Not too many, I would think!  And I do enjoy sharing this with people so that they can understand, indeed, how special and unique is the human consciousness of each person!  You are like a jewel in a setting, with many, many rays of light coming out of the diamond, you see.  It is very beautiful when it is viewed from this standpoint by those of us who are, of course, existing in other dimensions, and not in human form on the Earth at this time.

We do have the ability to view human consciousness – the consciousness of each person that we are dealing with in this way — as far as recognizing the magnitude of the consciousness that we are contacting.  And, in this way, we are able to take many things into consideration when we are doing a reading with the person or speaking with them about some past life matter that they are interested in learning about or having perspective of it.  And so, it is just a different perspective that we are fortunate to have so that we are able to share many, many things such as this with the human people that we talk to about many things which concern them in their lives or in their personal sphere of influence, shall we say.

Many Dimensions Exist Within the Auric Field

Each of you has your own sphere of energy where you operate on this Earth, and often this is much larger than what you might realize, because sometimes it extends out quite a distance outside the physical body – depending on many things, such as how you are projecting your energy and how much energy that you are feeling you have in the body at any one time.  And it does shift and change quite a bit, but this is how we can begin to see these connections with a person.

It is the ability to look at what you would think of as your auric field, and within this auric field, you see.  When we look at you, we see many, many dimensions of consciousness, such as space — areas within what you think of as just a few feet comprising your body or your aura – where to us, we see you interdimensionally, so that we are able to perceive these many dimensions and these dimensional frequencies that comprise the star map of your complete levels of consciousness.

And so, that is how we often see you when we are doing a reading with someone, and it is quite interesting to people to realize that you are not just a person sitting in a chair, as you so often might think or believe you are!  You are much more than that, and that is what I am describing to you now, because even when you are having the experience of being a human being, sitting here in a chair and hearing me speak to you, yet there is so much more to you, you see.  There are these interdimensional connections to far-flung “space,” as you would think of it, because we do not measure these things in miles, or in light years, even.  It is simply consciousness, and that is a much easier way to think of these things and to comprehend what I am speaking to you about.  It is to recognize that you are, indeed, a very large consciousness – comprising many dimensions, many realities.

                                Intelligently Designed Limits on Human Consciousness                              

And yet you believe yourself to be a person sitting in a chair in this room, and that is by design!  Because if you did not have this limit on your consciousness, to limit you to seeing this room and feeling yourself sitting in a chair, you would not be able to operate effectively on planet Earth.  And so, as my partner was saying, this is all by design that there are these certain limits, fortunately, on human consciousness in order to enable you to effectively function on this Earth, in this timeframe, in this reality, where you are seeing yourself to be now.  And so, it is all by intelligent design that you are designed this way – to have these predefined limits on your consciousness so that you are able to function in what is three-dimensional reality – without being distracted by too many other things crowding into your consciousness.

Yet, what is happening now is that some of these artificial filters — which have successfully filtered out these other levels of consciousness – these are thinning, by design.  It is part of a higher design for you which is, in many ways, releasing human consciousness from these previously designed barriers, these limits, to the consciousness of other dimensional frequencies.  And so, many of you may find yourselves much more able to have awareness of places you have never been, things you have never seen, and have knowledge of the experiences that you have obviously not experienced in this physical body.  I am just telling you this so that when you experience these normal expansions of consciousness, you will not think that this is some strange or weird occurrence which should be controlled, or that somehow one should be fearful of this or distrust this process, this experience.

This is a normal part of what is going to be happening for all of you, to one extent or the other – depending on where you are in your growth and your ability to accept the experience of this process.  No one is forced to undergo this process, obviously, and if you do not feel comfortable in doing this, you will not be pushed beyond your limits in this way.  But the door is open to those who wish to traverse “the starry pathways,” as it has been said, and to have the experience of some of these far-flung places – which are quite different from your Earth!  I will give you that information so that you will be able to be comfortable when you have these experiences of places where you have obviously not physically been or perhaps people that you have not previously seen.

Doorways in Consciousness Are Opening Now

This is the doorway in consciousness which is opening for you, and for many other people on the Earth at this time – people who are ready to walk through this doorway in awareness and to have expanded consciousness to include many other experiences which you have not previously encountered.  And I will tell you that it is very interesting when this begins to happen for a person.  Many have found it to be an exquisitely beautiful experience when this type of thing begins to open in the consciousness, because some of these places that you will be visiting are quite beautiful and not at all like Earth.

And so, you will have to stretch your consciousness and relax your mind a little bit in order to be able to expand your awareness and what you feel comfortable in experiencing, in order to have the full benefit and experience of some of these places where you are now able to go.  And we are wanting to get you ready to actually have this experience – so that, when it happens, it seems perfectly normal to you and you are not taken by surprise or worried that some unforeseen thing is now happening within your consciousness that you did not know about or were not prepared for – because you are certainly all well-prepared for this type of experience.

See the Bigger Picture of Reality

And we have been working with many people for quite some time to prepare them for this level of breakthrough into larger consciousness.  And so, this is a very good time for this to be happening in these expanded energies, where we all find ourselves now.  This is a very good thing that you are all having this larger opportunity – this bigger picture of what indeed is “reality.”  It is the eternal question that humanity has always asked: what is consciousness?  What comprises reality?  And now you are getting some answers with this, so that you will be able to put together a different answer to the question, and to perceive a larger field of reality – and, indeed, traverse out further in some of your consciousness forays into realms beyond where you have been previously.

This will be a beautiful experience for all of you who choose to pursue this, and I can well assure you that it will be worth your time, your effort, and your focus and intent in order to promote this type of new experience in consciousness within your view of “what is reality?”  “What is human reality?  “What is possible in human reality?”  And you will be answering all of these questions with different answers very soon!  That I can promise you!  Because the time is coming when you will have a completely different experience of your own consciousness and its limits – which will not be the previously-experienced limits which you have had.

You Do Not Do This Alone!

Count St. Germain and I are both very excited to accompany you on these forays in exploration – “explorations in consciousness.”  And you have done some of this, but now it will be heightened.  It will be a completely new level of experience that is opening for each one of you.  So have patience with this process.  It may not happen in the next few days, but I can promise you that it will be happening very soon for all of you who feel comfortable in pursuing this experience in the expansion of your consciousness.  And so, we will stand with you, and we will accompany you on the “ventures,” so to speak – so that you do not go alone through any of this, and I’m sure that is very good news to all of you!

And so, that concludes my message to you this evening, and I’m sure I have given all of you quite a bit to think about, and to digest, and to assimilate into your consciousness.  I hope that you will do this and take the time to study this material — because that is what it is going to take in order to have full comprehension of the information that I just related to you, since it is multi-dimensional in many ways.  I am speaking to many dimensions of your consciousness, as it were – not only those who are present in this room, but this has been a discourse with many multi-dimensional levels of your consciousness.  And so, you will find it greatly beneficial to pursue this and to have in-depth study of this material.  It will have great impact on the development of your consciousness.  I can promise you that!

Both Count St. Germain and I wish you well on all your journeys in consciousness.  We stand with you – both as your teachers, your guides — and those who love you.  And so, let it be an inspiration to you on your journey.

Good evening, dearest ones, and namaste

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